Solstice God-Centering Meditation by Ken Carey

I suggest changing this text here to best fit the following criteria:  Will this meditation be done alone, or With Others?  Indoors, or Outdoors?  Will it be done within a preferred practice of spirituality? A Native American or Christian tradition? Hindu? Muslim? Judaism? Buddhism? Rastafarian?  Other?  Since the opening portion of this meditation will likely be read aloud, be sure to alter it to reflect the preferences of your group.  You won’t need to do this if you are meditating by yourself, but in a mixed group it may be necessary.  In such a group it is helpful to have someone with experience in guiding meditations take you, step by step, through its opening stages.  The relaxation of the body is the first, and most important stage, and it is the one most often neglected.  From there, a good “facilitator” would do well to guide the group into the expanding fields of love around each individual and the initial (through deep breathing) blossoming of their personal auras.  The facilitator should then have the sensitivity to know when to gently fall silent.  I cannot think of many situations where this opening verbal guidance should occupy more than the first five or ten minutes of an hour-long meditation, but, as always, flexibility is the rule throughout.
For most, an hour is an ideal length because it removes any sense of urgency and diminishes awareness of clock time.   In the best of scenarios, during the later silence the group coheres as one and participants find themselves each resting in the Living Presence as if there were, in fact, only One there.   This is not an abstract philosophical exercise.  It is survival orientation that we will (if we comprehend it with something more than the mind), understand thoroughly in our hearts and souls.  From there, from within, we will need no further external guidance.  It will guide us through the essential preparation we will need to continue our lives through those of our children and grandchildren.  Meditation is a survival manual for the future world in which we will soon live.
Many kinds of meditations for many purposes all begin with the total relaxation of your body.  Since I find a chair most comfortable, I will describe the recommended procedures from that perspective, as if we are all sitting in chairs upright with our spines straight.  Short of tempting sleep by laying prone, there is no right or wrong position.  The traditional Yoga position is ideal, but I’ve found sitting with my back against a comfortable yard tree just as good.   A soft chair works best for me because when I’ve completed the relaxation, I rarely notice my body again until the meditation is complete.
Finally, before we journey further, here are several reference points that will dissolve all obstacles along your way.  As corny as it sounds, I would list them on a poster and tack it on the meditation room’s door.  Don’t try to remember them.  After you’ve seen them a few times, they will become so deeply ingrained in your soul, your subconscious will serve them up whenever they might prove of value.  Pause a moment to let each one sink in.
1)  Your consciousness expands in direct proportion to the expansion of your love.
2)  Your attention directs your energy. 
3)  Loving attention creates.  Fearful attention destroys.
4)  You either create what you love, or create what you fear.  Historically you have done this unconsciously.  Now, you must do it consciously.  Establish a gestalt conversation with both your ego and your subconscious.
5)  Everything is a Being. From the subatomic to the galactic
6)  Every being is equal. 
7)  No one is spiritually superior to another.
8)  You can understand anything that you can Love.
Assume a comfortable position, one you can maintain for an hour without falling asleep, one in which no muscles will be cramped or pressured uncomfortably.  If discomfort does require that you readjust your position, by all means, do so. 
 Your relaxation begins with your feet and goes on upward to slowly relax each of the muscles of your body one by one.  Lift your feet one at a time, twisting your ankles around, deliberately paying attention to the muscle’s pull, tug, feel.  Point your toes, retract them, point them again, retract them.  Curl and release the toes on each foot several times, then take a deep breath and relax them fully, allow the calm, healing, living energy to flow up into your ankles.  From there, let it flow upward on into your calves.  No need for movement here, just notice places where you may be holding tension.  Allow them to come to a full state of rest.  And so with your knees, adjusting them if comfort requires.  Let the relaxation flow upward into your thighs, noting the soothing waves of peace flow over them as you do.  Do not be in a hurry.  Your body will inform  you when it’s time to move on.
Allow each organ, each cell group, each system of your body to settle into deep relaxation as you feel the earth’s soothing calmness continue its rise on up into your lower extremities.  Let it flow from there up into your buttocks, let it fill your mid section, your lower back, your genitals, feel yourself melt into the chair.
Is your lower back relaxed yet?  Oh how much tension we store there!  All of us.  And yet, it’s so easy (even for those who have back problems) to just allow God’s soothing re-creation to blend with the earth’s eagerly given love for all that back tension to be soothed away like an iceberg crumbling and melting away into the sea. 
 Now is the time for you to take your first full breath, as easily and as fully as you can, as deeply as you can before letting it, of its own accord, flow naturally out again.  Feel the tension in your abdomen gradually melt against the rising ripples of content.  Here, too, so much unconscious tension is stored.  It’s often not until a meditation like this that we realize just how much we were tightening ourselves, holding ourselves in readiness for whatever contingencies we may encounter on the physical plane.
Take another deep breath and slowly breathe it out again, this time feeling the muscles around your ribs and chest share in the peace that has already blessed and continues to bless your lungs.  Let the calming influence of love flow upward further still, into your neck and shoulder area which, along with your abdomen and back, are usually most frequent repositories of tension—tension that may have been appropriate initially but which so often gets held onto beyond its time of use, sometimes for years beyond its use.  Now release all tension from your neck.  Twist your head in a slow circle, not straining it, not trying to make the circle too large, sensing the right amount for you.  For some, tilting the head as far as they can to the right, left, front, and center can be phenomenally relaxing; for others it can stir up pain.  Let your body decide.
After you’ve rotated your head two, three, four times, sit in perfect stillness and feel all that energy that has run up your torso and filled your mind flow downward now to engulf your heart, flow down through your shoulders, through your upper arms, through your lower arms, down into the fingers of your hand.  And with each hand, one at a time, wiggle your fingers, rotate your wrists.  Do nothing, and continue nothing in this exercise that causes pain, for our ultimate purpose here is not tension, but the pleasure that comes from full melding with our Maker.
*********** MEDITATION***********
Now, with eyes closed, feel the surface upon which you are sitting, the surfaces your body is touching for it is less distracting this way.  Love those surfaces you touch.  Be grateful for the chair upon which you sit.  Picture Love surrounding you as a golden cocoon, a cocoon of light, a cocoon of symmetry, of harmony.  Visualize it extending out a foot, maybe two feet from you, enfolding you while unfolding from within you, and know that here you can come to no harm.  This sphere of Love is your Spirit, it is who you are before, during, and after your sojourns through the creature-filled fields of matter.  You are defined in other ways as well, but get used to this one, it may well turn out to be your favorite.
Breathe in remnants of vibrational discord and breathe out harmony.  Continue and let that cocoon of Love expand around you until, one by one, each bubble-like sphere of healing love expands to include those around you. 
This part of the meditation may take varying amounts of time depending on how many practitioners are gathered with you, and how many you are able to draw into the very Life of the Great Spirit.  Remember, you can understand anything that you can love.  You can become everything that you love.  Feel your love filling the entire room in which you are sitting, or the entire forest glade.  Feel your love fill the entirety of the building that surrounds you.  Wherever you are, feel your love flow outward, including as many details as you can remember, let Love go, let it grow beyond your physical location until it touches the surrounding natural world (and here improvise to suit your surroundings).  In my case, here, its outward flow touches the trees and oh how I love the trees and oh how they love me. 
Here, for me, is where it really starts—a joyous rush of blending essences; beings recognizing themselves in other beings, me awakening the trees in myself; the trees awakening my love for them until I am filled with their awareness, and their awareness awakens in me.  In PreColombian America some tribes had a word that meant: “Human blending with Tree.”  Since this is a meditation to merge with God I will move quickly over the next and following steps, but later, when you return do take your time.  You will make great discoveries, unleash latent forces, and activate dormant biological systems in both your body and your biosphere.  Remember, in this, your expanded state, you can become anything that you can love.
Feel your love expand far beyond the human structures that may surround you, beyond your town, city, village, forest, desert, ocean.  Wherever you may be, feel your love flowing outward in concentric waves.  You are no longer the center of that circle where you were first awakened, for you feel God’s love pouring in from above.  And you feel the Earth’s love for you, Oh, she feels for you as a mother feels for her child, flowing up from the ancient soil below, before, eternally and always.  Feel your love spread outward to encompass the geography in your vicinity, taking time to note particular objects.  Feel your love flow out to fill your entire ecosystem, your region, your state.  Let it ripple out over the waving fields of Midwest prairie grasses, over the oceans of this water world.  Let your love’s wind grow as it blows through the northern pines, over  the mountain lakes, the deserts and bayous, over fields of barley, rice, corn.  You are southern winds protecting the orchards, the fields of cotton, sorghum, watermellow, prairie grasses, cottonwood and ten thousand backyard gardens.  Hurray!  It is a good day.  Freely flow until the whole Mississippi valley feels the wild winds of you life-bringing fertile Love.
Breathe deeply when you feel the desire but otherwise pay little attention to your breath; it will take care of itself from now on.  And from here, from this place where you are, throw yourself, your energies, into the tumbling waves, waves that caress the sandy beaches where you stand, upon the shores of distant islands, distant lands, distant continents.  You can’t stop it now.  Let your love expand, let it go, maybe all in a burst it fills the earth, maybe it comes sudden; maybe it slowly grows.  Feel the whole wide world held in God’s hands, encompassed by your love.  God! You love this earth so much.  You always have, remember?  This is your planet, your home, your mother.  And what does she love? 
The earth loves you, her child; that is plain.  But who is her greatest love, her lover?
Feel your love rise up like a wildflower toward the Sun, our next stop.  Consciously reunite with each new part of yourself, each new being that they might better know you.  They have been waiting eons to get caught up in the tail winds that accompany you on this long-prophecied journey your love draws to you, reunites as a part of yourself in this state of expanded love that they might accompany you on this long prophesied journey.  Each one gives you more love, enabling you to love more fully.  Soon your expanding wave of love is attracting beings far more rapidly than you can consciously keep track of them.  Inevitably, your conscious mind realizes you are surrounding yourself with more and more beings, beings of such beauty, grace, simplicity, joy, understanding that finally your ego decides the process can be trusted, relaxes, and turns things totally over to Spirit. 

It is then something else (akin to a universal collective consciousness) takes over, and you feel yourself as something beyond human, something streaking determinately to the sun, attracting entities with which you have some past, present or future affinity, beings whose polarity lacks the size and focus, the Love-Drive and determination of a fully awakened Humankind; entities who have been longing to return to their solar home, but could not until you came here, now, this is real, not some future event.  Is each perfect God-Centering meditation time-bound in some way to the the actual event?  At this time, many feel it is.  You recognize them but cannot even shout out a greeting because, though not as numerous as the stars in the sky, you are shooting too swiftly past, passing them in growing, burning, blazing love while they swirl in your twin spiral tails to disappear with you in a no-splash-perfect-headlong dive into this, all-favored yellow star. 
 You slow at each encounter, though most you cannot name, and yet slow more.  They sink in as the periphery of your Love remembers—brushing, then touching and feeling—the unstopable attraction of the earth.  It only nods at the planets this time, too much in a hurry, running to greet its lover, its passion, the sun, the source of your life.  For the sun is Light.  Ah!  But the Light is shining out of its essence of pure energy: LOVE.  We see Pure Star Love as starlight, as sunlight.  Were there but more words…
Love IS Light!  It is the energy for this entire planetary/solar system.  And as it touches the outermost rims of the earth, it passes through the prismsphere, the ten-trillion orbiting prisms of TRUTH that encircle the wonderland and form the cocoon-like outermost edges of the physicality that is TRUTH.
And as LIGHT animates, excites, activates and quickens each prism of Mother, Matter TRUTH, each one splits its incoming ray into an infinite multiplicity of LIFE forms.  

When I first learned this, it boggled my mind, for its sheer genius, simplicity and beauty more than anything had ever before or since.  One Sun, One Light from the ten-trillion prisms, each becoming a conscious life form, and continuing forever to free fall toward the gravity worlds where matter provides the opposite characteristics of these same countless trillions as they mate as passionately as any lover ever dreamed, each a tiny, then living, then growing, thinking, playing, joining the millions more in the Sunlight of SUN LOVE until every color imaginable streams down animated upon the EARTH.  In that Holy Spirit, in the life that blossoms out around this earth, you live—some say but a flicker, some say forever but you only know.  How privileged to be given such a palace!
LOVE flowing through TRUTH creates LIFE.
Love is Energy.  Truth is Beauty.  Life is their offspring.
 I AM here to serve beauty, to increase beauty, and to help rid the human world of the Great Lie that destroys beauty.  The Lie that tells us Fear is our Master, when every one of us is the master of every fear the moment we rise up, and confront it from the expanded experience of love that is our destiny. 
Humbly Accepting Our Power.
Just as your DNA contains enough information to replicate your particular form of human circuitry, your body is a hologram-like microcosm of the Great Spirit’s Terrestrial Body.  The Body of this Sacred and Holy Spirit is now becoming aware of its many systems, cell-groupings, parts and organs, awakening them alongside their often very different counterparts where they know instantaneously which members of their organic family they must care for, and know also the bodily systems that look over and care for them.  Into this new life they will flow but a short while before Our Holy Mother Earth becomes conscious of herself, awakens to self reflection, observation, decisions motivated by the mutual love-adoration between her and the Sun. 
An awakened humankind will advise on the practicalities and implications of these parental decisions, and those we do not impliment ourselves, will be kept on course by the unique overview provided by our ever-present collective human central nervous system.  For our race is this planet’s guidance system, its directive organ.  When our Mother Earth has been cultivated into a perfect Garden, those who choose to travel will someday steer its first child to the stars.
Your body has emotional cells, just as it has physical cells; they are every bit as real and every bit as central as their physical counterparts.  In the day when they are fully activated, they will not entertain most of the emotions they do today.  They will radiate forth in a vast spectrum of love-originating powers that will be instrumental in helping each physical cell stay on their high and noble course.  Like the gyroscopes that steer the inorganic rockets and spaceships of today, they will help in the maintenance of a perfect course as steered by their human pilots.  
Here, centered in the Star Maker, all are blameless.  You have returned to your Original Innocence.  And the joy is hard to contain; it explodes outward from you.  You feel the center of your awareness gliding, flying, floating free like an eagle, motionless in the perfectly-timed spiral wind-speed currents rising from the pre-dawn darkness of the grey and sleepy canyons below.  Gliding motionless, then slowly sliding, drawn toward one or another of the twin weightless and gravitational energies that came here to play in our unique biospiritual landscape, some joined the descending forces of formation, or the ascending currents of matter’s spiritualization.  For these seemingly opposite powers are in fact one.  They flow in a figure-eight type circular motion where at their closest points they do not quite meet, but come close enough for innocent sexual play and universal procreation. 
On this earth—as elsewhere—their infinite, multi-galactic loop brings the two seeming opposite currents nearest to each other, to mix it up, spark across the intervening gap and create not only of sun star, but this universe, and of all the life beyond. 

Picture the slowly circling Atlantic Gulf stream currents flowing down the eastern coast of N. America, mixing a bit in the Great Comet Bay, then, when their dance is over,  leaving the tip of Florida toward Ireland where they wash their coconuts upon the shores of Bantry Bay, and Palm Trees flourish at latitudes north of Moscow.  Through the eyes of spirit, you might see that they make something closer to a figure eight, then you would see the analogy.  At one point the same pinched oval circulation heading toward the North Sea might pass within miles of the same current as it later flowed past Greenland, downward toward Nova Scotia, New England, the Carolinas, again and forever again.
The point where they pass so near is where the incarnating materializing influence brushes the spiritualizing influence, one lifting matter up into spirit, the other helping the beings of spirits take on physical form.  What is good, what is evil?  It depends on which way your ancestral waters, stirred by the hand of God, have chosen to travel.  The spiritualizing currents of energy are good.  The materializing currents are good.

There are not two powers in conflict, but one circulating flow. So long as each is in its appointed place—and only in its appointed place.  Everywhere on earth they are serving our Creator’s purposes—everywhere, that is, but in the human mind.  There as the ancient tales tell, the unexpected happened, and the descending currents of Fear were inadvertantly invited into the human mind, where they keep people in a half-awake, often sleepy, unperceptive, gullible condition that is the cause of all of history’s woes.  With no intent to be “evil,” their nature attempts to draw human thought and understanding down into matter’s far less conscious state, turning ascending to descending, and creating what is, nonetheless, only a temporary evil. 
This temporary evil, however, has immense power, wielded by the one percent of the human population with obscene wealth. 

This is why the Second Coming will not be thwarted or stopped in any way.  Human problems cannot be solved by human solutions.  But divine intervention will cause great disruption and the very termination of the human race if it comes too rapidly or too thoughtlessly.  This is why it has been in the planning stages since 3,114 BCE, why the Mayan polarity shift will occur.  Exactly when it shall come is of far less importance than the fact that it will, and will very, very soon.  Anything less than the Great Spirit’s personal intervention would result in a chaotic plunge that would terminate the human experiment here.

* * * * * ** * And a Rainbow has promised us that will never happen again. 
Too big for you, too big for you to grasp.  Not if you read the Sermon on the Mount, the Bhagavad Gita,  The Starseed Transmissions, or a short story by that Great Prophet Mark Twain with the curious name, “The Mysterious Stranger.”
But it will come, it is coming, many believe it is already here but the historical strength of our matter-bound programming is too strong to allow all of us to yet perceive it.
But you perceive it, you feel it, you know it.  For billions of people here with us now, there is a feeling that Christmas is right around the corner.
Ahhh!  Here, the breath comes deeply again, and again, and again; this happens now and then, one can not predict when.  Oh, can you feel your spirit and Brahma’s blend?  Can you feel the One Spirit that you love?  Can you feel yourself as the one from which the many flow, and to which the many return?  You, too, are a perfect sphere, so much spiraling within.  You, here now are the Being Behind all Being.  You are the One that looks forth from every pair of eyes, that quivers in every young lover’s shiver and in every leaf quiver as the shifting direction of the spiritual winds  the wind rustles the grasses and the trees.  Are you beginning to get it?  That being is you.
Do you want to know a secret?  Bringing you here, into this awareness, was the goal of all the words that flowed since this meditation began.  Hopefully you have heard few of these words, hopefully you’ll remember fewer still, the mantra of their drone drew you through your own passages, tunnels, alleyways, skyways and caves.  You can always read these words later.  But heard spoken aloud, as I now think they should be the first time, these words were given you to remind you only of the general direction by which you will one day soon easily drift home. 
Yes,  you have only climbed a spiritual ladder of which the words were but steps to a higher frequency.  When others have drawn you back into the dominant cultural mythology, they may come in handy.  But you no longer need them now.  Now you are centred in God, in your deepest and truest level of being.  Now you have become wholly yourself. 
Once you are on the roof, you don’t need to haul the ladder up behind you.  It has served God’s purpose, so you move on.  Your growing number of friends with whom you can discuss this, and meditate together again and again into this awareness will so increase your joy, you find it much easier than you have in the past to practice staying in this consciousness.  Others will follow, and the flow will continue.  Today could be the arrival, yes, the arrival of God, but also the arrival of spirit beings and angels far more numerous than the human race.  They have been training too for these past 5,125 years.  Many have been assigned to you and guiding you since birth.  That is why you have found these words, these steps of a ladder you will soon leave behind. 
So it is with religions, disciplines, the many paths.  There is no need to haul your crates of books up here, no need for boxes in which to package your truths, no requirement for beliefs to guide you on your way.  So long as you believe, you cannot know. 
Knowledge and Belief cannot share the same space. You have reached your journey’s beginning, end, resting point, the Center of God, Your Center, Your Home.  Make of it what you will.  You have no need to “try not to think—”…an involuntary laugh escapes as those words pose such a truly incomprehensible task.  I create as I am.  You create as you are. 
My first word in the beginning was Other, for I was lonely and I created you.  Between us all existence appeared, instantaneously, though the time may have seemed long to you.  All matter, all spirit, was defined.  But the filmiest of veils some say, just our imaginations say the drifters.  Both true perhaps.  We make the high visions concrete, we make them tangible for but one purpose—that there may be more of us to explore, enjoy, discover, and further the creative development of Space.  There are beneficial dark spots of no-time here, but they are not “the nanosecond of non-time.”  That comes but once, mid-stride
Nothing moves.
 Long pause.   Looooonnnggg paaauuses.    Looooonnngggeerr   paaaauuusssess.    
 The millennia pass.  By and by, as if far off in the distance is the sound of what may be a mighty rushing wind and in it the voice of a flowing river.  Soon you recognize it in joy.  It is the stream of consciousness that is God’s thought.  But the word, thought, is infinitely inadequate.  This is where God notices ideas to embody joy in all the beings who share his infinite and eternal Presence, pleasure, excitement and bliss.  And on that flows, on it flows.  But the moment you began to hear it you created a distinction between you (a lone point of observation) and that flowing metathought of the Great Spirit.  This is good.  Now there are two.
Ask of God anything and it will be done in the material realms as it will in the worlds of spirit; on earth as it is in heaven.  This, my brothers, my sisters, is our daily bread.  Humans have been known to live hundreds of years—and again it’s hard not to laugh when I think of saying—on no more nourishment than this, for this is the source of all nourishment, the greatest, most abundant nourishment of all.
But you have been here before.  You know what to do.
With lightning speed, you spin, reverse your racket and send the process back to its source.  You bring this food for body, soul, and spirit back into your reflective soul, back to your cells, back into your physical form.  You don’t know how long it will last, but as long as it does, aim it straight as an arrow at any disease that may plague your body.   Feel its might race through you like a wave of the purest sexual joy, like an orgasm of the purest truth and the purest love, and the life heals all, cures all.  It works so well when you suddenly surprise the body you have forgotten in the course of resting in God.  You are empowered by the purest energy you can handle, it is so much more powerful when you (eternal spirit) are taken by surprise.  Especially because you did not seek it, you wanted only what you had, that there was more had escaped you.  Without seeking, there is no greed, no desire. 
Every cell in the human body is replaced periodically.  The longest takes five years.  98% of the atoms in the human body are replaced each year.  Why then, does scar tissue reproduce? As this mega-surge of life coming straight from the Sun of suns, rushes into your open mind and is consciously directed it to any place where you may once have had some physical ailment, bliss tumbles over bliss, does disease have time to regroup, does scar tissue even remember itself?
But you must welcome it wordlessly, without label or definition; for  “Unless you receive as a little child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Mark 10:15.)  In this context, the kingdom of heaven is healing.  How do little children receive?  Born into original innocence? 
A child (in our society only a young or sheltered child) receives without judgment.  A child receives its impressions of the new world without names, without labeling and categorizing the objects, sensations, feelings, smells, tastes and sounds  that touches her senses.  A little child—and oh! how often have you looked into the eyes of a month old baby, two week old baby, perhaps even a newborn and seen eternity at its deepest there, forever into the utter blackness of the pupil those eyes still connect, that mind still remembers back through to the Central Sun of suns, the Being Behind all Being, Origin of all Creation, the Original Being.  And have you known that those baby’s eyes were looking right through you, knowing everything? Seeing you precisely as you are in your spiritual body.  A young child looks in your eyes without judgment.  It experiences you as if for the first time.  Can you do that for another?
And so I come back just as I began, but with a spring in my step, joy in my face, and more love in my heart than I can contain, for it spills out of me, shines out of me, radiates out of me, and flows renewed through my surroundings: the true Garden of Eden, our original material home.
All peoples, all nations, everyone in their hearts knew this time would come.  The ages are blending, the age of love now to reign throughout the immeasurable expanse of time while Brahma slowly breathes in again the universe.  And Brahma is the same God as our Creator, the same God Jesus called his Father.  That makes Brahma, too, our Creator.  At the center of all being, One Spirit, The Great Spirit, The Greatest of all Spirits breathes the universe back in again at the same rate as it expanded.  We have 20 billion years before us to create and evolve without fear, surrounded by family, friends, angels, and God-Centered extraterrestrials from afar.  Today, all begins anew.
There it is, the basic format for “God-Centering.” 
 *********************** Ken Carey ©2011

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