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Galactic Stillpoint: Longest Night on Earth

December 11, 2013

Ten days until solstice; seventeen years since Carl Sagan died and we’re still excited by his ideas, his cohesive view of our unfolding universe, so a report from 2009, because the weather signs seem to be repeating… wrap up warm. Only a decans until the return of the light

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‘Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known’
Carl Sagan In Memoriam

It is Solstice. Tonight is the longest night of the year for planet Earth’s northern hemisphere dwellers. It is at midwinter when all animals (except the human creature) go within, curl up and meditate in their own fashion; and wait for the light to return.

Neolithic farming communities in Scotland between the 56th and 57th parallel dragged massive 50-ton blocks of stone over the snow to form windows on the sky.

They took time out from their hard agricultural working life to create ‘recumbent’ stone circles which would mark forever that point on the horizon where the sun set at winter solstice. Five thousand years ago solstice was celebrated with fire. They’d learned that fire embodied in the Sun seemed to disappear forever; then was miraculously rekindled, reawakened and with it their land, their precious earth on which…

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