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Kundalini, Crop Circles and Creation Experiment

July 21, 2013

Ouroboros: Sanskrit/Assyrian/Greek-classical symbol of Man’s destiny to rejoin with himself: more appropriate now that the SHIFT is happening — the Ancients knew how to prepare for CHANGE; so do we, if we ALLOW ourselves to listen to Spirit and do it together

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Crop circles this season have not been bountiful. More designs have appeared so far in Italy than in Wiltshire and southern England. But the messages transmitted by the few have been powerful indeed: archetypal images, ancient knowledge refashioned, the human race is being encouraged to take note, achieve self-mastery, to grab hold of the solar wind and fly.

My last blog went online overnight June 12/13th, just as the Berkshire crop circle was being discovered at Walbury Hill – an ancient site, but not a common place for crop circles. I had been gearing myself up to write for a couple of days beforehand, but there were a number of incidents in my life which made it impossible – I had guests from Tuesday of that week until they departed on the morning of the New Moon, June 12th. The night before they left, they asked me to do an

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