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Boudicca: Great Queen of the Iceni

September 12, 2020

Britannia’s Londinium was Roman empire’s ‘colonial’ inner sanctum until Boudicca & her Iceni AD61 wiped out their military Mithraeum—a subterranean sacred bull ceremonial center under what is now the heart of the City of London, dedicated to Mithras. This Roman soldier’s god-in-his-corner and brother-in-arms was a deity stolen from the Zoroastrian Indus tradition, rising almost as a foot soldier’s vision of their marching champion of blood & guts for the Empire.
Their version symbolized by Mithras, son of Sol, bringing light into the barbarian darkness: stabbling the sacrificial bull of ignorance in heathen tribes to inject civilized aka Roman ways—became symbolic for pedestrian occupations: soldiers, merchants, travellers.

Currently City of London’s newly restored Mithraeum under Bloomberg’s Walbrook EuroHQ, groups gorgeous original carvings and paintwork with original and visual reconstruction to bring the temple alive. Mithras’ cult reached peak secret status—perhaps as counter-Xtian independent soldier with his own deity against Christendom and everyone else beyond Deere St.

Derilea's Dream: Memoirs of a Pictish Queen

Pictland virtually ignored after Agricolan campaign Why were Roman legions so interested in subduing some tribes and not others? Why build the great edifices of Antonine and Hadrian‘s occupations to shut out the northern territories and patrol the borders with encampments, but essentialaly ignore them, when others, like Queen Boudicca of the Iceni, merited wholesale plunder, murder and annihilation?

It was not merely a matter of geography. The Northern Tribes of the Caledonians, in what eventually became Pictland, were hostile but they were no immediate threat to Rome. They were warlike and they were rich in land, but their territories were only worthy of one campaign: that of Julius Agricola in AD77. During that campaign, while he was Consul of Rome and Governor of Britannia, he conquered much of Wales and northern England and made his historic venture into lowland and eastern Scotland to conclude his enterprise at the legendary battle of Mons Graupius

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