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Vesica Piscis: Mother Earth and the Creative Force

January 17, 2015

Mercury Retrograde, comms on blink—half the world at frozen still point or at war with the ‘other’. While Siderealview puts together thoughts on the way forward, it is as well, sometimes to be grateful for our ability to look back and marvel

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The symbol of an ovoid –an egg– expresses the the primordial form of everything manifest, from atom to globe, from man to angel. The spheroid is with all nations the emblem of eternity and infinity —- a serpent swallowing its own tail. To realize the meaning, however, the sphere must be thought of as seen from its centre
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

The Vesica Piscis in sacred tradition — from Kabbalist to Vedic to Zen — is considered to represent the female organ of creation. Its circular shape invokes an intertwining of feminine energies, Mother Earth’s womb, a mingling of Nature and primeval cultural reverence: it is a symbol seen in all ancient graphical traditions, from pagan Sun Wheel, Celtic cross, architectural ‘golden mean‘ to sacred windows in cathedrals, mosques, tabernacles and pagodas.

The Vesica Piscis also represented to the Maya the summer and winter solstices…

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