Crop Circles: 2010 season

Ancient Egyptian symbolism at Beckhampton, August 13, 2010

Most crop circle followers want to access graphics and images of past Kornkreise — and while many sites offer wonderful images while the season is in full flow, photos are relegated to archives of previous seasons which may not be freely accessible (pay-per-view) — after the season is over. This series is intended to provide a freely-available archive of some of the most important crop circles, with links to relevant commentary, where possible.

Ideally the list will include a selection from early years of crop circle phenomena. While one or two human-made designs may be included — depending on their awe-inspiring effect on visitors — this archive is intended to present a record of ‘anomalous’ designs, i.e. those created through the medium of light, sound, and the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum of wavelengths which are bent into dimensional forms which carry with them extrasensory effects, alpha waveforms, some theta wave results.

More seasons will be added when time permits.
Ed. August 2010

Finale: Beckhampton Hathor Menat ritual necklace crop circle
Friday August 13, 2010

Hathor Menat ritual necklace breaks through millennia of civilized culture to bring a message in the corn: Crop Circle of Friday August 13th 2010 at Northdowns, Beckhampton, Wiltshire, England, photo courtesy Bert Janssen

Symbolism incorporated in the crop circle at Beckhampton is far-reaching, both through the ages and geographically in the 21st century. Some of its meaning is discussed in Marian Youngblood’s ‘Hathor Blessing: Crop Circle finale and farewell

Kornkreis cubism 2010

Several of the July crop circles in Wiltshire showed dimensional shifts. One of the last in the 2010 dimensional series appeared on August 9th at Horton, Devizes. It compares well in size and optical illusion with July formations like Cley Hill, Fosbury, Savernake Forest and Danebury Hill at Nether Wallop, Hampshire.

Horton, Devizes 'hexagonal' cube of August 9th completes the 2010 series of dimensional designs

Beggar’s Knoll, Westbury and East Field Alton Barnes seemed to appear in response to a human plea for a progression in hyperdimensional space from the square > cube > tesseract to the circular equivalent: circle > sphere > torus or smoke ring. Images of those designs in a circular/spherical format are featured below.

Stanton Bridge, Honey Street fractal Kornkreis August 8, 2010

While an attempt is being made here to maintain some sort of chronological sequence, there comes a point where the human record-keepers (and 3D/4D braincells) get a little scrambled. Must be ET’s dimensional influence. We are, after all, moving rapidly from our known world to one we’ve only dreamed of. So record-keeping is, so-to-say, after-the fact.

Pewsey White Horse, 500-foot diameter formation August 8, 2010 cut Aug 8, 2010

Spellow Hills 'lens' near Partney, Lincolnshire August 8, 2010, courtesy Jim Lincslad and Steven Fuller

Simultaneously with the three Wiltshire circles of Pewsey, Honey Street and Stanton St.Bernard (2), a 250-ft optically illusory cone/vortex/lens design appeared the same day in Lincolnshire, relatively remote from the main Cotswolds-Salisbury Plain region of electromagnetic and prehistoric structures. The Spilsby formation did, however, materialize next to an ancient burial mound known as the Spellow Hills long barrow, or Spell-howe – ‘hill of the slain’.

Stanton St.Bernard (2) same day sunburst as the 8/8 designs, courtesy B.Janssen

So once more, the hand-of-fate reaching through time chose a location close to an ancestral sacred site. Back in Wiltshire, meanwhile, in the maelstrom of man-made and ‘celestial hand-made’ imprints, the small Stanton St. Bernard (2) sunburst seemed to emphasize that ET, too, can make designs with rough edges. The solar blast, complete with sun prominence flare, seemed deliberately placed to counterbalance human efforts in nearby fields, while also stressing the impact of a CME (coronal mass ejection) from a solar flare directed that week towards earth.

Whitefield 'anomalous' formation of August 3 on the side of a hill within proximity of a radio mast

Reminiscent of the August 1, 2001 Chilbolton formation – sited next to a radio mast – the location for the August 3 formation at Whitefield Hill couldn’t have been easy — but if it were electromagnetically induced through the longer wavelengths of the ultrasound spectrum, then its position on a slippery wheatfield slope near the top of the hill won’t have been a problem. It’s affectionately known as the ‘egg-slicer’ and its anomalous grain patterns and stalk-lay have been studied and documented in full by Charles Mallett of the Silent Circle Information Center in Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Its location is six miles north of Malborough. A positive and purpose-affirming interview by Earthfiles’ Linda Moulton Howe confirms his commitment and research into the CC phenomenon. In-depth interview and remarkable photography can be read/seen here.

Closeup 'corn-dolly' Silbury Hill, Avebury August 3 2009

As images in this blog have maintained a roughly chronological sequence, with each post documenting the 2010 season as it unfolded, this archive is intended as backup and a source of more unusual angles, photographed phenomena and personal observations.

Silbury Hill woven 'corn dolly' centre of August 3rd 2009, unique in its complexity

Note: requests are received regularly for images of laid and woven crop in the manner of the famous ‘corn dolly’ images of the 2009 season –in particular the Silbury Hill CC of August 3rd that year– so it is our pleasure to reproduce them here. These images are unique to that formation, but give an insight into the complexity and care with which some designs were laid in more recent years.

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