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Solar Plasma: Our Seismic Sound & Fury

October 27, 2013

27 October 2013 update: FUKUSHIMA clean-up operation evacuated following 7.3-mag. quake Friday triggered by full moon, eclipse triple X-class and M-class solar flares incoming. Northerly storm currently deflecting US-headed debris S to San Diego, Baja peninsula… prayers with those shores

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How could a tone become a picture and light become a noise? Carl Sagan

No-one watching film footage from last Friday’s horrific 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Honshu–and in other sensitive areas of seismic activity in the Pacific–can fail to feel compassion for those affected by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and resulting tsunamis. Japan’s death toll is currently around 10,000. Now Honshu’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is in critical condition, with comparisons being made with Chernobyl (25 years ago, April 1986) and Windscale (“Sellafield“, October 1957). Other quakes are being felt in Tonga, Fiji and the Gulf of California.

Hawaii’s Kilauea erupted March 7th-11th, with subsequent quakes this week within a substratum of fissures in the Volcanic Park at the SE corner of “Big” island in the Hawaiian chain. As Kilauea has been active since 1983, little attention worldwide has been paid to this most recent activity–except by HVO

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