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Hello world!

March 12, 2009

Welcome to the Siderealview at This is my first post. Time to start blogging!

Thank you WordPress.  As I write, I look out on a sunny, windy day in Northeast Scotland, a gale blowing (what else is new?) but birds battling to catch seed from the bird tables, chairs, latte counter-for-avians, before it is blown to earth & germinates.  Birch and hazel catkins are out.  Red squirrel has been at the sitka cones, ripped & chomped almost 80% of the way up.  I am hoping for the return of last year’s lesser spotted woodpecker to go with the R.sq, & the (sighted, but not confirmed) FIRST long-tailed tit to reach these Arctic climes…..

… i.e. another day above the 57th parallel but the air is good, my blood runs fresh & strong (still) and while my limbs may ache with age, my mind doesn’t.  I think that’s what it must all be about. 

Reading Eckhart Tolle – can’t put you down Eckhart – vielen Dank – and am becoming aware that my Painbody isn’t the person running things in my life.  I am.  So, gather my mittens, double socks, wellies, trowel and inspiration and go out into the LIGHT!

LOVE is where we find it.  

ps haven’t a clue about blogging, but it’s worth a try!

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