Cracking 2010 Crop Circle Triangle Code

Sails of Wilton windmill have a companion: interlocking canola sails of cosmic code

The 2010 season is building. Last weekend – just before the 2010 May full Moon, as the Sun moved from the earth sign of Taurus into the dualistic but communicative air sign of Gemini – a fourth crop circle manifested in a field of oil seed rape near the windmill at Wilton, Wiltshire. It lies approximately twenty-five miles northeast of the Stonehenge line which attracted three early season glyphs. These three previous imprints in canola formed a triangle on the Stonehenge energy vortex on May 5th, 9th and 16th. The ‘keyhole’ formation which stands at the triangle’s NE corner, itself a glorified triangle with radiating isoceles sides, points directly

Wiltshire satellite map of the Stonehenge 'triangle' and Wilton windmill formations

towards last weekend’s latest showing. The Wilton Windmill ‘sails’ in the crop circle form twelve interlocking isoceles triangles circling a central point, each triangle containing something that looks like ASCII – binary – computer code. Within the sails there are two sets of repeating code sections but the other ten are different. It measures 300 feet across. Another triangle meantime manifested on May 14th in an oil seed rape field in Zierenberg, Hessen, Germany.

Zierenberg Hessen triangle appeared May 14th, 2010

Triangle symbolism denotes many ideas simultaneously:

In astrology an upright triangle represents the most positive of the aspects, a trine, or the angle of 120 degrees between planets, but it is also used to represent the astrological element of Fire, and as astrological signs are arranged in four triplicities — fire, air, earth, water — it represents the Fire signs. [Conversely, in astrological symbology, a triangle with a lower line drawn through horizontally, denotes the Air signs].

While the triangle does not appear much in prehistoric symbolism (when the circle, feminine womb symbol, predominated), it does feature in biblical history and in Judaeo-Christian symbolic word-construction where it became associated with the Divine number THREE. It is an older symbol than the medieval swastika or pentagram (based themselves on numbers four and five. Xenocrate, who died in 324 BC, stated that the (three-sided) equilateral triangle was a symbol for God. In Christian symbolism it stands for the Holy Trinity.

Wilton windmill in background, wind 'sails' of code in foreground May 2010

In modern thought, it is a symbol of dualism: a ‘caution’ triangle on a road sign may simultaneously denote (for the motorist) an upcoming pedestrian crossing — therefore a warning; while for the approaching pedestrian the triangle signifies it is ‘safe’ to cross. In road etiquette, a single red triangle (either in wooden painted joinery form or as a red-colored sign) placed on a road verge or a blind corner will slow the auto driver down because he doesn’t know what is ahead.

It has an amazing repertoire of significance in more recent history: from botany to air traffic control.

In cartography a clear triangle stands for natural gas while a darkened triangle means oil well. Mapmakers at this very moment have a lot of dark triangles scattered across maps of the Gulf of Mexico.

Twelve sails in triangular segments filled with ASCII code

In plant and horticultural terms an upright (apex at top) triangle denotes an evergreen perennial. In meteorology it means hail is forecast. Physicists use the triangle symbol to mean ‘lowering freezing point’ or ‘lowering temperature’, while chemists (and alchemists) use it for the opposite: a triangle suggests that temperature is rising. As a convention among flyers, in ground-to-air emergency code it implies ‘safe to land here‘.

To help understand the phenomenon, we make a gentle nod of appreciation to turn-of-the-century ‘traveling people’. Europeans call them Gypsies, using a perfectly politically-correct description of an eastern European people who made their home on the Road.

Dandelion magic used to avert bad luck or attract a desired outcome is also a symbol of transfiguration

Gypsy symbology was for hundreds of years a carefully-guarded secret. Where a host had been hospitable, offered food or sustenance and kindly directions, a Gypsy symbol would be affixed to a gatepost or tree in the lane outside the property as a signal to a fellow traveler that here lived a friend. It worked both ways. In hard times a Gypsy would repay kindness with kindness and a generous host would receive unexpected gifts from the next visitor: a 19th/20th century version of ‘pay-it-forward’. The Wilton 12-segmented circle might be seen as a dandelion ‘clock’, in the world of Gypsy symbolism a sign of ascendance and transformation (yellow petals going inward and reemerging as powder-puff seeds). Human transfiguration from earth to heaven.

Alien Face crop formation with message, Crabwood Farm Winchester 15 August 2002

Messages are not new in the Kornkreise. One of the first to be deciphered was the Chilbolton radio telescope formation which appeared in the summer of 2001. Its message was clearly an answer to the radio telescope transmission sent in 1974 by Dr. Carl Sagan and his team of astronomers based at Cornell, New York, Cambridge, Mass, but transmitted from Puerto Rico’s telescope at Arecibo. The ‘reply’ caused a stir. Carl Sagan was sadly no longer around to appreciate it. His team were interested in the similarities expressed in the crop message and their original transmission. It was the differences, however, which fascinated: it was a clear attempt to express a communication from an entity which does not have human proportions. Messages then followed thick and fast. In the next year, only eight miles south of Chilbolton at Crabwood Farm near Winchester, the ‘Alien face’ appeared accompanied by its ASCII (binary) message: interpreters used a similar method to the Chilbolton design: seeing the crop folds and standing tufts as ‘pixels’. Substitute a 1 for standing crop, 0 for flattened sections; dividers between words were smaller tufts. An anonymous crop circle computer wiz volunteered a binary translation shortly after its appearance. His work was doublechecked by Paul Vigay – then still alive and at the time working on cymatics – sonic and musical form expressed as a visual. He agreed with the decoding: The message said:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. conduit closing (bell sound)

There are still a lot of messages out there we haven’t yet succeeded in interpreting. The great tail of the swallow of Alton Barnes formed in June 2009 comes to mind. As does the magnificent third phase of code added to its neighboring triple-formed ‘astrolabe’ below Milk Hill Alton Barnes over solstice week 2009 — astrolabe ‘pendulum’ forming first, then orbiting planets, then 1000-foot trailing code.

Astrolabe phase 3 Alton Barnes below Milk Hill White Horse Wiltshire

Do you think we are being treated to signage from the stars for mere entertainment? Or is this season working on our DNA in cumulative fashion?

In the absence of Carl Sagan, Paul Vigay and Gerald Hawkins, we are floundering in ASCII code but in muddied waters, unable to decipher either musical notation, sacred geometry or intervals in a sonic scale in crop circle symbology (on which Vigay and Hawkins corresponded before their deaths). However, Joseph Mason who works with dream analogy, linking sacred geometry, symbolism and intuitive messages, may be able to help. He says:

In a dream I was told “The experiment that would transform your world would operate upon the basic idea that you create your own reality according to the nature of your beliefs, and that all existence is blessed, and that evil does not exist in it. If these ideas were followed individually and collectively, then the evidence of your physical senses would find no contradiction. They would perceive the world and existence as good.”

Within the last week, molecular biologist Dr Craig Venter and his team of US scientists in Maryland and California developed synthetic ‘genetic software’ (DNA) for a bacterium and transplanted it into a host cell. The DNA responded exactly as it had been ‘programmed’ to do.

Russian molecular biologists have found it possible to communicate with DNA through voice-modulated laser light. With voice-modulated laser light it is possible to transpose genetic information from one genome to another without the need for transplanting and splicing chemical genes. The Russian researchers spoke to DNA finding their voice modulation and tone achieved the effect of a frequency which resonated with the DNA. They discovered that at a fundamental level the DNA follows the modulated voice tones of mankind, or, put spiritually: DNA is capable of responding to the WORD.

Joy will return and in a way which will fill the hearts of all mankind. You will come through a tremendous struggle into the age of conscious awareness of the oneness of the ALL.

This groundbreaking thought is reminiscent of a protolanguage which Robert Boerman used to interpret the Milk Hill inscription in 1991. Using voice modulated laser light it is possible to change DNA, and as it is known that DNA of the plant (rape, barley, wheat) is modified when crop circles are created, it appears that the energy that forms crop circles is in the nature of this voice-modulated laser light (crop circle formation is sometimes corroborated by eyewitness accounts of anomalous luminous phenomena).

Judy Beebe says:

“There is a language which is used to communicate intergalactically and from spirit to spirit. This is the Language of Light, a language of symbols. Symbols are played through our bodies and the understanding then delivers a dialogue. This is what the crop circles have been trying to convey to an awakening world. The reason these symbols must be played through our bodies is that we have within us the truth of the macrocosm.”

Native American shaman Nippawanock of the Arapahoe says:

‘Prophecy is underway — as earth changes unfold, the Sacred Symbols will be newly understood.’

In the last week the Sun, long past its forecast trough of an 11-year minimum sunspot cycle, started to stir again. As we know, when sunspots start happening once more, the electromagnetic field reenergizes and we feel the effects on Earth. This latest surge comes from a huge coronal hole in the sun’s earth-facing disk.

Ultraviolet sun: the Sun seen through three lenses

Ultraviolet sun: the Sun seen through three lenses shows a massive coronal hole

The image is a composite of three extreme ultraviolet wavelengths: 211 Å (false-color red) 193 Å (green) and 171 Å (blue), each tracing a different gas temperature ranging from 1 to more than 2 million degrees K. Highlights of today’s sun include an enormous magnetic filament, a coronal hole.

In our past experience, a coronal mass ejection (CME) precipitates a flurry of electromagnetic activity on earth, including increased crop circle appearances.

The code in the Wilton windmill ‘sails’ looks a little like binary code but it reminds me more of either a computer disk image or, even older, the workings of a Swiss music box. I remember listening to a Victorian pianola in a resort hotel as a child. Its workings fascinated me. By inserting a large metal disk precision cut with a specific series of holes, slurs, slits and bumps, it operated like the miniature musical box but on ‘carnie’ carnival scale. The pianola took up a whole corner of the room. Like a jukebox it blared out its music hall rhythm the minute the ‘reading’ needle hit the disk. I seem to remember the music played a lot longer than current pop three-minute renditions… but memory sometimes tricks. The Wilton windmill formation looks a lot like a pianola disk, 300 feet across!

So, is cymatics once more being suggested to us? the interchangeability of sound played as a visual? I shall be the first to congratulate the decipherer of the Wilton windmill ‘disk’. It is begging to tell us its message.

One pleasant thought to keep us thinking positively through what lies ahead: by the time the main bulk of crop circles appears in June and July, we shall have amassed a superb body of new designs, coded messages and even be in a position to interpret some of them. We may by then have grasped a lot more of the symbolism being presented to us and will be better prepared for creative and constructive action. We are, after all, creating our own reality.

Another thought: when we are happy, we sing, we hum, we make a happy sound. Perhaps the formation wants us to do that. What miracles might we create if we collectively sang in harmony?

When it is within our imagination to conceive the impossible, everything becomes possible.

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22 Comments on “Cracking 2010 Crop Circle Triangle Code”

  1. Pete Madstone Says:

    Merde, I KNEW the next one would be binary…

    The two triangles before were an almost exact duplicate of a Cathy drawing of one pyramid descending onto another. The process is shown complete here –

    Hey, would you mind if I post “the Land that Time Forgot” in some other places now?

    Let me know, and I do hope you are well and always beautiful!

  2. Pete Madstone Says:

    Oh yeah – the next one will be circles in a not so typical sacred geometric form, and ALMOST looking birdlike…

    • siderealview Says:

      Adorable, Madstone: I am sad that a few hoaxers have intervened at Yatesbury this week and muddied the waters with a BBC ‘logo’; but I also think the next one will escalate our understanding and may not happen until barley or wheat… canola is so easily damaged and the nodes don’t respond as well as barley to ultrasound and intense light bursts.

      Back to the Wilton windmill 12-segment triangles of code: it has been translated as ‘Euler’s Identity’ = (e ^ ( i * Pi ) + 1 = 0) but instead of i * Pi it says ‘hi’ * Pi as if greeting us in a cosmic joke. Euler’s mathematical equation was described by 19thC Harvard prof. Benjamin Pierce:
      ‘We cannot understand it, and we don’t know what it means, but we have proved it, and therefore we know it must be the truth.’ Prophetic indeed.

      There is a movement afoot this weekend May 28-30 by another wordpress group suggesting in meditation that
      we request open communication with the crop circle energy to help us interpret messages and symbolism. See complete ‘intention’ at

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  4. siderealview Says:

    Sillbury Hill

    Silbury hill formation appeared May 31st in barley

    • siderealview Says:

      June 2nd Liddington Castle, Liddington Warren, Swindon, Wiltshire
      Liddington Castle,Wilts,crop circle 2010

      and June 3rd Codford St Peter near Warrington, Wilts.
      This design is especially potent as an aerial shot as it allows us to look into a dimension beyond . . . [while created in 2D on the ground, its masterful arcs create the 3D ‘illusion’ from the air… more info from our superconsciousness – thank you

      Codford St Peter,Wilts,crop circle

  5. Dave P Says:

    Isn’t it time we finally got rid of the debunkers who claim that these have been made by drunken Englishmen. The fact that some people give these debunkers credibility is outrageous. We should say to them ‘Go away, sit in a quiet room and have a word with yourself’.

    • siderealview Says:

      thanks Dave: I don’t think genuine crop circle people have any doubts about the difference. Spiritually we are being given annual guidelines towards ‘seeing’ the bigger picture. While I agree with you it’s a pity the skeptics can’t see beyond false appearances (National Geographic – and other agencies in thrall to US big biz interests – resolutely refuses to publish a paranormal view; only employs prosaic writers,film-makers, non-believers) it may serve to bring attention to an dimension beyond our own for the great mass of people who are only now catching on…

  6. kether1985 Says:


    You have such a vast and informational website thank you so much for your energy into this website! Have you ever checked out any of Nassim Haramein’s work?

    -Simranjeet Singh

    • siderealview Says:

      Thank you for visiting again Simranjeet – yes, I agree, Nassim Haramein’s work is phenomenal. I do believe it needs a whole interpretive blog to itself – which no doubt I shall do when things get quieter!!! He and Drunvalo Melchizedek would be a good mix, I think – just kidding, but you know I like to ‘unify’ my combinations – makes people think. I liked your blog on MML – we’re on the same wavelength.
      In Lak’ech ala’kin

  7. Jesivorka Says:

    (Not English native speaker)

    I’m not such math-man to know the Eurler’s thing. But I programm and ,let me say, “know something about the construction of a space”.

    To the “binary rape-seed field circle”:

    There are 12 rays as well as 12 sectors (duality).

    Each ray holds the 8-bit information. Each ray has two sides – always (bitwise) mutually inverted (negated; NOT operation). Each ray, of course, must give the TOTAL/WHOLE = 255 (0xFF).

    I have whole the open-office calc tables to it. But the point is that – rays a INVERTED and thus gives always 255 (0xFF). When recognizing this, anything else is obvious. Then, one can do XOR, AND, OR, shifts what ever relevant bitwise operations.

    Thus, for the sectors (Sx) the MINUS and PLUS operations are relevant. Probably some more, but now I have recognized only following:

    (left side S1 – left side S2) + right side S1 = right side S2

    The formula direction (-/+) inside the sectors is inverted (!)

    First thought flash about the “binary circle” was binarity, better, rather 4-bit coded information, 4-bit logic.

    The second one was planets and their mutual positions, indicated by the full 4-bit connection inside a sector.

    The third thought is DNA and connection to “flower of life” – having as well as 12 rays, coupled in 6 “flower leaves” in same the manner as DNA helix is connected.

    But that is ahead of me: first must learn the DNA coding. THYMINE + ADENINE, CYTOSIN + GUANINE and how their coding to the “4-bit circle”.

    Maybe someone can be much more quicker, because (s)he knows more about DNA and practical meaning.

    Thats why I’m posting this text here. HELP.

  8. […] rape formation at Wilton Windmill whose binary code translated as the mathematical theorem known as Euler’s Identity. Euler’s formula, expressed as the equation (e ^ (i * Pi) + 1 = 0), exists and is provable, […]

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  10. Judy Beebe Says:

    Interesting dialogue so far, but you might want to look at this year’s crop circle meanings on my website.

    The one you start the season with is about the missing dimensional frequencies which are limiting our spiritual growth.

    Here is the link to those that I have put up so far. Keep checking back because I will have the whole season up soon.

    Judy Beebe

    • siderealview Says:

      Judy – thanks for another visit – you always have a lot to say. Great about your site updates – thanks for the pointer. I know a lot here like to link over to you!! Thank you for the good work you do.

  11. Ed S Says:

    I have been looking at this phenomenon for some time and have been reading your posts. I would like to propose something that I think we may be missing.

    Now, whether these creators of the circles are inter-dimensional or alt.universe or possibly from our material space, it seems pretty evident to me that the verifiable mysterious ones are telling us something in some kind of language that only they understand. I have come to a conclusion that this phenomenon is the result of some sort of an “intelligent” probe to our world, space, dimension or whatever you’d like to call it, and they are trying to communicate to us.

    Look at it this way. The universe as we know it is 13.65 billion years old. We’ve been in this area for 4.5 billion. Are we possibly the only species that can send probes out to discover some other venue of life? I think not. If one were to send probes out from an advanced civilization well beyond the distances that can be traveled by biological participants, what type of devices would they send? I suspect they would send artificially intelligent robotic probes, capable of communicating by some method which we could understand in some sense with respect to their language or way of thought. So I think we are dealing with intelligent machines, but on an intelligence level which is, so far, a bit confusing to us, although tantalizing, I must admit.

    Until now we have been left some clues as to their language. Have we made any attempts to TEACH these things OUR language? Or are their attempts a “TEST” for us that “makes or breaks” further consideration of a viable society in their programming?

    If it took these devices a blink of an eye to get here, or an eon, how long do you think they’ll stick around before heading elsewhere for another try? How many are actually out there? Is it just one society looking or are there many? A lot of questions.

    On teaching our language: Why don’t we go back out to fresh circles and write something back and see what happens? I don’t think anybody has tried this approach yet and I think it’s a viable option with the correct approach. As I read above, we can try binary code and write half of a common equation, as these devices seem to understand a lot of higher math, and task “them” to answer it.

    We’re talking about common language here. Mathematics is common language to any sort of machine or device which could be described as intelligent.

    This is just my humble opinion and of course we could be dealing with “Fairies, Goblins” and any other sort of force we simply do not understand or accept with any type of evidence. However, if these things come from an advanced civilization, and they are desperately trying to say something to US, then I think we better get moving on trying to say something back to THEM.

    I’d really love some feedback on this. I think this is an important aspect of the phenomenon we haven’t really pushed as a culture in this sort of discovery. I remember an old elementary teacher telling me something a long time ago; ‘Ed,’ he said, ‘If you never ask the question, you’ll never learn the answer.’

    • siderealview Says:

      Ed – Thank you so much for this – sorry for delay in my reply — concocting another blog — all takes time!! your points are well taken. And I think, like you, there is a swing towards what you suggest — if only by a small group. But every little helps.

      My impression is that the two big motivators/innovators — Carl Sagan and Gerald Hawkins — died before their followers quite got their act in gear. Sagan, as you know, inspired the SETI message to the stars, radioed from Arecibo telescope, Puerto Rico in 1974. The reply didn’t arrive until 27 years later — Chilbolton crop circle August 2001. Sagan, before he died in 1996, expressed regret that he could not ‘speak out’ more on SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) for fear of having his programs shut down. Hawkins (d.2003) was more fortunate in not being restricted by funding, having retired from both Cambridge Observatory and Boston U before he immersed himself deeply (alongside Paul Vigay, also d. 2008) in harmonics, ultrasound and Euclidean progressions in CCs. It was thanks to Hawkins that the 1991 Millk Hill ‘answer’ to the human-posed CC question (mentioned in this blog’s text) was interpreted. I also think (above-ref) Bradley York Bartholomew’s work on the same inscription and its link to white powder gold is very relevant.

      [i.e. the message reads essentially ‘all human (all species’) life is created by a force in the DNA which is not of this world, but is divine.’] – see links in text.

      I’d personally like to see someone like Boermann decode this year’s Hebraic-like inscription in the double-bladed axe CC at Alton Barnes July 26th

      Alton Barnes,crop circle 2010

      If some clever person has already interpreted it, PLEASE LET ME KNOW – PLEASE POST HERE!

      As you probably read, Joseph Mason, working over several years in recording dreams and promptings, ‘actively requested the appearance’ of the Mandelbrot Set crop circle. His work is ongoing and has great merit.

      You may also be interested in Prof. de Vierville’s comments on the Milk Hill multiple formation solstice 2009 — the ‘Sextant CC’ — see commentary to Nazca Liines blog

      We tried our own llittle experiment on this blog community – with Fitzy in NZ and several of our combined minds on this site ‘requesting’ a formation which was a progression of what had gone before. You may be interested in Fitzy’s comments and those of others following the experiment, here.

      I think you are right that a concensus or cohesive group of us working together should be able to put weight behind a change in attitude (from derision to belief) towards CCs. I also believe that while Hawkins and Sagan had institutions behind them which gave their words stature, in the new energy, all we need is intent, belief in our own ability to get the message across and a lot of HARD WORK.!! Thank you for your input. Great.

  12. Mark Ferlanie Says:

    The most logical explanation to me is that the Art genious M.C. Escher has risen from the dead and is in possession of precision digital crop circle making equipment or he has been training bands of potato farmers wearing snow shoes on how to create anamorphic mathematically based visual parsdoxical Art masterpieces for evryone’s amusement. Either way Escher is involved.

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  14. I am a full believer of intelligent extraterrastrial life. Here is the concrete proof. I’ve here read the pages; really neat and well-done.. Some unique stuff can be found here.. In Turkish there was not much literature on circles so I decided to prepare one . It is not this gross but helps..
    Türkçe bilenler için (for Turkish speakers):
    pls, leave your comments

  15. DR Hunter Says:

    “Astrolabe phase 3 Alton Barnes below Milk Hill White Horse” reminds me of touch tone which is said to be two layers of sound combined as one to avoid accidental interferrence from random transmissions. So the Astolabe… is (or made out to be) 5 or so layers combined in one transmission (IMO).

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