Crop Circle Code: Messages in a Cosmic Bottle

'Eye of God', 8000 light years distant, Hourglass Nebula in constellation Musca

'Eye of God', 8000 light years distant, Hourglass Nebula in constellation Musca

Mysteries have always intrigued us, the human species. It isn’t difficult to see that if someone ‘out there’ wants to send us a message, one of the quickest ways to get our attention is to say it in code.

Crop circles in the last few years have been full of it.

Compared with complex designs appearing in crop circles between 2001 and 2007, however, the summers of 2008 and 2009 have been spectacular in attracting an array of this now universally-known phenomenon. We discussed the rather esoteric code delivered in 2002 in a field of swirling wheat and barley next to the radio telescope of Chilbolton. This was clearly a reply to the Arecibo message sent to the stars. One year earlier to the day in the same field another message in binary code was accompanied by a ‘face’, as though making animate the urgency of the transmission. The 2001 message, decoded, read:

Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises; much pain but there is still time; believe there is good out there; we oppose deceit (the deceivers); conduit is closing.

It seems we weren’t listening.

In May and June this year the earth stood within a solar minimum; no sunspot activity at all. At that time one crop circle in particular at Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire appeared to predict a sudden coronal mass ejection (CME) for July 7th to coincide with the first of three eclipses. Scepticism surged. Astronomers could not agree. Solar minima didn’t traditionally spurt out a CME in the middle of a solar calm.

But that’s exactly what happened.

All day July 6th and during the total lunar eclipse of July 7, 2009, a large CME blasted out from the sun’s prominences and headed for Earth.

There had been another message in a crop circle bottle, summarily dismissed along with the July 7th prediction as ‘unlikely’ by astronomers: this crop circle suggested an even larger solar flare for the second occultation, a total solar eclipse over Asia on July 22, 2009. Recorders went back to the ‘bottle’ to see what it contained.

On July 22nd during totality, a solar flare did not materialize, but something different, something much greater, did.

It is difficult to understand the size of the plasma ejection which poured into the jet stream on that day and for subsequent 72 hours.

Butterfly nebula M2-9 in constellation Scorpius

Butterfly nebula M2-9 in constellation Scorpius

A massive energy outburst of this magnitude is usually associated with deep space; not our little sun. It is the kind of cosmic halo which surrounds the explosion of a supernova, a high energy source such as a black hole, the last expression of a dying star like the beautiful butterfly nebula, 4000-light-years distant, or the creation of a stellar collision like the hourglass nebula featured (top).

Yet such a plasma outburst occurred within the energy emission at approximately 12 hours Universal Time on July 22, 2009 and its effects were felt on Earth for the next two months.

The message in the bottle was fairly direct. It materialized. So why aren’t we paying much closer attention?

Sextant Crop Circle, Alton Barnes, solstice, June 2009

Sextant Crop Circle, Alton Barnes, solstice, June 2009

There have been other communications. Like the sextant as a guide to the stars which appeared on three successive nights in wheat at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire on June 23, 2009; and the swallow series. Swallows with even more convoluted Mayan code attached to their tails.

Swallow crop circles appeared at Milk Hill, Adam’s Grave, Wiltshire in August 2003 in wheat; a simple circular formation was created at Wexcombe Down, Wiltshire in May 2007; a double formation of swallows created in two overnight phases appeared in July 2008 in South Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire. A year later in the same field, a gigantic Swallow crop circle appeared on June 27, 2009 with apparent Mayan-style codex symbols streaming in its wake.

Swallows come to save Earth: Hopi believe they are messengers from Great Spirit

Swallows come to save Earth: Hopi believe they are messengers from Great Spirit

Swallow in totemism signifies ‘light in the darkness’, objectivity and perspective; even on the most prosaic rustic level, the arrival of swallows in country barns and farm steadings heralds the onset of summer; implies protection and warmth in the home. When swallows depart, summer is gone too.

A bird in flight is the universal symbol of spirit and spiritual ascension. In New Age spiritual terms, humanity’s unified presence takes the form of a vast white bird: it flies in formation with a host of smaller birds as One. It has been called the Merkabah, the Birdstar, the Swallow. It is our vehicle for mass ascension.

There are those who would prognosticate doom and gloom as the message in the myriad crop formations over the last few years connected with the Great Cycle of the Maya, completing in 2012. That is material for several blogs in itself. Others point out that, while swallows arrived in Britain 10 days early this year, they left at equinox: an unprecedented five weeks early. Separation anxiety, war, famine, pestilence, plague.

Conversely, New Age teaching advocates the coming together of humanity as like-minds, like-bodies, like-spirits; suggesting the sooner we begin to feel our unification as a species, the sooner shall we ascend to the next level of evolution. The coming of swallows in crop circles seems to predict an event where we rise as One and grasp our power as individuals and as a Race. The Swallow, the Bird Star is not some fantasy starship or alien vessel come to call; the swallow is the symbol of our Unified Presence as the Mind of the Planet.

Judging by messages in 2008-2009 crop circles, coded or otherwise, their predictions are being fulfilled within a brief timespan of their imprint in the earth.

It would be a illuminating to believe that the message in the spiritual bottle brought by the swallows suggests that we, humanity, are standing on the threshold of a new dawn; that we are about to shed our earthbound worries, fears, doubts, differences and fledge as One over the New Earth.

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26 Comments on “Crop Circle Code: Messages in a Cosmic Bottle”

  1. On the point of swallows leaving five weeks early this autumn, while not wanting to sound oracular, what are they telling us…. hard times ahead . . . be prepared

  2. Lily Says:

    This was absolutely fascinating dear siderealview!!!
    I sat here stunned, completely blown away that it took this long for me to find my way here. Beware distractions I have heard alot! lol. Thank you for this most awesome beautifully written blog. So for now it not world wide catastrophe nor spaceships…it is simply an uplifting so to speak to raise our consciousness & together as many? species we will find the new world? Thanks again. Lily

    • siderealview Says:

      I truly believe that is exactly what we, as a species, have to do now: elevate our presence, our consciousness of our role here on the planet; become what we are designed to be – super-human in compassion, understanding, tolerance – and expect our circuitry to respond as it was originally programmed to do: to be the mind of the planet which is now using alarming signals to get our attention. Thank you for commenting dear Lily – your words mean much to me. Whether we can get the rest of the planet on board is another matter…… lol

  3. Lily Says:

    I was wondering if you could post pictures of the most recent crop circles or where I may find them? Astonishing literature you have shared. Again, thanks alot, Lily

  4. These are indeed amazing times to be alive. On my blog I have posted some of the decoded circles I’ve looked at in recent times.

  5. Polprav Says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  6. Arthur Smid Says:

    Here’s a website for a new documentary, “What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery”:


  7. may I direct attention to the fact that a crop circle appeared in Aberdeenshire in 1995 long before all the excitement south of the border began: its imprint in an ancient sacred precinct, close to Neolithic, Pictish and early-Christian worship sites is not coincidence. I think it stresses the nature of the underlying sacredness of energy-magnetic-earth-connection which we are all longing to understand.

  8. Kurian Says:

    The ‘Sextant’ crop circle, if genuine, seems to me a signal that ‘they’ are coming! The sextant crop circle clearly articulates the imminence of the arrival. I think we will witness some remarkable event in 2010.

    The other day I saw a strange dream. I saw myself in a strange place where almost everyone seemed to be in an advanced moribund state. It seemed to me that entropy has completely eclipsed the human spirit. The world looked like a place ready to be erased.

    I shudder to think further.

    • siderealview Says:

      would love to know your rationale on how the sextant crop circle (an instrument of navigation by the stars) ‘clearly articulates’ imminent arrival. But your dream is most surely prophetic – IMO a lot of humans are in an ‘advanced moribund state’ (love it), forgetting how to use our god-given abilities to direct our own path, help others, tune into the Mother planet, appreciate the stars… I could go on…. thank you for your comment. I would like to know more of your thinking

  9. Kurian Says:

    Dear Sir,

    When I said ‘they’ are coming, I did not allude to some kind of physical entities, who would be coming some time soon. What I meant was some kind of special knowing'(enlightenment) that might be arising in us. After all, we are spirits, the meaning of the term spirit being ‘knowing’.

    In Hindu philosphy this ‘knowing’ is called ‘Bodha’, which is the eternal, pure, and content-free awareness. It is neither the ‘knower’ nor the ‘known’. It is both the ‘knower’ and the ‘known’.

    I am sorry I was’nt quite explicit earlier.


  10. Kurian Says:

    To be honest, I have not yet seen one crop circle. But if what I understand about crop circles from the Web is true, they are a truly amazing phenomenon. These crop circle clearly reveals the intelligence of its ‘creators’.

    But, what is even most intriguing to me is why the scientific community is totally silent on this phenomenon? Beats me totally!

  11. siderealview Says:

    Thank you Kurian; I have only witnessed one. I was in the field the day before it happened and then the following morning, after it had been created. It felt awesome: inspiring, uplifting, ‘enlightening’: all the expressions which have double entendre of being literally and metaphorically transported to another ‘world’ or state of mind or frame of reference; peace, excitement, a warm inner glow.
    To me it is, as you say, an expression of our ability – as consciousness – to transcend our earthbound obsessions.
    ‘We are the Ones We have been waiting for’ is the current New Age term that comes to mind. So far, we just don’t know how far our power can take us!
    The scientific establishment is cautious in commenting, I believe, because genuine research is often negated or revved up by media interests.
    There is, however, a beautiful hour-long film accessible at with a shorter trailer, containing both vox populi and scientific commentary which may interest you.
    Your input is appreciated.

  12. Kurian Says:

    Consider this wild hypothesis:

    This world can be compared to a network of computers, somewhat similar to the present-day Internet. And this network runs on a program (or special knowledge) called “Veda”, a copy of which is embedded in each computer in the network. Veda is a formalism (a code or a program) that co-creates, with the cooperation of all the computers, an environment (world), and make it intelligible to all the constituent computers.

    With continuous usage, the program (Veda) tends to get corrupted due to extraneous malicious influences (virus/ ignorance ‘meme’). Therefore, it is essential that the system ‘reloads’ the original copy from the repository periodically and thus maintain the integrity of the system. This is the job of System Administrators (Brahmins or priestly class), whose duty is to maintain the integrity of the original program through proper system maintenance. If they fail to do their work, there would be confusion, and the system could eventually break down.

    Naturally, the Network (society) has bestowed special privileges to these system administrators. In India, Brahmins or the priestly class is considered even superior to kings. They are given all sorts of special privileges because the society thinks that their unhampered functioning is essential for the very existence and smooth functioning of the world (network).

    Thus arose the caste system.

    (Note: By ‘computer’ I mean an idealized computer and not a physical one.)

  13. Kurian Says:

    With reference to my earlier message, I wish to clarify couple of things:

    1. The word ‘installed’ may be a better substitute for the word ’embedded’.

    2. The so-called ‘Brahmin’ is also a computer in the network. Only that he is more like a server rather than an ordinary client terminal.

    • siderealview Says:

      I think your terminology is apt. In all its senses, this is a lovely storyline which has resonance and touches all aspects of the human core. Like a computer core, we are all ‘Servers’ – how clever of you – and yet some are more ‘tuned in’ than others….

  14. […] solar minimum sunspots are infrequent, but, like the unexpected flare which took us by surprise on July 7th this year, coronal mass ejections (CMEs) can play havoc with our geomagnetic systems. Now that we are (practically) all on the same grid […]

  15. Long time lurker, thought I would say hello! I really dont post much but thanks for the good times I have here. Love this place..

    I will post more later to tell you about what I enjpy. Fred

  16. Michaelescov Says:

    Considerably, this post is really the freshest on this worthwhile topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your coming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the tremendous lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Delightful work and much success in your nice blogs!

    • siderealview Says:

      Thank you both for visiting. I’m glad you are enjoying the posts – we’re all anticipating the new season with bated breath. Swallows returned yesterday (April 27th) from their African journey – I take that as a presaging sign that circles will appear any day now.
      April 28, 2010

  17. […] previous summers, swallow crop circles appearing in Cotswolds and Plains farms have been interpreted as presaging solar activity: […]

  18. What do you think about adding some more pictures? No offence, blog is really nice. Just as I know humans acquire information much more effective if they see some useful illustrations.

    Steaven Drawledge

  19. […] a lot of messages out there we haven’t yet succeeded in interpreting. The great tail of the swallow of Alton Barnes formed in June 2009 comes to mind. As does the magnificent third phase of code added to its […]

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