Learning to use the Hyperdrive

On the Severn: July 18th Woolaston design of merging particle resonance speaks to the third eye

It isn’t easy — you know, like falling off a log — this new learning curve, but it is helping us to remember who we are. The Intelligence of our higher selves – the essence of the Universe which is willing us on through pictures in the corn, daily synchronicities, new people coming into our lives. It wants us to make this leap. This Change.

Nobody said it would be easy. But hey, it’s already worth the effort. There are several new sources encouraging us to think like spiritual beings in human bodies. Instead of — traditionally — the other way around. Since spring we’ve been treated to some revolutionary new thinking. Inkeeping with the concept that the Calendar of the Maya tells us of our speeding-up as time coalesces, groundbreaking ideas are coming through thick and fast to help us learn new mechanisms: teaching us how to work this quantum hyperdrive.

While branded a 'fake', this recent crop circle at Milk Hill nevertheless inspired human bonding

At one end of the spectrum of wayshowers is Dan Winter with his exquisite explanation of how ‘everything is fractal‘ and we better get with the program (of ‘right living’) soon, if we want to survive. At the other, Kiesha Crowther, ‘Little Grandmother’, is less urgent but nonetheless firm that 2010 is the year we’re supposed to ‘get it’: it’s time now for us to tune into Nature and remember more heart-resonant ways of being.

How a Torus looks in 2D

2010 is the year, according to the old grandfathers of indigenous American tribes, we’re supposed to ‘get it’. This summer, whether we like it or not, whether we’re ready of not, here it comes.

Everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because
the power of the world always works in circles, and
everything tries to be round.
Black Elk (1863 -1950)

It is perhaps this simple feeling of appreciating the earth and her bounty — of remembering how precious is our ancient land — that the crop circle phenomenon is increasingly kindling in our human breast. But there’s a lot more.

Bishopstone, Bucks: centre of the circle, July 21 2010

Last week, following a series of striking multi-dimensional optical designs — culminating in the Fosbury ‘hypercube’ — there was a brief hiatus in crop circle creation, while we gathered our wits, collectively shared ideas and inspiration and quite literally drew breath. The cubes featured in last week’s blog were too stunning, too beyond our normal vision not to be taken seriously. And they provoked much thoughtful discussion. Yes, a couple of simple circles hit the fields — in Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire, the ‘home counties’ of England, approximately where the world expects the phenomenon to occur. But there were some big surprises. North, West and South Yorkshire aren’t usual haunts for crop designs. Yet, this year, there they were: July fields decked with grandeur at Castle Hill Huddersfield, Sutton Bank, Brighouse West Yorkshire and Westworth Castle South Yorkshire.

It’s possible that CC-consciousness is preparing itself to use more northerly fields for the rest of the season; England’s been rather hot, you see. The northern world is going through a climate hike and the CCs may have to find alternate accommodation for the rest of the summer, rather than accustomed locations in Wiltshire and the home counties.

There they’ve already started the harvest.

Getting combine harvesters out of their sheds in mid-July is early. It’s even quite rare. Not a single CC appearance at Avebury* yet this year and they’re already harvesting the crops.

Oooo, croppiedom sighs; where to next? What will the light source utilize?

It’s not as if England has been inundated with crop designs in July, (though Germany and Holland received four each within the same time period). They’ve certainly kept us on our tiptoes waiting. So it’s interesting that three days after a new circle in Gloucestershire (illustration top), the sacred landscape blessed us with another discovery — not croppiewise, but a reminder of how important our sacred heritage is.

A neolithic wooden posted henge was discovered off the A344, within half a mile (3000 feet) of Stonehenge. The discovery came within days of a similar discovery in an ongoing archaeoastronomical project by a team from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio working on an almost identical woodhenge found at Moorhead, near Cincinnati. Both wooden circles appear intentionally aligned to the exact position of solstitial sunrise on the morning of June 21st.

At dawn on June solstice the sun rises over Stonehenge's heelstone to shine through rings of stone 'doorways' into the central altar stone, photo courtesy National Geographic

The woodhenge at Stonehenge and the Moorhead circle have identical ‘openings’ where the rising sun could be seen to shine through a manmade gateway into the centre of the circle of wooden posts. At Stonehenge itself, dawn on June 21st is celebrated as the sun appears to rise over Stonehenge’s heelstone to shine through successive concentric ringed stone ‘doorways’ into the central altar stone. It penetrates Welsh bluestones, native trilithons and a carefully-arranged Sarcen stone circle to find this central space. So, it seems, did builders of woodhenges wish to see their manmade doorways usher in the solstitial sun. There are several woodhenges in Britain, not just in Wiltshire — at opposite ends of the country, in fact — one between Lands End and the Isles of Scilly, another in the waters off Norfolk and a third in the waters off Rattray Head, Aberdeenshire, to name but a few. Earlier researchers thought they were built as precursors to stone circles — testing the waters, if you like — but this new discovery is extremely detailed, showing two ‘celestial entrances’, an indicator of our ancestors’ supreme astronomical knowledge. So it’s back to the drawing board for the prehistorians.

Nevertheless, for 2010 Man watching such appearances as if on cue, our ancestral past again got our attention. The new woodhenge lies on a direct line between Stonehenge and Warminster, in the thick of well-known electromagnetic energy lines and crop circle ‘heaven’. It is worth remembering that the Wallbury serpent formation of June 12th this year was laid so that the serpent’s head directly faced June solstice sunrise.

The public began to see Wiltshire — and our sacred landscape — with new eyes. The national news even picked up the story and offered us a kindly look into our ancestral heritage, to a time when marking the land with pointers towards the sun and moon, distilling what was happening in the heavens around us, was commonplace, sacred, necessary. This little neolithic happening filled the gap for us in a week lacking in other significant crop circle news.

Then, with a sigh of relief, a new crop circle was greeted on July 25th at Wiltshire’s prehistoric Roundway.

Fourth dimensional sphere/Torus with interlocking Greek key/Maya pattern at Roundway, Wiltshire July 25th

Following on my last blog on consciousness (& CCs), I was blessed with some illuminating and thought-provoking commentary (thanks, guys). Because of hyperdimensional CCs, we humans broke through some new dimensions ourselves and we jointly felt the next progression for a crop design might be the circle. That is, if our minds had already accepted the move triangle > pyramid > tetrahedron and we have been shown the square > cube > tesseract, then we should be able to visualize circle > sphere > torus. I would like to quote New Zealander Fitzy, as his allegory for the Torus is erudite:

Stanford Torus, a 1970s' view of the 21st century

We could see this as an intact form, differences in texture, colour, and area would all be obvious to us and they would blend into each other in a natural way. A Human would be a mixture of internal and external surfaces, alive and whole, and quite unlike how we see ourselves. Inside and Outside may have no significant meaning there.

Then on July 26th, an imprint appeared in East Field, Alton Barnes which had decipherers all clamoring to translate its ‘Hebraic’ script. It is reminiscent of an August 1991 script which appeared in the neighboring field at Alton Barnes (Milk Hill farm). It, too, had crop circle experts worldwide pooling their linguistic resources. At the time, Gerald Hawkins was alive and, as a skilled mathematician and logician with a head for numbers and letters, he deciphered the Milk Hill script as saying something like ‘oppose deceit’. If this new message refers to the present design at neighbouring Milk Hill, which appeared one day earlier (near the location of the 1991 design) and has been denounced as being ‘tampered with’, one awaits further translation with bated breath.

East Field, Alton Barnes July 26th. Compare this 'Hebraic' inscription with the August 1991 Milk Hill script

Hawkins used no specific human language, but as a mathematician, analyst and astronomer, accustomed to decoding obscure messages (he was, after all, original ‘decoder’ of Stonehenge — Stonehenge Decoded Doubleday, 1965) — he quickly noted repeat letters and, while his result was a Latin translation, it made sense. Others also translated the script with varying degrees of success. No confirmation has ever come through from ET on who was right. In addition to an elusive script, the 2010 East Field design incorporates what looks like a star map to a region of the heavens called the Tarantula nebula, 180,000 light years away in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. The star cluster is framed within a double-bladed axe in the formation’s centre. The Tarantula nebula — in constellation Dorado — also shines from a background of stardust clustered in this ancient shape: the double-bladed axe — ancient Assyrian Labrys, from which the Greek borrowed the word labyrinth — was one of Man’s oldest sacred tools.

Torus or inside-out tennis ball: Westbury design similar to its fellow of the previous day at Alton Barnes

Significantly the East Field inscription and axe blade is set within a torus — or a rendition of a splayed circle — which is comparable with another design that appeared one day later, July 27th, at Beggar’s Knoll, Westbury. This time there is no inscription, no axehead, but the torus appears to show several layers of circular perception or a dimension within a dimension.

Of interest to those of us following this progression, and because we’ve had much open discussion with ideas flowing on the most optical-illusory designs and those displaying ‘other’ dimensions, it calls to mind Bradley York Bartholomew‘s 2005 thoughts on Robert Boerman who, like Hawkins, decoded the 1991 script. Bartholomew quotes Boerman as giving meaning to another crop design — a double-helix, also at East Field, Alton Barnes in 1996 — which said essentially ‘there is divine intelligence within our DNA and that Intelligence is the Creator of Life’. +Bartholomew expanded on Boerman’s work and went as far as to say that the (divine) electomagnetic force within DNA connects to the electromagnetic force of the Earth and beyond. So that, in his words:

‘It is the force in the DNA that has put the message directly into the mind of the person attempting to interpret the crop circle. Whatever the message may be, there has been direct communication between the Circlemaker and the observer, because the same force that has created the circle can determine how it is interpreted. The Circlemaker is the networked intelligence that is in the DNA of us all.’

In addition, during discussion and commentary in last week’s blog on what we might ‘suggest’ to the circlemakers as a progression we wanted them to produce, Fitzy suggested the Torus and I said it was reminiscent of an incident in Lifetide (1979) by Lyall Watson where he witnessed a little five-year old Polynesian girl turn a tennis ball inside out with her mind, simply because she believed she could.

Judging by the ‘torus’/inside-out tennis ball appearances this week at East Field, Alton Barnes and at Beggar’s Knoll, Westbury, our DNA has certainly been communicating!

Our hyperdrive may be taking baby steps, but we’re getting there.

Tarantula nebula in southern constellation Dorado

If the circlemakers are showing us where they come from, we’ll certainly need our hyperdrive to reach them. The southern constellation Dorado is 180,000 light years distant.

East Field #1 star cluster on double axehead: Minoan & Assyrian 'labrys' double-axe symbolized power in the ancient world

Despite a flurry of bogus crop formations (East Field #2, July 29th, has been ‘tampered with’ but still shows authentic elements), none of us can deny that we are being shown a sequence, our braincells are being given a genuine shakedown and we are being encouraged to inject knowledge of our most ancient traditions (labrys was a female symbol of power in Minoan Crete and Turkish Anatolia 2000BC) into our present human consciousness, triggered by jolts from the future (symbols in the corn). If we lay aside human conflict, rivalry, ego, our minds are capable of much more — of reaching into other dimensions. They, it seems, are reaching out from those dimensions to us. It would be churlish, if not childish, of us not to accept their helping hand.

Postscriptum #1: On July 30th two crop designs of multi-dimensional communication appeared on either side of the M4 motorway at Wickham, Berkshire. On first glance they are reflections of each other, mirror images of a face (likened by some to Christ), but both use the format of the ancient oriental Abacus or counting board (number) to display what may turn out to be another ASCII code (numbers > letters) message, like the Wilton Windmill earlier in the season. Musical notation cannot be ruled out either because, like Hawkins’ sacred geometry (ancient Egypt’s ‘frozen music‘), they do look rather like guitar tabs for a 16-string instrument (!) or notes overlaid on two octaves. However we manage to interpret the code, as a complex multiple communiqué it will have our worldly braincells churning for the next few days at least!

p.p.s #2. +Bartholomew had a great deal more to say on ‘white powder gold’, a pure silicon-hydrogen compound found deposited in some crop circles, where ball lightning hits, in the resin of trees felled during the Tunguska Event in Russia in 1908 and where anomalous balls of light have been present. Time will tell whether white powder gold will become our next test substance for authenticity in crop circles. More intriguing, however, is the fact that Bartholomew says when ingested, white powder gold acts as a superconductor with a frequency tuned to the resonance of our DNA. It is capable of healing and has life-enhancing capabilities. That is, it can produce high levels of increased ‘joy’ or a permanent state of bliss.

More fodder for another blog!

*The Avebury-Trusloe appearance at Windmill Hill is being branded as fake (man-made) and witnesses to East Field #2 saw ‘plankers’, but also ‘balls of light’. Jury still out on that one.

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10 Comments on “Learning to use the Hyperdrive”

  1. Annie Says:

    Absolutely fascinating. I found it VERY interesting that you & Fitzy had your conversation in last weeks blog, about what the next CC would/could possibly be & TA DAAAA here it is! Coincidence or are we truly being responded to by our siblings of the stars?
    Blessings to you miss S & our buddies in the sky.
    Let’s ask for another picture of them, so we can get used to the way they look, so we can finally meet with them. I would give a HUGE HOORAHHHHHH for that day.
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~ Annie

  2. Fitzy Says:

    Blessings Sidereal!
    Kudos on the magical conjunction of multiple streams of thought, intent and cosmic humour. Gratitude and thanks, for your exceptional efforts, and to quote Shriekback – ‘Everything that rises must converge’.
    Thats showing my vintage.
    The tingle I’m getting, and it may be me tripping on ego (apologies in case), is Torus -> Vortex, as a potential direction. It came over me pretty strongly, I can’t recall the German chap’s name, who studied whirlpools – a natural source of phenomenal energy. There’s energy in the vortex form, that may be a pattern for thought to adopt, an intrinsic spiral, it might be an intuitive sensation. Something felt via pure intention, but not specifically imagined, too much monkey-mind chatter would add noise to signal, methinks.
    Leading to the next rattle in my cage, the sacred Feminine – gratefully – via Little Grandmother. Notably her relating of the ritual assisted by the Ancestors, cathartic, incredibly brave and inspiring. The Union of powers – Macrocosmic and Microcosmic – fractal and holographic, Male and Female – Luna/Sol.
    The union with our own deep self, is a reunion with the broader cosmos, Spiral to Spiral/Vortex to Vortex, we call on our energies, or they call on us to join with them. Cosmic Hug.
    Perhaps now is the time of the opposite of unravelling – we’re begining to weave, and if we are, there’s a remote possibility we may see something never before seen in cereal graffiti, woven stalks, (explaining that would give a debunker a heart attack)…could it happen if we can lend pure intention to it? Maybe it has happened already, gone unseen, but the moment we transition from spectator to intentional co-creator, we assume responsibility for holding the mirror up to our faces. Kiesha was brave enough, now we have to be, cos the alternative is aspartame and fox news and prosac and napalm.
    In alchemy – when two properly prepared agents/elements come together – they become one, the new compound, the pure compound. Are we now an agent being purified?
    Sorry for the ramble – had to belt this out before I lost the heart beat of it.
    Cheers Sidereal.
    Blessings All!

  3. akhnaten-g8 Says:

    Amazing site! I haven’t noticed siderealview.wordpress.com before in my searches!
    Keep up the great work! I think this discussion might be relevant to the page: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2010/whitefieldhill/comments.html

  4. siderealview Says:

    Annie: I’m with you on positive vibes…adding energy to the invitation to Kiesha Crowther’s ‘light beings are coming and they’re bringing their families’!! You ask for another picture… lo & behold, I’m certain that’s what the Wickham ‘portraits’ (blog text on M4 formations) show: high foreheads, increased brain-size – YOU’re already in here with us siblings! thanks for adding your presence to the belief.

    Fitzy: you’re at it again! right on time. So far, I can inject a couple of thoughts; it’ll be riveting to watch this one unfold… your German chap might be HJ Lugt (1996) ‘Introduction to Vortex Theory’ yes, no? and I, too, would love to see a CC whirlpool! Tho’ the energy of Savernake Forest CC was close (my Pandora blog July 9) and there were two stunning woven centerpieces last year, one in East Field Alton Barnes (of course) July 14th, and the other at Silbury Aug.3rd

    The Silbury centerpieces can be seen at:

    So glad we seem to be creating our own reality!!!! I’ll be back with more if you will…

    • Fitzy Says:

      I think Viktor Schauberger was the German chap, not sure where that will lead, still reading up, thanks for the heads up – i’ll look into HJ Lugt.

      Looks like reality wants to be played with, it slipped me a synch today, too playful and cunning to brush off.

      Which leads to this….
      In my rambling haste, I left out the details of what I meant by WEAVE – imagine this…CC, all stalks grouped into three’s, centre stalk like the Human spine, side stalks (unbroken), paired as kundalini serpents, entwine the spine – like platted hair. Now wrap that into a Vortex spiral crop circle, the twined, entwined. Macro/Micro – echoes of the fractal. Imagine the variations of pattern that could create…light, colour, texture, direction of twine, shadow cast…

      Take the material of the plant, and mirror ‘The rod of Asclepius’ – whats his deal? HEALING. Methinks its possible, perhaps we can manifest this. Our Will, and something friendly’s know how, handshakes and hat tips.

      Basically, the complete use of all available plant material, in every possible way – plants remain alive and intact – wholesome, hale and hearty. Both a cosmic giggle, and a wonderous event.

      Would plankers pull this off? Not covertly – imagine a 100 foot vortex CC, with less than 5% of the stalks left untwined (broken, frayed, too short etc.)It would take manual labourers more than a night to do this, and it would take dozens of them, to cover such a large area
      Can’t see pranksters trying that, obvious daylight plankers maybe, and then its a living work of art and someone sells a tee-shirt blah-de-blah-de-blah. Still imagine the Monkeyminded Media trying to explain it – “One hundred students, studying macrame, snuck into a field last night…leaving no evidence of their presence…”

      I ran smack bang into the ‘The rod of Asclepius’, on a CD cover, while browsing for an unrelated band today. (Pure coincidence? maybe once, but i’ve seen this happen too often now).

      Name of the Album?

      Heal Me ~ by Samonella Dub.

      Methinks we have somethings attention, and now it wants to play. Lets get imagining!

      Thanks Sidereal, Blessings All!

      • siderealview Says:

        thanks again Fitzy – loads of info – while you’re sussing out sublime connections, I suspect Wiltshire has about 3 days left before everything will be harvested but let’s not get anxious – anxiety is not the friend of intuition.
        I took your msg on the rod of Asclepius at face value as a cosmic hint for me to follow. Constellation Ophiuchus (serpent-grasper) holds the solar system’s closest neighbour after the 2 in Centaurus — Alpha and Proxima Centauri — so are they correcting my assumption on provenance? “We’re closer than you think”. I noted sentimentally that Voyager I will in 40,000 years come within shouting distance of this star — AC+79 3888 in Ophiuchus.
        Zeus punished Asclepius for ‘making humans immortal’, bringing patients back from the dead and as Zeus said only the gods might have immortality, he sent Asclepius into the heavens to become the constellation Ophiuchus which holds the great serpent of life, wisdom and knowledge — and your blessed kundilini/spine/DNA spiral which we pray will manifest in woven splendour on or before 08/08!!

  5. Annie Says:

    Well M, I just now looked at the M4 photos & am amazed. I could not see a face until the camera took a shot of the formation from a further distance away. How cool is that!
    Fritzy you crack me up: “One hundred students, studying macrame, snuck into a field last night…leaving no evidence of their presence…”
    You have a great sense of writing & I enjoy reading all the comments here.
    Big star hugs for all xxx ~ Annie.

  6. Fitzy Says:

    Thanks Annie, big thanks to Sidereal for Her stella efforts on this blog, and much gratitude for the upbeat, positive and healthy energy She brings. I’ve knocked around the web long enough to see a sad trend growing in the paranormal/mystery community, one of entrenched dogma, the joy has gone out of it for some, I can see. It’s not like that here. The doom that hangs over the “Must be Right, Must have an answer” crowd is drowning out their sense of wonder. Wonder is here by the truck load. I see new voices, and new ways of seeing springing up, they speak of ‘what if’ and ‘maybe’, playfully and with a smile.
    I think that’s where the tide will turn: as the contrast is turned up, those who want light, love and want to express the same, are going to blaze noticibly. While the TV dinner crowd will look more and more sombre. As we choose to turn luminous, old friends and no doubt some family, will fade into the background. Sad as that may seem, we can only change ourselves, and anyone who’s renovated knows it’s a dose of hard work and fun, you end up knackered and covered in paint and plaster, but now you have space to actually do stuff. So HUGE blessings to Sidereal and all visitors to Her Blog, this is making a positive difference to the World.
    Epic Blessings to All.

    • Phill Warren Says:

      My heart flies no more forever, its wings clipped by the loss of so many lights from my life. The colours once swirled so bright, so vivid, that sang songs of mystery and whispered sweet nothings in my ear, making promises of secrets revealed and meanings found. No longer dance their graceful ballet, no longer bleeding together, no longer married one to the other and mated into new tone and hue, painting their dreams upon the canvas of my imagination.

      Where once we walked in an Odyssey and sang to the few the tales of our own meagre talent. My memories drag me back there again and again. The valley of darkness my footsteps have echoed in since those days, now stretches back behind me a good two decades wide. As I shamble up hill in this dilapidated temple, paint peeling, plaster cracked, fret work rotted and decaying. A watch tower bursts forth its fiery luminance and I stand dazzled once more by the light that shines from you. I am humbled and ashamed that it has been so long since I have put a broom to task upon the cobbles. Not taken the time to knock down a wall or two here or there. Made more room to get stuff done. Taken a brush to it brightening and renewing its faded glory. I wonder where I would be now if I had not taken the fork in the road that lead me away from you.

      I found it so hard to shine engulfed by the darkness of this material reality. The few times I thought I did, it seemed my flame spluttered and died, unshielded from the cold winds of despair that raged gales across the surface of my soul. You the rock I once clung to shelter my delicate luminance had long ago been lost upon the path. I never stopped hoping the weave would bring our threads together again and once more we could navigate the tapestry together.

      All the tales I have to tell now are replete with sad ending and remorse. Short stanzas sometimes populated by one, who having briefly caught a glimmer of my light from the corner of their eye, stopped awhile to warm themselves in my glow. Only to discover my light was that of an alien world, the cold light of a distant twinkling star. Then loss once more comes a calling bringing with it the wilted flowers once vibrant and sweetly perfumed when handed to my lover.

      With a little luck we might find that some old friends refuse to fade into the background, to get lost in the mists of time. We might find them standing next to us holding our hand in theirs and we will burn brightly together. Our combined light beaming through the lives of other bringing warmth and growth, new life to the world around us. Beating back the darkness that is the loss of innocence and childish wonder, our ability to believe without proof and to know without learning. To be a Pirate and a Cowboy at the same time because childish imagination has no rules.

      So bring the tides of change. Let Luna who rides the skies driving the seas before her from shore to shore then back again. Likewise swell the blood in or veins driving before her our passion our desire our sorrow. Let her unleash upon the world a storm of tides that will wash over our jaded and material souls. I will stand beside you resolute and steadfast. I will hold your hand in mine giving and taking strength from it. I will weather the storm with you and together we will shine.

      ❤ P

  7. Annie Says:

    That was the most stunning prose I have read in my life Phil. Forgive me if I do not know you as an author & if you are not one, you surely can be. Blessings to all here & am looking forward to the coming new communications this spring or sooner!

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