All the Cs: Crop Circles, Comets, eClipses

Comet McNaught presently moving away from the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy, NGC-891, a near-twin of our own Milky Way galaxy

Throughout history the appearance of comets was seen in the mind of ancient Man as a sign of great change; a bad omen, sometimes heavenly intervention. Usually a bright comet was viewed as a ‘harbinger of doom’, a ‘messenger bringing bad luck’, or ‘death to tyrants and their evil’. But it was also seen – in the light of change – as a portent of unexpected gifts, a messenger from the gods, a shift in observation, in human awareness, a ‘quickening’. As signs in the heavens, comets were both feared and venerated.

The Romans recorded that a fiery comet was blamed for excess bloodshed in battle between Pompey and Julius Caesar in the days of the triumvirate. Shortly afterwards, another marked the Ides of March and Caesar’s assassination. Halley’s Comet was thought to have brought the Black Death in Europe. In the Andes, the Inca record a comet as foreshadowing the arrival of Francisco Pizarro. His armies conquered them and committed acts of brutality literally days after the comet disappeared.

Recent research suggests the Star of Bethlehem was either the cosmological conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 7BC; or Halley’s comet (or a similar periodic comet)’s appearance in mid-April 5BC.

7000-year old Great Gallery 'Ghost Panel', Horseshoe Canyon Canyonlands National Park, Utah with Milky Way Galaxy backdrop

In North America indigenous Americans saw them as communication from Grandfather Great Spirit; their sudden bright appearance and disappearance marking the descent of special shaman or spirit messengers who joined their number on Earth.

The Chinese made a study of comets for centuries before written records were begun by Western society, but thought of comets as ‘vile stars’ or ‘long-tailed pheasants’ and yet they mapped and recorded their appearance and passage through the heavens.

In ancient cultures astronomy and astrology were inextricably linked – they were both sciences. And what went on in the heavens affected the lives of mere mortals on Earth.

Last week Jupiter and Uranus joined together (in astrological conjunction) in 0ºAries, the cusp degree of the fire sign of action, movement and drive. They are headed for a great opposition, three days after solstice, when a celestial Grand Cross will stand in Earth’s astrological chart.

In western astrology, Jupiter signifies growth and expansion and is considered fortunate, influencing belief, philosophy and social justice. Uranus implies change and excitement. It is eccentric and influences revolution, invention, and technology, such as spacecraft and the internet. Put these two planets together and you can expect fireworks: the change and excitement of Uranus will be amplified by the expansiveness of Jupiter. Growth and the philosophy of endless capacity (Jupiter) are subject to Uranian change with unexpected twists and turns.

Windmill Hill 6th August 2009, a month before comet C/2009 R1 was discovered

Uranus also breeds awareness that comes from a rapid awakening in our (Jovian) belief and faith. If you put the two together, and right now they are neck and neck, the biblical essence called ‘Quickening’ arises in humanity.

There have been pointers.

We’ve been given lots of ‘wayshowers’ by the ‘signs in the fields’.

Swallow, symbol of 'quickening', leading comet with coded tail, Alton Priors, June 2009

Last summer, the last few crop circles which graced the late harvest fields of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire included a stunning swallow with what might now be seen as a ‘comet tail’; it appeared in wheat in the South Field at Alton Priors on June 27th. On August 6th, 2009 another wheat crop received the imprint of a comet ‘panel’ of celestial objects breaching the solar wind or sun’s magnetosphere. This crop circle appeared at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire one month before Comet McNaught was discovered heading our way from the Oort Cloud.

Last crop circle of the 2009 season links to one of 2010's first designs

And the very last crop formation of last season appeared on August 29th at Waylands Smithy, Oxon in maize (corn): a spiral suggesting both comet and orbit.

So, it is interesting to see comets manifesting in one of the first designs of the 2010 season: at Stony Littleton near Bath in Somerset a wonderful double spiral appeared in a field of beans, in the forecourt of a 5000-year old neolithic chambered tomb, which might suggest two comets orbiting a central cross formation of planetary stations – the June-July Grand Cross perhaps?

Crop circles have in the past sent fairly regular messages which have been interpreted with delight by the astronomical, mathematical and scientific communities: invariably using the ‘Golden Mean’ or Fibonacci perfection, almost always encouraging us to look within or upwards to the heavens. Designs have traditionally been laid out with beautiful geometric precision, but the theme lately has been decidedly astral.

Should we expect the unexpected from Comet McNaught, a new body from the Oort Cloud just starting to appear in the east to the naked eye?

Stony Littleton near Bath, Somerset June 2010 formation in bean crop of comets circling opposing planets?

The name Comet derives from Greek ‘long-haired’ because of the coma or tail which emanates from the head as the astral body enters the inner solar system on approach to the sun. Known to emanate from two areas in the far reaches of the outer solar system, the Kuiper Belt between Uranus and Neptune and the Oort Cloud beyond Pluto’s orbit, many have been witnessed and recorded for centuries, some making repeat visits. One of the most famous, Halley’s comet, recorded by astronomer-Royal Edmond Halley (1656-1742) in 1682 as having a recurring orbit with previous documented sightings in 1456, 1531 and 1607, last visited Earth in 1986 and will on its 76-year elliptical orbit, approach the sun again in 2062.

Shoemaker-Levy crashed in fragments into Jupiter in 1994 after its near-Earth flyby

In the meantime we’ve had Shoemaker-Levy in 1994 which circled Earth before splintering and crashing into the atmosphere of Jupiter on its return trip; Hyakutake in 1996 and Hale-Bopp in 1997, a spectacular comet with a double tail tracing a similar path through Perseus; along with comet 17P/Holmes and a previous McNaught in 2007. [Robert McNaught is a British-Australian astronomer who spends a lot of time focused on telescopic comet discovery from the Antipodean observatory at Siding Spring].

Comet Hale-Bopp in solar orbit in 1997, with dramatic double tail and coma

The nucleus of a comet is like a ball of rock mixed with dirty ‘ice’: frozen water, methane, ammonia. As the object gets close to the sun, frozen gases and dust start to heat and evaporate, creating a long tail of vaporized molecules, dust and debris emanating from the coma – the ‘hair’ – to flow behind it. Out beyond the solar system perimeter, the object is only a small unremarkable frozen nucleus, visible by telescope as reflected sunlight: a speck of ice and dust. But as it is pulled in on its saucer-shaped orbit towards the sun, it transforms.

Dust elements are blown by the solar wind to form the tail, and water and gas molecules heated by their approach to the great solar furnace – hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide and dioxide – have one of their electrons torn off (ionized) by the action of sunlight and they too are pushed into the ion tail. The ‘coma’ can extend to many times the size of the original nucleus, creating spectacular night-sky objects visible first through binoculars and telescopes and then, as the comet gets close to Earth orbit, to the naked eye. Because the comet’s head is on orbit headed for the sun, the tail always points away from the sun, outward from the nucleus, driven by the solar wind.

Comet C/2009 R1 McNaught has a green coma and has regrown its tail; it may manifest more unexpected variations

Special effects can result when added molecules are present. In the case of C/2009 R1, its luminous green coma is a result of ultraviolet solar rays mingling with cyanogen gas.

Comet R1 McNaught was discovered on 09/09/09, but only started becoming visible in the northern hemisphere just before dawn in late May-early June 2010 on the eastern horizon. It should be a naked-eye object best seen this weekend and early next week when the new moon is at its thinnest crescent and the comet at close range to Earth. It lies a one-and-a-half ‘Cassiopeia’ lengths below that famous ‘W’ shape in the northern sky.

Path of C/2009 R1 Comet through constellations Andromeda, Perseus, Auriga and Gemini

Thereafter it will increase in brightness as it moves from the constellation Andromeda through Perseus and then into Auriga between mid-June and early July when it passes Earth on towards its closest brush with the sun, perihelion, on July 2nd.

While C/2009 R1 then becomes difficult to see in the north, it will be a bright addition to the dawn sky in the southern hemisphere in the early nights of July on the runup to July 11th, when something miraculous will occur.

To backtrack a little, New Age metaphysician, charismatic speaker and student of the Maya and indigenous peoples, Drunvalo Melchizedek took a journey in 2003 starting in the north and moving to the south Pacific with a group of people who represented every nation of the planet Earth.

He says:

We have to find the secret of how this leap in consciousness we are being asked to make is acquired: human consciousness combines conscious awareness of the Ancient world – the world of Nature – with the conscious awareness of the modern world. The two meshed together create a new shift upward in all consciousness. If we can at least try to reach that respect and atunement with Nature, with the divine essence of the planet, we can make it into this new level of consciousness.

Drunvalo and his group first held a ceremony of love and appreciation in 2003 at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, said to be the north pole of the etheric web – or electromagnetic field around the Earth – offering gifts of peace and meditating on Man’s return to natural ways of living on Earth. Then, through Geomancy, (Arabic, ilm al-raml), various degrees of difficulty and many months, they finally succeeded in holding a similar ceremony on a small island in the South Pacific in 2008 at the closest point to the planet’s electromagnetic ‘south pole’, diametrically opposite the Great Pyramid and on the other side of the world within the Easter Island group. When the ceremony was over, Drunvalo says there came a series of ‘signs’ from the heavens and they knew as a group that their work of ‘birthing a new consciousness’ for the planet Earth was completed, although he says he knew it would take some considerable time for the rest of humanity to follow and to see similar ‘signs’ of awakening, quickening.

It just so happens that when Comet C/2009 R1 McNaught moves as a night sky object in early July into the southern hemisphere, something else will occur which may rock a few (astronomical as well as spiritual) socks. On July 11th, Comet McNaught will become difficult to see in both northern and southern hemispheres: in the north it is too close to the horizon – and getting very close to the sun – for practical observation as dawn breaks, another distraction; in the south it occurs during daylight hours.

On July 11th, however, the Cosmos has devised a little trick to make it visible. On that day the southern hemisphere – in particular the island of Mangaia near Easter Island (close to where Drunvalo Melchizedek and his group of meditators and earth-healers held ceremony in 2008) will experience a total solar eclipse and the sky will be dark for four minutes. During the occultation Comet McNaught will be the brightest object in the (daytime) sky! What a delightful coincidence: Easter Island residents not only got to help participate in healing the planet’s electromagnetosphere but they now get to see the heavenly response to their work.

Drunvalo, I suspect, along with the New Age community and astronomy buffs worldwide, will be pleased.

As an afterthought,
Swami Beyondananda, aka Steve Bhaerman says:

THE bad news is that the world as we know it is coming to an end; the good news is the world as we know it is coming to an end…

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8 Comments on “All the Cs: Crop Circles, Comets, eClipses”

  1. Mehal Darji-Rockefeller Says:

    There is certainly near to the cycle of duality. Tonight, the 13th moon phase or new moon, is a hallmark event. In the Vedic tradition it is known as Pradosham and means “removal of stains from the law of cause and effect.” Archetypal Being Siva designated a few different Pradosham windows (times when it is easier to dissolve old patterns).

    The 13th Moon Phase (in both the waning and waxing cycle of the Moon) is one of the Pradosham windows designated by Siva for removing karma. This is a very ancient concept – not that of all this new age business. The body turning into light is a reality for the earth plane. Flesh and blood will not inherit the Kingdom.

    As William Blake said in Auguries of Innocence, “We are led to believe a lie When we see not thro’ the eye, Which was born in a night to perish in a night, When the soul slept in beams of light.” Comets and their symbol of death, evil destruction are a primordial message that I welcome. For that is how Rome was born, right? With that in mind, humanity is in a key transcendence of consciousness. This was brought about via a synergistic effect of Uranus in powerful Aries and when Saturn went direct in Virgo last week. Saturn is the task master. Virgo gives us the ability to pay attention to detail. This transit is time for humanity to stop procrastinating! The time for action is NOW.

    Saturn also receives the aspect of Jupiter at this time which has the scope to accelerate new opportunities on a global scale. This comes with a word of caution, however, to financial and banking employees regarding stability. With the fluctuations in the global market, any expansion of any industry is not guaranteed.

    There is also the spice of Muruga that add divine energy and power to the mixture. This year Muruga‘s Birthday coincided with the strong, astrologically-significant transit of the Planet Mars into Leo – May 27th. This opens the gates for the energy of the Regal Warrior to enter. Gone is the time of hold-ups and frustrations. Lord Muruga‘s Birthday is celebrated in the Vedic month of Vaikasi (May-June) when the Full Moon coincides with the Vishakha star.

    The day celebrates the incarnation of Muruga who assumed the form of a Regal Warrior to triumph over the evil forces of the Demon King Surapadman. It is symbolic of the conquest of the refined intellect over the egoistic mind.

    Muruga‘s energy is the culmination of wisdom, desire, and action. He is the archetype or deity in charge of Knowledge, Youthfulness, and Valor. This is the day on which Mars, the planet ruled by Muruga, enters into Leo, its friendly sign. As Mars moves from Cancer to Leo, it sheds eight months of passive behavior and dons its usual fiery garb. This is the ideal time for go-getters to unleash the full potential of Mars. The energies are especially supportive for dynamic action to achieve lofty goals.

    Mars’s big march into Leo lasts up to July 20.

    Muruga was the Supreme Commander of the forces of Devas (gods), and led them to victory over the demons. He fought his enemies using his weapon – the Vel or Lance. In esoteric tradition, the Vel represents the rising Kundalini fire which consumes karmic impurities. Muruga is considered Lord of Kundalini who enables the ascent of one’s sexual energy from the base of the spine (center of gross qualities) to the pituitary gland (center of divine wisdom).

    There is now activation of the collective consciousness of humanity’s kundalini energy.

    The heart and throat chakra are activated — which were under-active. Now, with the power of forgiveness, humanity can break the bondage of karma and the cycle of duality. This correlates with the Uranus-into-Aries shift.

    We must all put our attention on our intention of ascending the soul of Mother Earth. Forgiveness offers that. Otherwise we will stagnate in the realm of darkness.

    Imagine a world where there are no wars or weapons. Where kindness, compassion and love are integrated into the lives of all of humanity. This is a reality and will happen as the earth plane nears the summer solstice. The sparks are going to fly, Marian. It will be great.


    • siderealview Says:

      FIAT LUX indeed, Mehal. Thank you so much for your erudite and speedy response – I’d barely uploaded this blog before you composed your reply. And a moving piece it is indeed. Blessings on your in-depth knowledge of the Vedic meaning of the 13th moon, the Devic guidance and energy we are receiving now and – of course – your inimitable way of expressing it in terms westerners can understand. The Vedic tradition is indeed so much more ancient and ‘connected’ to the energies.

      While I wasn’t too keen (as you know) to place emphasis on the negative – because it upsets people and there are many who pounce on that and lose themselves in it – there is a precedent here for the comet’s path. Two other comets in recent years followed the same trajectory (links within my piece describe) at exactly this time of 13th June: C/2009 R1 moves out of Andromeda tonight (13th) (new moon: should be beautiful under clear skies) on an orbital heading towards the stunning parabolic path of Mars, a brief hop of time over the celestial pole: in late June it travels through Perseus, which holds the hugely loathed and feared fixed star Algol – Head of Medusa, bringer of decapitation, bloodshed, mob violence, changing-of-the-Guard! – into Auriga, the Charioteer which will transport it across the Milky Way. Mars in Leo is just a hop, skip and jump through the Universe beyond that, light-year-wise!

      I look forward to your predicted shift in consciousness for humanity. You have such faith born of your optimism. I am tempted to believe it will rub off on all who come in contact with you. I am blessed to count you as a friend and I share your vision of kindness and understanding, compassion and a helping hand to reach out and guide one another up this new ladder of consciousness.

      Let it unfold.

    • Ghanesh Says:

      Dear Mehal, Am so gald to read your comments on Skanda, Muruga, the smiling one, Lord residing in the cave of our Hearts – Guha. Its been for years I am awaiting his return and am very trilled to read a post about this Sanat Kumara.

      Back in 2005, My Guru clearly told me advent of Muruga in causal plane of earth and upcoming big changes world over. Per my analysis, all six limbs of society like Socio cultural, educational & environmental, wealth & financial & economic models, civil, political & military order will be completely changed after the advent of Lord Muruga forever into the world.

      With the opening of heart and throat chakras most humans are constantly aware of their pulsating heart that connects with etal in universe and conscious words one prefers to utter to universe to co-create. We are slowly led to a new world by the forces of Nature.

      I totally agree your views to imagine and co-create the new world that is full of shanthi and anandha.

      Lord Krishna before his merge with Universe told to Mother Ganga that Golden Age on earth starts 5000 years after his anthardhanam. We are in 5111th year now and the prelude to the golden age has already begun. Lord Krishna mentioned that, due to presence of his great Baktha (Lord Skanda, Guha) sins on earth will be completely burned, & the world will appear like a global pilgrimage place, as Lord’s devotees will be filled all across the earth.

      Lord Muruga is born out of fire from the third eye of Lord Shiva. (In context, Solar Sun acts as Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer, Preserver and Gracer. Solar CME event like the 1859 style or bigger can be like opening of third eye). He burns down rule of Kama and Rathi, further leading to Kumarashambhavam– Advent of Kumara or Guha in physical plane.

      While NASA and other space agencies are pointed towards Dec 2012, I, like you, have an impression of such events happening in Vaikasi Visakam.

      I wish to talk more on this, if you would kindly continue the discussion.

  2. siderealview Says:

    Well then, my friend Muruga-Mars, I am convinced that the preliminaries to the Golden 2012 have already begun. Besides, I never had any doubts about your leadership!

    Together we shall assist and enrich that ascension.

  3. […] Siderealview's Blog The Stellar Perspective « All the Cs: Crop Circles, Comets, eClipses […]

  4. Mehal Darji-Rockefeller Says:

    During 2012, the Sun, Earth and Alcyone, one of the Pleiadean stars, will align themselves and more of the photon light will enter the Earth. Thereafter, the Pleiadean energy will be responsible for the transformation of planet, cosmos and the genetic evolution of the human species.

    The Golden Age signifies the re-birthing of the planet. The transformation process with Lord Muruga is readily accessible during Skanda Sashti, which will help you to possess the positive experience of this astronomical shift. The Pleiadean God will fade away the darkness and fetch you with courage.

    Muruga is an archetype. He represents the primordial energy and force identified in every ancient tradition in their own imagery. To me, he is the photon light from the Pleiades that is going to start the Golden Age in 2012.

    “Skanda Sashti – Muruga’s 6 Days to Shower His Pleiadian Power
    Skanda Sashti is the 6 key days from November 6th to 11th IST for accessing the energies of the Pleiades that Lord Muruga represents; Wisdom, Power, Health and Spiritual Ascension, Relationship/Charisma, Victory over Enemies and Litigation, and Peace and Prosperity.

    He is the Archetype as a vital force who is called upon by his ardent devotees in their hour of need & distress. It is believed that Lord Muruga, the warrior God, does not let them get trapped in any of the pitfalls of life.

    Skanda Sashti denotes the destruction of evil by the Commander of the Army of Devas, Lord Muruga. This is another victory of light over dark. As the Vedic Mythological Story of Skanda Sashti tells…

    The demon Surapadma had the boon that he couldn’t be defeated by any current god or human so of course he set out to torment the gods and demi-gods.
    Brahma, the creator god, said that only the spark or seed of Shiva can produce the hero who could defeat these powers of evil. The loophole in the boon granted to the demon was that a newly created god was not bound by the boon. Unfortunately Shiva was lost in a deep state of meditation. None of the gods or Devas dared to disturb him let alone to convince him to create a progeny.

    Parvati, Shiva’s consort and Kama, the god of love agreed to help. She engaged herself in severe penance to attract Shiva’s attention and Kama agreed to sacrificing himself in the suicide mission of arousing Shiva.

    Kama shot his arrows of love at Shiva who was eventually disturbed. The fire of anger from Shiva’s third eye burnt Kama into ashes.

    The penance of Parvati and the sacrifice of Kama paid off, as Shiva was aroused from his deep meditation. However, no being could take the intensity of the fiery seed from him. It fell into the mouth of Agni, the fire god, who spat it out into the Ganges, who in turn threw it into a forest of arrow-like grass.

    A progeny was born! The baby divided himself into 6 to be nursed by 6 mothers of the divine constellation, the Pleiades. When Parvati came and gathered all 6 beings, he became one with 6 faces and one body.

    Eventually he was made Commander of the Deva’s army and engaged in battle with the armies of the demon Surapadma. The demon was annihilated on the 6th day and the Devas were liberated.

    The kingdom of heaven was restored to Indra, the king in heaven. He gave his daughter Devasena in marriage in gratitude to Lord Muruga. Not wanting to discriminate between the rich and the poor, Muruga also married Valli, the gypsy damsel.

    On Lord Muruga’s war flag is a rooster symbolizing the victory or dominance over evil, negativity, demons and ego. There is a world of knowledge behind the mythology of the six abodes of Lord Muruga.

    Step into a new elevated consciousness during Skanda Sashti, Nov 6 to 11. Prepare for the Golden Age by raising your consciousness to have a fulfilling life on Earth now.
    Mehal D Rockefeller

  5. Ghanesh Says:

    What is happening now is repeat of what happened in past. Skanda Purana – World largest purana(prehistoric record) narrates the time we live in. You will be amazed to know it talks about the Illuminati aka Tarakasura. All is gearing up for the great 2012 event – dawn new age. I was told that there is going to be a period of utter confusion and great peril. World as we know is in crossroads and not sure how it’s going. together with our consciousness we have to steer it in right direction.

    Mehal, please do drop me a gmail, wish to be in touch to discuss current affairs and Consciousness. btw is it hibernation from Facebook or online world?

  6. showmemike Says:

    COMET ISON may be the return of the STAR OF BETHLEHEM

    The orbit of COMET ISON brings it back every 333 years,
    so it can be established that the comet was here in AD15.
    Considering that an exact year has never been established
    for the birth of Christ, is it more than coincidence that
    there was a census in AD14 called by Caesar Augustus?


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