10/10/10 Holographic Universe and Us

The PACMAN message

Comet Hartley passes in front of the Pacman nebula headed for close encounter with Earth on October 20

GREEN comet 103P/HARTLEY 2 is fast approaching Earth, on course for a close encounter on October 20th – ten days from now – en route for its six year rendezvous with the Sun. At that time the periodic comet (its P designation indicates it is a regular orbiter within the solar system) will come within 11 million miles of Earth. Plainly put, that’s half way between us and Mars. By contrast, our orbit round the sun keeps us at a safe distance of 93 million miles (or one Astronomical Unit — 1AU) from our star. So Hartley is technically a NEO (near-earth object) originating in the vicinity of Jupiter and its ‘grazing’ path to the sun will brush past our celestial neck-of-the-woods both coming and going. As periodic (and other) comets orbit the sun tangentially, it is technically possible for our orbits to intersect, but we are in no danger from Hartley. Because of its close passage, however, it is becoming a naked-eye object in the night sky with binoculars and amateur telescopes beginning to enjoy great sightings. NASA also has great interest in Hartley: its ‘‘Deep Impact’ orbiter, bristling with instrumentation to measure such icy visitors, will fly within 435 miles of the comet on November 4th. That’s closer than the distance between London and Edinburgh. The same orbiter studied comet Tempel on July 4, 2005, after launching an impactor into its icy nucleus and, after its flyby of Hartley, Deep Impact will set out on a mission to study exosolar planetary systems. To date, 492 planets have been discovered orbiting stars outside our solar system.

Comet McNaught was a brilliant object in July's southern hemisphere skies

With the appearance of another comet in our skies, hard on the heels of comet McNaught which shone brilliantly in the southern hemisphere during the July 11th total solar eclipse, there’s just a chance that Hartley’s passage may not be totally without incident. Why otherwise do you suppose we have been treated to a little cosmic reminder of celestial phenomena, fully a month after the end of the 2010 crop circle season?

Does Baltic Farm crop circle depict comet Hartley passing in front of the 'Pacman' nebula on its way to the Sun ?

Hartley is currently passing in front of NGC281 nebula — affectionately known as the Pacman nebula — in constellation Cassiopeia, whose gaping mouth seems about to swallow the comet. It’s not unlike our playful higher consciousness — or Circlemaker-ETs; call them what you will — to use humor to get our attention. So, is there something in the (late) Baltic Farm crop circle of September 26th — when few except NASA and JPL knew about Hartley — that forewarns us of a spectacular display; another Heavenly Sign, perhaps?

Crop circles for several years now have reminded us to look to the heavens rather than stay stuck in our earthbound rut. During summer 2010 our consciousness has been expanded as we were gifted pictures in the corn hinting at dimensions beyond our comfortable 3D world. And the 2010 season didn’t just expand our consciousness arbitrarily. As we discussed in a previous blog, dimensional research has been running neck-and-neck, trying to keep pace with crop circle concepts!

Our consciousness has been tweaked by and is tweaking our own higher Self. We are beginning to see how much our own psychic generator affects the quantum field in which we live, breathe, think, love, expand.

Through 2010 crop circle imagery not only did we see our concept of dimensional reality challenged, but were led seductively and with great gentleness through the next phase in our DNA activation, our passage through the stars — guided by crop picture code — as we reconnect with our divine Creative Consciousness, seated, some believe, at the Hunab Ku, heart of our Galaxy; others within our hearts, the seat of the Soul.

A visible bulge at the center of the Milky Way is where our Galactic center, Mayan Hunab Ku, radiates from constellation Sagittarius. Galactic counter-center focuses on the Pleiades, Orion and Gemini. The Pleiades have long been associated in traditional mysticism with higher consciousness. Ancient wisdom of the Hindu, Maya and Egyptians all had focus on the Pleiades and Orion. Such cultures built pyramids which aligned with these constellations. Not only might this section of the sky be seen as the symbolic crown chakra of the galaxy, but it coincides with the New Age interpretation that the Photon Belt or surge of cosmic energy particles is increasingly churning through the galaxy from galactic center to counter-center, a belt through which Earth is starting to pass and will become totally enfolded by 2012.

“If Quantum Theory hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet” Niels Bohr (1885-1962) Danish physicist, first to apply Quantum Theory, Nobel Physics Prize 1922

Michael Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe, died in 1992 aged 39. [Ed. Why is it some of our most enlightened visionaries give us a taste and then shuffle off this mortal coil?] He was a major proponent of intellectual parallels between ancient mysticism and the quantum field, believing firmly that — unlike the uncertainty of quantum physics — our physical Universe behaves like a giant hologram. He supported quantum physicists American David Bohm and Parisian Alain Aspect who proved in 1982 that, contrary to Einstein’s principle of relativity which stated that light had a finite speed (c=186,000 miles per second), subatomic particles like electrons are capable of transmitting information instantaneously, whether they are 10 feet or a million miles apart. Recent Russian research by molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev suggested that our human DNA behaves similarly — communicating instantaneously with another particle of fellow DNA in another room, another town, on another continent; another planet?

Talbot likens our brain to a miniature Universe, thoughts as ‘pebbles in the electromagnetic pool of our mind’. He says: ‘Nature uses mathematical underpinning; so does the brain.’

To make a hologram, the object to be photographed is first bathed in light of a laser beam. A second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern where the two laser beams commingle is captured on film.
When the film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of light and dark lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.
Three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable characteristic of holograms. ‘If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the rose.’

Along with Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, b. 1919, Talbot says we think with holograms inside our head, using standing waves, interference patterns in the brain just like a TV set lodged in our mind. Together they figured the holographic model explained several phenomena, including:
– telepathy
– precognition; mystical feeling of oneness with Universe;
– psychokinesis — mind’s ability to move objects without physical touch.

Others joined them, agreeing that the holographic model explained near-death experience, OBEs (out-of-body states), archetypal experiences, encounters with Collective Unconscious, altered states of consciousness, psychic ‘coincidences’, the paranormal. In 1987 Robert G. Jahn and clinical psychologist Brenda Dunne, both of Princeton University, announced after a decade of rigorous experimentation by their Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR), they had unequivocal evidence that the mind can psychically interact with physical reality.

Talbot encourages everyone — even those who may not have mathematics or physics training — not to be afraid of the concept of quantum physics: anyone who can approach the subject with an open mind can understand the concepts, he says.

“Don’t be afraid. Once you’ve overcome your ‘fear of the water’, you’ll find quantum physics’s strange and fascinating ideas much easier than you thought.” Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe

The hologram starts to explain everything: that the way we think affects everything within our sphere of consciousness, i.e. We are the Whole.

“Quantum physics: the dreams that stuff is made of” Isaac Asimov

Most verbal, contemporary and charismatic of all believers in the Holographic Universe is Nassim Haramein, born 1962, a budding genius, self-taught physicist and Director of Research at the Resonance Project, in Boulder Colorado. He goes beyond holographic theory, beyond Einstein’s unified field, sees the universal hologram as sacred geometry, taking his Universal scaling Law for Organized Matter as a model for ‘whole’ structures, from subatomic particles to complete galaxies. His approach in this seminar, illustrated with loving devotion to his pyramids, sacred tetrahedra, torus spirals, fractal curves and spheres, is lengthy in form, but is worth watching because, with a little application, concentration, his breezy approach makes it so simple to grasp. His theory is that the Universal Intelligence is constantly creating fractals, generating spheres, and that these creations are held together by the ‘glue’ of gravity. Links above show some of his series of 45 talks, and videos 11 and 12 focus specifically on crop circle messages.

Haramein’s Resonance Project Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group that studies the magic of ‘collective resonance’, encourages intra-disciplinary scientific residential collaboration and operates within a self-sustaining wholistic facility, using permaculture and gray water recyclng, soil and water conservation, alternative fuels within native and edible landscaping, pollinated by on-site bees.

Whatever your favorite way of believing in what’s to come, it is certain that the beings we were before summer 2010 have moved into a new level of reality. We are being led by avatars, contemporaries, new thinkers — and crop circles — to become our higher, nay, highest selves.

And the fun is just beginning.

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6 Comments on “10/10/10 Holographic Universe and Us”

  1. Fitzy Says:

    2010 has manifested the weirdest of the weird: one great boon from the bacchanalian pandemonium, is the possibility of a new language. Familiar enough for instant use, but genuinely new enough, to recreate the world around us.

    We are at the crossroads, where the very ground we stand on is in motion, the heavens arc overhead with new constellations, we have sailed off the world’s edge. We are potential Captains, sailing into new and uncharted territory upon seething cosmic foam; the ocean is being moved under us too. We may be going forward, but the sea could be in regression, or we think we’re stranded in the doldrums, only to find the sun rises on a new and unexpected vista. We are equal to the task, certainty is yours as Captain, take up the tiller and set your course.

    It’s as if Humanity is engulfed in some stygian whirlpool, each of us getting to choose to go around again, or take another course. Students of Greek history, know what dwells in its centre. Now at this turning, amidst foamy maws and tragedy, we abandon old charts, we swerve away. We have intent, and it is to thrive, and prosper where Titan monstrosities decline and fail, and the words we use mean what we say. We leave the spin behind us. With fallen, alien gods and their heinous brood, we chose another way.

    At the apex of the turning from ruin, the venomous injury of Contempt is revealed within, both for others and for ourselves. The last resort for the slipping grasp of Tyrants, is to poison its detractors with the same malice that first corrupted it. A hearty, honest laugh, can dispatch this hideous device. As our fleet assembles, semaphores and signal lamps flicker, we grow intuitively to comprehend each other, beyond the reach of the forked tongue of old.

    What is it we are saying anew? It’s the same meaning we always meant. We intend the very best for each other, we raise each other up, we clear the way for each other. We go on together, with shared courage, and clear eyes. We know our purpose, and feed each other encouragement, every step of the way.

    It’s been a strange year, to come so far, to find the very best of our past is our future.

  2. travellindaze Says:

    Great insight. I especially enjoyed the connection between the Baltic Farm crop circle and Hartley 2. You have a wonderful way of connecting the dots on a very intuitive level.

    The fact that the Earth’s 6th chakra currently resides in western Europe is a key as to why these circles are manifesting where they are, and who is sending them. I greatly enjoy your posts, thank you!

  3. siderealview Says:

    Thanks both, Fitzy and Travellindaze, for visiting. I am delighted to have your contributions, because we are all daily looking at new ways of being, thinking, dreaming, manifesting. Fitzy: I believe spring in S.hemisphere may bring the energy that we are beginning to lose here in the north – lucky you. I take your advice to LAUGH. I surely need that!
    Travellindaze: glad we connect on the intuitive – and bless you for the reminder of where Earth’s sixth chakra lies. Any further thoughts always welcome here.

    I can’t resist temptation to say that within hours of Hartley’s becoming a naked-eye object, the Sun started playing up. NOAA’s solar & geomagnetic field indicator widget (main page right column, after ‘wildlife’ & ‘subscribe’ links) went from cool green ‘quiet’ to bright red ‘STORM’ as Earth was flooded by a G-1 class geomagnetic storm, October 11th.
    One NZ observer said: ‘lights were spilling out of the sky, making the Southern Cross look like Niagara Falls’. As sunspot 1112 is slowly turning to face directly towards us, I suspect there’s more to come!

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ysabell kiss, Mehal J Rockefeller. Mehal J Rockefeller said: 10/10/10 Holographic Universe and Us: http://t.co/TQa1L2f […]

  5. cleopasbe11 Says:

    Dr Mehal D Rockefeller, a Florida practitioner with a wide knowledge of Vedic mythology, ritual and calendar customs, wrote this on our impending Photon Belt immersion: thank you Mehal.

    During 2012, the Sun, Earth and Alcyone, one of the Pleiadean stars, will align themselves and more of the photon light will enter the Earth. Thereafter, the Pleiadean energy will be responsible for the transformation of planet, cosmos and the genetic evolution of the human species.

    The Golden Age signifies the re-birthing of the planet. The transformation process with Lord Muruga is readily accessible during Skanda Sashti, which will help you to possess the positive experience of this astronomical shift. The Pleiadean God will fade away the darkness and fetch you with courage.

    Muruga is an archetype. He represents the primordial energy and force identified in every ancient tradition in their own imagery. To me, he is the photon light from the Pleiades that is going to start the Golden Age in 2012.

    “Skanda Sashti – Muruga’s 6 Days to Shower His Pleiadian Power
    Skanda Sashti is the 6 key days from November 6th to 11th IST for accessing the energies of the Pleiades that Lord Muruga represents; Wisdom, Power, Health and Spiritual Ascension, Relationship/Charisma, Victory over Enemies and Litigation, and Peace and Prosperity.

    He is the Archetype as a vital force who is called upon by his ardent devotees in their hour of need & distress. It is believed that Lord Muruga, the warrior God, does not let them get trapped in any of the pitfalls of life.

    Skanda Sashti denotes the destruction of evil by the Commander of the Army of Devas, Lord Muruga. This is another victory of light over dark. As the Vedic Mythological Story of Skanda Sashti tells…

    The demon Surapadma had the boon that he couldn’t be defeated by any current god or human so of course he set out to torment the gods and demi-gods.
    Brahma, the creator god, said that only the spark or seed of Shiva can produce the hero who could defeat these powers of evil. The loophole in the boon granted to the demon was that a newly created god was not bound by the boon. Unfortunately Shiva was lost in a deep state of meditation. None of the gods or Devas dared to disturb him let alone to convince him to create a progeny.

    Parvati, Shiva’s consort and Kama, the god of love agreed to help. She engaged herself in severe penance to attract Shiva’s attention and Kama agreed to sacrificing himself in the suicide mission of arousing Shiva.

    Kama shot his arrows of love at Shiva who was eventually disturbed. The fire of anger from Shiva’s third eye burnt Kama into ashes.

    The penance of Parvati and the sacrifice of Kama paid off, as Shiva was aroused from his deep meditation. However, no being could take the intensity of the fiery seed from him. It fell into the mouth of Agni, the fire god, who spat it out into the Ganges, who in turn threw it into a forest of arrow-like grass.

    A progeny was born! The baby divided himself into 6 to be nursed by 6 mothers of the divine constellation, the Pleiades. When Parvati came and gathered all 6 beings, he became one with 6 faces and one body.

    Eventually he was made Commander of the Deva’s army and engaged in battle with the armies of the demon Surapadma. The demon was annihilated on the 6th day and the Devas were liberated.

    The kingdom of heaven was restored to Indra, the king in heaven. He gave his daughter Devasena in marriage in gratitude to Lord Muruga. Not wanting to discriminate between the rich and the poor, Muruga also married Valli, the gypsy damsel.

    On Lord Muruga’s war flag is a rooster symbolizing the victory or dominance over evil, negativity, demons and ego. There is a world of knowledge behind the mythology of the six abodes of Lord Muruga.

    Step into a new elevated consciousness during Skanda Sashti, Nov 6 to 11. Prepare for the Golden Age by raising your consciousness to have a fulfilling life on Earth now.
    Mehal D Rockefeller

  6. Mehal Darji-Rockefeller Says:

    Thanks for the posting. I am glad you have found it helpful. There are only 2 more days left…….

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