Fledgling Crop Circle: 2010:05:05

Sideways view: fledgling crop circle close to Old Sarum sacred precinct, Wiltshire

It’s not surprising the 2010 crop circle season started late – in spite of huge excitement and anticipation in croppiedom: England had a tough winter. Frosts and snow through March, freezing temperatures in April. This little beauty appeared on May 5th. Not quite as late as the season of 2006 when nothing happened until June 9th, but with so much expectancy, it will gladden a lot of hearts.

Crops like oil seed rape (canola), although planted last autumn, wait for the ground to warm up before starting into growth. Farmers suffered delays because of a late spring. But canola is a speedy plant once it gets going. It’s one of the brassica family (cabbage, radish) and when the sun shines, it responds. Yellow flowers now litter the patchwork plains and downs of Wiltshire and our first crop circle – a little avian fledgling by the looks of it – appeared late evening on 05/05.

It chose to manifest in a field adjacent to Old Sarum, one of the most well-known Iron age fortresses in this ancient sacred landscape. Sarum is the old Anglo-Saxon name for Salisbury, a fortified mound with huge surrounding bank and ditch like the Avebury stone circle; it stands on a busy intersection of a three-way prehistoric trade route between Stonehenge and the south coast, close to the barge access of the Water of Avon. This 1st Century BC fortification was a strategic ancestral stronghold of the powerful first Britons, venerated and preserved through successive cultures until the first cathedral of Old Sarum was built inside the circular structure in 1069. Before AD420 it housed a Roman garrison (as Sorviodunum = Sorvio’s fort or mound), became a Saxon fortress and finally the site of a Norman castle in the AD11th century. The present cathedral in nearby Salisbury was the second Norman cathedral of that name; and building began there in 1075 on the structure which stands today. The outline of its Old Sarum predecessor still appears in the grass within the great ditch (illustration).

Ghosts of last year's crop circle past shine through canola in East Field Alton Barnes

Much speculation preceded this little vanguard’s arrival, many expecting the first design to bend crop stalks in more popular precincts like Avebury, Milk Hill and the multi-decked fields of Alton Barnes. There, through strengthening canola stems, the shadows of last season’s pictograms show like ghost signs to a lost past.

Wiltshire Ley running through Stonehenge and Old Sarum

The location of this year’s first design does have great energetic significance, however. Old Sarum stands on one of the great electromagnetic Earth-energy lines – Wiltshire’s Leys – that run along relatively straight tracks between and among ancient sacred sites: the Sarum ley runs from a prehistoric earthmound north of Stonehenge, through Stonehenge itself to Old Sarum, to the cathedral in the present city of Salisbury and south through Clearbury Ring and Frankenbury Camp – all ancient sacred sites. The little crop circle with its bird-like design (or sacred geometric pattern of sevens and fives) hugs this energy line, choosing to appear in a crop of canola where the flowers were not yet quite open (to hover within the energy forcefield) rather than siting itself in the neighboring field where the crop is well advanced but standing outside the lines of force.

Electromagnetism may have a lot more to do with what’s going on than we realize. But it’s a difficult area to explain. Like particle and quantum theory, sacred geometry and musical tone ratios, or string theory: a little out of one’s normal range of conversation. Unless we take it one step at a time.

A little background might help. While string theory is usually the realm of quantum physicists, it is elaborated on most elegantly and simply by crop circle researcher Bert Janssen to explain some of the late ‘nineties and ‘noughties complex crop circles.

Put simply, lines of force act on other lines of force – waves in the bath, tones produced by strings of different length on a guitar or piano, light beams or an interaction of one electromagnetic field on another electromagnetic field. They all act similarly. When they do, they cause tiny nodes to appear where the waves/frequencies overlap to disturb or ‘interfere’ with each other. These interferences allow energy (‘particles’) to gather in the nodes, with subsequent result that they form patterns. While ‘superstring theory’ was developed by John Schwartz, Michael Green and Edward Witten for the subatomic world where (below atomic level everything is energy and) exotic, imaginary and invisible particles are found, we can relate it to the formation of crop circles where waves induced by electromagnetism are like musical sound waves or waves rippling on a beach: different locations, same theory.

Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance brought planets and galaxies into alignment

Earlier crop circles – before the watershed summer of 1987 – were fairly simple in manifestation and quantity. In August that year a cosmic moment of alignment occurred known as Harmonic Convergence, when the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus stood in exact conjunction in early degrees of Virgo/cusp Leo while, according to astrologers and New Age pundits, they formed a Grand Trine with the other large planets: Jupiter in the last (anaretic) degree of Aries/cusp Taurus, Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius/cusp Capricorn. This Grand Trine is seen by some as one of Fire, by others as an Earth Trine. To the 144,000 lightworkers and spiritual supporters who gathered to meditate at earth’s power centers in Mount Shasta, CA, Sedona, AZ, Glastonbury, Somerset, Findhorn, Scotland and Mount Fuji, Japan, this was seen as a combined Grand Trine of fire and earth, as a metaphysical turning point for the human race.

Another astrological event happened 16 years later, a cosmic moment called Harmonic Concordance in November 2003 when a Total Lunar Eclipse completed an astrologically-beneficial configuration of sun, moon and all the large planets known as a Grand Sextile or Star Tetrahedron.

The Solar System, with us in tow, and our home Galaxy became one

Between these two astrological dates a momentous happening in astrophysics brought the two sides of the coin together. During the summer of 1998, the plane of the solar system, with us on earth in its third orbit, moved into alignment with the plane of our own Milky Way Galaxy: the two planes – solar system of nine planets and the unimaginably huge spiral of stars that is our Galactic home – became one.

Since the first Galactic synchronization in the summer of 1987, with boosts in 1998, 2003 (and, some say, with the transit of Venus across the sun in 2004) the energy being beamed to earth has increased exponentially with each of the 25 years (since 1987 and) until 2012, one quarter of a century down the line. Harmonic Convergence was a watershed for crop circles, too. They started to resonate with us with increasing frequency and sophisticated design until in the final years of the ‘nineties we experienced ‘a shift’. They became our means of communication, even communion with Galactic Source. Not only does the earth continue to receive increased Galactic ‘waves’, but as we approach the final years of this Great Cycle, crop circles are increasing our excitement, anticipation of what’s in store for us Galactic children in the last years of our evolution as a race.

Long-term crop circle enthusiast, metaphysician and speaker, Freddy Silva noticed that

‘During the 1998 and 1999 seasons there was a mood swing, as if a new type of energy had lodged itself within the Earth. This energy reflected in crop circles seemed more agitated, some more disruptive to the body than usual. The veil between the the seen and the unseen felt thinner than ever. The new wave of crop circle designs fit neither the recognized hand of humans nor the will of the watchers.’

Many indigenous peoples – not just the Maya whose calendar now predominates in End Times thinking, but others like the Hopi, Inca, Apache and Modoc – work with calendars in order to predict moments of revelation, times of increased Galactic resonance, a coming together of Group Mind in us, the Gaia-earth-keepers. We are, after all, custodians of planet Earth. Those people tuned into earth changes are the first to note when such shifts occur. The Maya say God – – Hunab K’u – – is Movement and Measure which the crop circles appear to demonstrate.

Barbara and Gerry Clow in their 2004 book ‘Alchemy of Nine Dimensions’ liken the energy they feel within crop circles to ‘receiving the light’.

Barbara Clow is convinced we planetary inhabitants, either by visiting circles or seeing the signs, symbols, consciousness-triggers of their graphics, are affected in some way by them. She continues:

‘I know that many of us have been receiving these exquisite crop circle transmissions in our consciousness. When new symbols are transmitted from 8D Light, all the people on Earth are transmuted by them as Gaia herself rejuvenates.’

Crop circles designed by light tubes from upper dimensions

Her illustration shows how crop circles are made by tubes of light that are generated on fields of grain, most commonly in England. The eighth dimension (8D) is a form in the mind of God. The seventh dimension (7D) is sacred sound that can manifest form. The sixth dimension (6D) is the geometrical field that creates forms. The fifth dimension (5D) is unconditional love, an energy that comes when creation happens. The fourth dimension (4D) is where energy polarizes so that things can manifest. The third dimension (3D) is the field where the crop circle takes place.

Science fiction author and writer of the screenplay/movie ‘Day After Tomorrow’, Whitley Strieber describes Ms Clow’s book on crop circle transmissions as: ‘a message that matters tremendously to every single person on this earth. It is about nothing less than achieving relationship with a brilliant and spiritually-potent presence that has been offering itself to us for many years, and which has the capacity to transform us, starting with each one of us who is willing to open ourselves to it.’

We achieved Galactic synchronization in 1987, Galactic resonance in 1998, and Ms Clow believes we will be offered Galactic citizenship in 2012, provided we have proved by then that we are capable of reaching resonance with very high frequencies (light waves) and what she calls ‘multi-dimensional consciousness’.

Neale Donald Walsch has a final contribution to make to this new way of being: he says

‘The change goes deeper than the content of your mind, deeper than your thoughts. In fact, at the heart of the new consciousness lies the transcendence of thought, a newfound ability to rise above thought, to realize a dimension within yourself that is infinitely more vast than thought.’

As all is energy, in our own bodies, in our minds, in our combined consciousness – Galactic consciousness – we are preparing for an unprecedented change in the world we know. We are about to become part of a world we have only dreamed of.

To the new season of crop circles I say: ‘Let it begin.’

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17 Comments on “Fledgling Crop Circle: 2010:05:05”

  1. Mehal Darji-Rockefeller Says:

    As I write this now, the Illuminati are at Bohemian Grove idolizing the Owl. Its symbol that of death, destruction, evil spirits. Why would One celebrate death? The same as Hindus worship Shiva, the God of Death and Destruction, the most powerful God. So there is a parallel in that manner.

    It is not death of the world, per se. It is death of our EGO. That is the reason the Illuminati celebrate and idolize the Owl. They can kill, murder, pollute mother earth and still maintain a clear conscience. Otherwise how can One live day to day? They would all commit suicide.

    “They” are trying to tell us to forget what happened in the past, it can not be changed. We must harness the power of forgiveness and love those that hurt us, and love ourselves. As Dr. Wayne Dyer said, If what you do you are, then what you don’t, you aren’t. Ignore that belief. If all God created was Good. Then everything that happens, Yes even the horrible things, is an act of Love….be it so hard to believe.

    The human mind must change the way it looks at events. Something Grand is in the works for humanity. Can you imagine the Earth planes consciousness being equivalent to that of God consciousness or Christ Consciousness? Can you imagine ordinary mundane existence being transcended to that of Jesus, Buddha, or Krishna? Hold on to your socks!!

    • siderealview Says:

      Thanks for a speedy entry – you caught me before my final upload, Mehal – I love your synchronicity!

      You are right, of course – somethiing GRAND is in our very near future. It’s so close, I can taste it. I know you can too. I feel it. Galactic consciousness will have supreme gifts – more than we can yet imagine, and the doors are opening…

      Bless you for being where you are, doing what you are doing. Marian

  2. Mehal Darji-Rockefeller Says:

    You are right. I can feel it, Marian. ‘It’ is right there. I too can taste it. I can breath it. Smell it. It is the most beautiful, loving thing.

    Grandness is the only way!

  3. Pete Madstone Says:

    Hi Marian,

    Nice video, and obviously the light is HOT, and what a GREAT first display for the season.

    Seven visible “sacred” planets, the Sun, and the esoteric winged “Sun behind the Sun.”

    If a wide, flat band, like a ring for a finger, it has two sides – interior and exterior… So what is it we don’t see behind the winged disk.

    Let’s hope for a revealing glyph season!


    • siderealview Says:

      So glad of your esoteric input, Pete. I was wondering about the symbolism – and *there* you are! Now that you mention the winged ‘Sun behind Sun’, it is rather synchronous that 10 days ago SOHO, NASA’s Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, recorded a ‘second sun’in close orbit of our sun without being pulled in by its huge gravitational and electromagnetic pull. See their video on my ‘other’ blog at
      I, too, am intrigued to see what manifests this season. I’m sure you’re right about the esoteric plane. It is the ‘unseen’ which we are being asked to accept, to allow into our consciousness in order to ascend.

      What do you make of this one? [Stonehenge, May 9th]

      crop circle,Stonehenge

  4. Hi, there!

    Video – certainly strange (anomaly ?), So much weird stuff with the sun the last 5 years. Have you seen the 45 part youtube nassim harimein vid. Ignore his templar european history stuff, and even his circle work is dubious, but when he stays in physics – he’s great.

    Circle above – typical yin/yang display of the infinitely expanding and infinitely contracting male/female force vortex thing focussing on a solar singularity. Can’t make sense of the smaller phasing circles in orbit. Phasing backwards for moon, so…

    Pretty cool anyway – these glyphs we make.


    • Oh, one exception to the “dubious circle” thing – Nassim holds well with the circles showing the binary code stuff, and not to be so harsh on the guy, it wasn’t such a bad part. I had a critical burst there (just won’t retract my European historical perspective).

      Thanks Marian!

      Hey, check out this link – submissions as easy as it gets


      That’s the new H Roads, Red Wheel, Weiser family that next top mentioned. They want to fill their catalog — as of now they only have two books.

      • siderealview Says:

        Absolutely no problem with our European skepticism – I believe we are gifted the grace of discernment … lol

        On the Sun: what if – you know there are so many out there totally tunnel-vision in cities, the mind-wrap of commuting, office air conditioning (& cultural-conditioning), what if they start to ‘see’ the sun, start to give it space in their consciousness? We countrydwellers chose our bliss, got our dreams started, but I would guess things will start moving once the mass of city people start to throw their belief into the pot. As you say, this season will be a corker. Well, you didn’t say that, but it will!
        Thanks for Nassim ref – I’ll check it out.

        And, acting synchronously here, I submitted to Hierophant this week 🙂 You are right – they NEED us.

  5. … Thank you so much Dear Marian for this ONEderful post … Brilliant !!!

    _/\_ … Namaste 🙂

  6. Super great article! Honestly..

  7. Amomengerve Says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!

    Christian, iwspo.net

  8. […] described on another blog recently the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 as a watershed summer. In August that year the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Venus stood in exact […]

  9. Dave P Says:

    The top circle at Sarum sacred precinct, Wiltshire looks to me like a trilobite. That could be a symbol of evolution!

  10. […] These three previous imprints in canola formed a triangle on the Stonehenge energy vortex on May 5th, 9th and 16th. The ‘keyhole’ formation which stands at the triangle’s NE corner, itself a […]

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