Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Entry via the Stargate

Tesseract, pentaract or hexaract? crop circle at Cley Hill, Warminster, Wiltshire 'inspires one to journey to the edge of knowledge'

We’ve heard a lot of talk recently about entering the Fifth Dimension. Not exactly mainstream media, but you know what I mean: it’s been in the visionary blogs, the music, the crop circles. They, most visually, are our guides to this next rung on the spiritual ladder. This is our Stargate, the next stop on the celestial tour: our starmap imprint sent to guide us across the Rainbow Bridge.

I know, you’ve heard Rainbow Bridge used as a metaphor for crossing ‘over’, i.e. leaving this mortal coil, abandoning your family and friends on earth and becoming one with the Great Spirit. As one aging body which fondly remembers the ’60s, that thought is paramount in my understanding of signs we are being shown right now — this 2010 season — in these so-called End Times. And, goodness knows, with earthquakes in Haiti and Eureka, African drought, world temperature extremes and the Deep Horizon oil spill, we are being shown death in no small measure. No-one explained, however, in those wonderful and awful predictions mentioned in so many religious and spiritual disciplines, that this is potentially a time of joy! We are being given pointers to show us how to express our personal joy. I think that’s what it’s about.

The eclipse from Easter Island: photo by Stephanie Guisard

Last weekend, July 11th, stargazers in the southern hemisphere experienced a total solar eclipse. Totality was visible throughout a massive swathe of Pacific Oceania starting midday in the northern Antarctic, through the Easter and Cook Island chain, (Mangaia in particular) and ending at the point of dusk on the west coast of south America. Observers from the North — not treated to an iota of this spectacle — flew to Pacific atolls in French and American Polynesia while locals in Chile, Argentina and the Andes gathered to witness varying shades of totality as the moon’s shadow all but obliterated the sun’s disk. The path of totality crossed the Pacific from west to east, over Cook Islands, Easter Island, the waters off Tahiti, and ending in southern parts of Argentina and Chile as the sun set and its movement through differing time zones inspired dramatic pictures.

Northern hemisphere lineup at dusk

The northern hemisphere has had its own drama too. Comet McNaught may have sunk below horizons in the north before July 4th weekend, but we are being treated right now to a fine evening array as, just after sunset, three major planets, Saturn, Mars and Venus, line up in the western sky with first magnitude star Regulus in constellation Leo — the brightest star to sit almost exactly on the ecliptic. Jupiter alone shines brightly in the East shortly before dawn as a ‘morning star’.

What has this to do with moving into the next dimension? using the Stargate? you may ask.

A lot of centuries’ erudition has impressed on us the need to die first before we get to go to heaven. And in the belief system of most of humankind on planet Earth, that’s still the way of it. But there is the tiniest chink of light — the one streak of hope and delight — shining through a crack in that Stargate telling us Heaven is Here, Now, if we know where to look. Problem is, we’ve been looking in the wrong places.

Yes, we have read our spiritual texts — after all, biblical renditions, Vedic literature, the Quran are profuse on the subject of inspiration — and we are indeed beginning to ‘look to the heavens’, to seek to foster an awareness in ourselves outside our normal preoccupation with bodily sustenance and functions. But we may still be missing the point.

The Stargate beckoning us across the Rainbow Bridge isn’t up there. It’s in here.

Many indigenous cultures have kept ancestral knowledge alive through the time-honored oral tradition: a means often scorned by the ‘capitalist culture’ of the First World as inaccurate, lacking in practical application and unrealistic. In a world of big business, big oil spills and big gas-guzzling machines, such derision may have an audience. But thankfully some of us no longer feel so driven — as we were, for example, in the ’80s — to mow down hectares of trees to plant oil-producing crops, to grub up precious hedgerow habitat to farm pesticide-fed food because it’s ‘cheaper’, or to tolerate maltreatment, even extinction, of our dependent subspecies (the lesser animals) as expendable, predacious or edible. Our determination has brought some awful revelations — one might cite the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, war, famine, plague, and death — and incentive for us to change horses, and so, at the eleventh hour, we may be learning.

“The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the heartbeat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature”.
Joseph Campbell

Crop Circles: the new communications medium
Gradually over roughly a decade, the Crop Circle phenomenon caught the public eye. At the end of the 1980s a small following predominantly in Wiltshire, constantly ridiculed and misreported in the press, announced mysterious (and mystical) overnight appearances in ripening summer crops.

Now it’s worldwide.

Sixth dimensional cube (hypercube) or Hexaract at Cley Hill, Warminster

Sophisticated designs have become infinitely more complex, embedding code and displaying supreme care in laying inner swirls of undamaged layered wheat and barley. In latest designs, as at Cley Hill and at Guys Cliffe, Old Milverton, Coventry, Warwickshire, these layers are used to give extra dimension to the design. It is no coincidence the Cley Hill formation is called the hypercube. It is the closest anyone has ever come to creating a fourth dimensional geometric form in essentially a two-dimensional drawing. The layered crop and the deliberate care with which it has been folded creates an optical illusion of a tesseract – a hypothetical cube in fourth-dimensional space. Its supreme success is that this illusion is visible only from above. And yet, when used as a graphic to focus on for meditation, the design catalyzes amazing changes in perception. A new video compiled from old footage from Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ is worth watching for his delightful explanation of the tesseract.

The tesseract has a theoretical connection with the mid-May oil seed rape formation at Wilton Windmill whose binary code translated as the mathematical theorem known as Euler’s Identity. Euler’s formula, expressed as the equation (e ^ (i * Pi) + 1 = 0), exists and is provable, but for several years nobody knew what it meant. The tesseract is provable as a geometric figure, but, because it exists in the fourth dimension, nobody (human) has yet been able to create one. Julian Gibsone, director of the Cropcircleconnector DVDs, describes this crop formation as inspiring a ‘journey to the edge of knowledge’.

Old Milverton crop circle July 10 reminiscent of Basil Spence 'crown-of-thorns' rood screen

Following hard on its heels, but in common with this season’s use of ancestral strongholds to display 21st-century phenomena, another complex and multi-layered formation appeared near Coventry on July 10th at Guy’s Cliffe, Old Milverton. Its siting near a medieval chapel, ancient caves and a castle mentioned in the Domesday Book is not accidental.

Basil Spence crown-of-thorns rood screen in the Gethsemane chapel at Coventry

It has been seen both as an amazing piece of crop art and as a representation of the ‘crown of thorns’ screen designed by Basil Spence for the ‘new Coventry cathedral’ rebuilt after WWII.

The phenomenon has become a movement; its messages strengthen a growing number of people who are choosing a spiritual path. People who meet inside the formations describe feelings of peace, brotherly love, and display kindness and shared belief with one another. Farmers, rather than banning people from walking in their crops, are increasingly open to allowing visitors inside formations — so long as they approach via the tramlines — and donation boxes are becoming commonplace.

The movement has been hugely encouraged by an electronic presence: much interaction and shared opinion is generated by groups on the social network, Facebook. They include Crop Circles Index, a recent multilingual addition providing great CC resources; another group, ‘Report a Crop Circle’ attracts 2,910 ‘FB members’, encourages communication on crop circle discovery, meaning and speculation along with related solar phenomena. The much-vaunted Crop Circle Connector website has a reputation for being first base for reporting new formations and its homepage has a forum for discussion. It also has a Facebook page of 3,473 Circle Chasers with daily interaction. Croppies no longer function as isolated eccentrics rushing from pub to pub between field sightings. Croppiedom has hit the mainstream.

Huge neolithic stronghold, ancestral hilltop monument nurturing its 21stC offspring in the amphitheatre below

As if to emphasize this new status, the Cley Hill, Warminster circle site, like most 2010 chosen locations, has huge ancestral stronghold connections, stunning views, and is described by Julian Cope as ‘significant to a powerful Neolithic race.’

Unlike the Hopi or the Maya, the English are nothing if not an urbane and modern First World race, supremely disinterested and disconnected from their ancestors, in dire need of reconnection, it might seem. Crop formations in recent years — and particularly in 2010 — have invariably been sited within the precinct of an ancient stronghold. A hint perhaps?

“At the time of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the return of our Ancestors and the return of the men of wisdom.” Maya prophecy

In England, there is no Merlin figure any more, no ancestral role model with white flowing beard to bring ancient knowledge to the people. The Maya in Guatemala, on the other hand, keep a living record — in the person of Don Alejandro Oxlaj, ‘Wandering Wolf’, Grand Elder and Day Keeper of the Calendar of the Maya, 13th generation Quiche High Priest and Head of the Continental Council of Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas. The spiritual welfare of the 21st Century Maya of Guatemala is in his hands. He is charged with the duty as primary keeper of the teachings, visions and prophecies of the Maya. While the Maya have no autonomy recognized by the government of Guatemala, their culture is strong and deeply rooted in their historic prophecies. One of their most potent ones expresses the need for all peoples from all countries to come together to help save the earth:

“Those of the Center, with their mystical bird Quetzal, unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South; we will meet because we are one, like fingers of the hand.”

In their view, behavior of human beings all over the world has to change: become more in tune with life on Planet Earth. It is our joint responsibility. Their invitation from the Indigenous Race is extended to everyone, to help rescue human life, save the planet and thus inherit a healthy future for ourselves and our children.

If there were ever such a tradition in England, it has long been forgotten. True, there are hints of ancient lore: that Arthur will rise again when his people are in their hour of greatest need. But it pales by comparison with the strength of combined Mayan tradition.

Perhaps this is what crop circles are doing for the people of Britain. Britain was once Great. Britain was once a force to be reckoned with. Britain saw the Roman presence evacuate in AD420. It held off the Goths, and yet allowed in the Angles, the Saxons and Jutes; eventually Normans. In the mingling, we seem to have lost some of our ancestral connections: our connection with the Land. And it is this synchronization with the spirit of place which crop circles seem to want us to recognize: to tune once more into earth energy, that sacred electromagnetic force which our ancestors recognized, understood and held sacred. If we allow ourselves to tune into our planetary ‘garden’, we are half way towards understanding that feeling of joy which Mother Earth extends to us; wants to rekindle in us.

It has been said that joy is the stargate through which we may reach that ‘promised land’: that sense of place and comfortable being when we are at one with our spiritual home. In esoteric tradition, joy lifts the vibration of a person’s resonance and as one’s vibratory level increases, as one vibrates at a higher frequency, doors begin to open that were closed before. Things happen miraculously, events fall into place. A laugh, a smile can open that door, that stargate.

So, if this summer is the summer we start to ascend– we may already have risen a level. If we can see/experience the tesseract, it’s already happened. Then the next level, the fifth dimension, is also attainable, just a step farther. If we focus our intent: practise meditation, make it part of our life. By revving up our joy vibration, we get to speed up the process. As Joseph Campbell says, atune our nature to Nature.

The aperture which joy opens for us now is the stargate to the next dimension: across the Rainbow Bridge, it’s only a peal of laughter away.

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39 Comments on “Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Entry via the Stargate”

  1. Hart Says:

    This always fascinates me. I can only follow when I bring my big brain, because it is sort of mind-blowing otherwise.

    I am a skeptic about crop circles, but I love the idea of the ages and the possibility of THIS being our 5th dimension.

    • siderealview Says:

      I do believe it’s meant to be mind-blowing, dear Hart – thank you for bringing your Big Brain today! If we release skepticism about ‘other’ dimensions (all being energy after all), then there are all sorts of lovely little nuances that start to happen (in the B.brain) and I am totally convinced these new circles are doing something different for that(!) this time -(viz DNA-enhancement) – exceptionally sophisticated, grain given a ‘light’ boost, crops grow better after — mucho more but can’t always fit it all in… bless you for being there – esp between chapters…. lol 🙂

  2. Eartheart Says:

    Regarding our Electric nature and hyperdimensional physics there is a wonderful audio interview here about
    Fractal Electric Fields

    VBM: Vortex Based Mathematics is the headline subject at the upcoming 2010 TeslaTech conference in New Mexico.

  3. Dave Says:

    Very good analogy. There are peeps in England who have just laid low for a while. Time isn’t important, but timing is. There is a covenant too that states that a rainbow was a sign of the promise of the ‘Return” but if you know that each resides in the context of the point of view of each viewer, then you know that it never left! The light that appears split or through a prism or prison re-unites at the centre of each and every one of us. This is the true stargate that morphs according to the vibratory state of each unique being. It resides in different dimensions and appears as a void just like the corners that appear to be missing from the rubic’s cube-like crop circle. Heaven is indeed a place and a state that resides HERE NOW. Now here/nowhere haha that is the present, that is the gift. ON be half of ALL is the fundamental corner stone

  4. Fitzy Says:

    Kudos Sidereal, tight site!
    A subject this dense, and evocative, needs far more coverage in the media. If this phenomenon is ET, fine, if its pranksters, fine, regardless of origin, the EFFECT is what matters. Its MAGIC, because it can change the observer, just by viewing. Its beyond simple descriptions, as if mankind could summarise anything, when we’re ignorant of the power within ourselves. In a cynical age, the age of Kali Yuga, signposts on the road to revelation, and self evolution are dismissed as throw away student antics. This is tragically funny, but never mind, those who get it, GET IT. We’re past saving mankind on mass, it’s always been a one-to-one relationship with energies new and old, if this phenomenon transforms YOU for the better, so be it. If you’re so jaded you can’t find SOME wonder in it, go watch sky tv and eat your GE corn, we’ll be out the back, under the stars, working our own magic.

  5. Cosmic Rainbow Says:

    Great article!

    Appreciative thanks for sharing this information with us.

  6. siderealview Says:

    Delighted to have you stop by, guys – thank you each for your responses:
    yes, Eartheart, great to understand it on another level; thank you for the link
    CR: bless you
    Dave, I liked your missing corners in the Rubic cube! we are indeed morphing and unique – thank you for the reminder
    Fitzy, you’re right: it’s the effect that matters, however people see it (hoax or real): how it affects us individually, changes the observer, is what counts. Thank you for your working your magic.

  7. Tis the quickening highlander and there can be only oneness.

    Thank you for writing this brilliant blog.

    Every word is like a pebble rolling along the bottom of a river every word is the river flowing to the SEE

    The cosmic convergence is here


    • siderealview Says:

      you’re right Carl – it’s here. NOW. Thank you for carrying it, too. Every little pebble we can each bring

      Jane, thankx for supporting Fitzy’s magic. We’re all working it now…

      see how quick it quickens… 🙂 ❤

      • Fitzy Says:

        And HOW!

        The open minded will spot synchronicity appearing in nearly every aspect of their lives, reminders no doubt, on the way to WHAT-THEY-ALWAYS-WERE/ARE. Being prudent, not every connection equals a memory of the future, but in this age, even remembering the OTHER way of BEING/INDIVIDUAL/TRUE SELF, is an act of defiance against control/domination/conformity. Only TRUE INDIVIDUALS need turn up for the best party this planet has seen in an epoch, sadly the mass of mankind’s collective potence has been used to work against the mass of mankind, the time of GONZO MAGIC is now. Get out your handmade crowbars, we’re disassembling this rancid construct, every spell is custom made!, nothing living comes off the shelf, prepackaged, ready made, its new or its thru…
        Thanks Jane, Thanks Sidereal.

      • siderealview Says:

        Thanx Fitzy — well spoken — and another hypercube appears this a.m. and reinforces our belief. Hyperspace within the human mind is a miraculous gift. Aren’t we all blessed…


  8. Ponter Says:

    What with all of the spy and other satellites peeking at the planet 24/7, one of those planet gazers should have recorded the creation of a crop circle or two. That being the case, surely some government must know what’s going on and whether this is a prank or actually an alien phenomenon. (It seems to me that these forms are simply too complex and too well done to be the work of mere pranksters.) Has anyone looked into the satellite record?

    Yes, Britain needs a new Arthur, and Cameron is not the man. But maybe there is a Merlin out there!

    • Billy Says:

      The ones that are pranks can be seen easily. Just look for mistakes. Real ones are absolutely perfect. Fake ones are not perfect. There are mistakes in circles, square edges etc. You can tell the difference.

    • Dick Says:

      There are many “Merlins” in this place. They do what they do in silence and secret.

  9. steve Says:

    I visited this circle when it was less than a day old. The construction is skilled, but man made in my opinion. Besides classic 1 metre stomp board marks, there is a ring around the edge where the circle was marked out, and if you do the simple geometry you can see that every line is in fact easily drawn. Briefly, make a hexagon from 6 equilateral triangles (the basis of many cropcircles). Then draw straight lines between every 2nd point on the(in this case inner) hexagon. Next draw straight lines at every intersection, all the lines magically line up with the shape inside. This is not so mysterious if you take the trouble to investigate a little more deeply.

  10. pondrthis Says:

    A lot of people know what Euler’s Identity means, you know…

    Complex exponentials are periodic functions. Moreover, a corollary implies that (and you’ll love this) it allows the imaginary dimension to mimic the second dimension. I.E. complex math is 2D math.

    Have fun with that one… but it’s actually nothing special.

    • siderealview Says:

      pondrthis: how COULD you just peep your head in here and drop that Euler’s is simple!! without enlightening the rest of us? I humbly request an example – tho I DO love the idea that complex math is 2D math! thanx

  11. ejg06 Says:

    I think it was a great article

  12. Fitzy Says:

    Comparing the Cley Hill, Warminster Hypercube, and the 17th July Tesseract, i’m pondering a sequence. Was Cley Hill the precursor form or meme? And the 17th manifestation, the message realised, or the message creator acknowledging, our acknowledgement. More correctly, Sidereal’s and others global recognition of sacred places/native British power, has perhaps now been responded to. I’m seeing this as a two-way conversation now, between energies unseen and those here who choose to see.
    How about we ask a question – perhaps posed in Eulers elegant Identity? If we get an answer in kind, then perhaps we’re not far off the mark.

    • siderealview Says:

      I like your thought, Fitzy: I saw the ‘precursor’ to the tesseract, too, and also in Savernake Forest‘s exploding vortex/merkhaba/CME — I see that same depth/texture as a foil for the Fosbury glimpse into hyperspace — because that is truly what it does for us… takes us there.

      We are being shown a series of objects which exist in a higher dimension, so that our vision and perception may become clearer. It’s a wonderful sensation they are projecting, too. Thanx CC-guys. We’re reading you loud and clear.

      I love Fitzy’s idea that this conversation is being used as a two-way dimensional doorway for us and that we, also, get to have our say…

      Fitzy: Are you familiar enough with Euler’s phantasmal formula to compose a msg? or should we beg Pondrthis to come back and help…?

      ps note how each new appearance gives us enough time to ‘get it’ before moving on to the next… 🙂

      • Fitzy Says:

        I’d defer to Pondrthis’s skill, i’m as happy as a kid on christmas morning, just to watch this mathematical present open. Methinks we’re in for an education both in 2D mathematics, and hypermath, its alchemy in wheat. I’m thinking that while maths can be used to deconstruct/reconstruct – the initial visual impression carries the energy, since we are visual creatures, then the process of revealing all the layers comes into play, which leads to understanding. I’m anticpating this is a tuning process, like learning music, each small composition leading to a symphony.
        Cheers Sidereal. This will keep me awake at night.

  13. sesli chat Says:

    Hi I follow your work. I wish you continued success

  14. Fitzy Says:

    I ran a thought experiment last night, and it occurred to me that from a Hyperdimensional perspective, this realm may appear something like this…
    Its hard for us to imagine, but its possible that from a higher dimension, we could see all surfaces simultaneously connected, if we had an empty cube we could observe its interior and exterior in an unbroken object with no obscuring boundary.
    We could see this as an intact form, the differences in texture, colour, and area would all be obvious to us and they would blend into each other in a natural way.
    A Human would be a mixture of internal and external surfaces, alive and whole, and quite unlike how we see ourselves, Inside and Outside may have no significant meaning there.
    So a sentence from our continuing dialogue with our CC companions, would possibly involve a lesson in contiguous topology, Cube -> Hypercube, may follow with Sphere -> Torus.
    Not sure how that’s described mathematically, but it involves seeing all connected surfaces, in an unbroken manner, simultaneously.

    • siderealview Says:

      I think we must be tuning in, fitzy! at least to one another 🙂 I was thinking today of Lyall Watson’s S.S.island child who could turn a tennis ball inside out (‘Heaven’s Breath’ or one of his earlier works) – that’s the closest I could come to ‘thinking’ of what you describe. Then read your post. So, yes, – I believe we’re already putting the thought OUT there.
      I also thought perhaps we don’t have to describe ‘this’ mathematically (although assistance from the mathwizzes gratefully appreciated) because I believe it is our INTENT that counts. Thanks for this lovely progression x S

  15. eartheart Says:

    Speaking of higher dimensions and synchronicity, there is a wonderful website from the people at Italy’s “Damanhur” collective discussing the Stargate Dragon lines : They show a stone pyramid with a sphere atop it which was a recent crop circle. Shaman Keisha Crowther spoke about this structure as the energy tap that can power the world in this recent presentation: Cheers!

    • siderealview Says:

      Thanks for coming back, Eartheart, and for the stargate dragon/pyramid discussion. I also followed your link on little Grandmother Keisha Crowther and want to thank you for changing my life! I watched all ten parts and she is phenomenal – most especially for her being so gentle and unassuming with it…’the Light Beings are returning and they’re bringing their families with them…’ 🙂 also at

  16. Kier Passaro Says:

    thank you for your wonderful and useful commentary and I get them much-awaited gdidek

  17. renegadepoet Says:

    Great article.

    At last somebody is connecting all the strands tied up with crop circles and producing some thoughtful, intelligent work. The last two have been exceptional.

    Keep running with the torch.

    • siderealview Says:

      Thank you Renegadepoet: now if the Muse continues to attend me, I shall continue with the torch, but we all suffer from sudden-death sometimes — working on it…

  18. steve Says:

    can you unsubscribe me from your blog? I don’t seem to have an option this end, & was disappointed to see you haven’t published my comments. I think perhaps you feel unable to contemplate another explanation for these cropcircles, even from the mouths of the circlemakers themselves – (see
    Ah well, have fun whatever you feel like ‘investigating’…

    • siderealview Says:

      apologies, Steve, slight not intended – as Fitzy says, whoever is making the CCs, it’s the effect that counts. Not able to unsub you – don’t know how. 🙂 thanks for your patience

  19. Fitzy Says:

    Sorry Sidereal, couldn’t leave this alone, and apologies to Steve, i’m not going to have a go at you mate, I think Steve’s run into the thin binary membrane holding this illusion together.
    The world has ticked over on the Right/Wrong meme for so long, people have lost touch with the joy that comes, from the sensation of ones mind actually doing some serious work. There has been for too long, in all enterprises, a specific dogma of – ‘I have THE answer’ and then the cat fight starts over whose right.
    But if this realm is an illusion, arguing over whose description describes it best, is futile, ultimately you learn the most from observing your own reactions to it.
    So regardless of the origins of wheat-based grafetti, its how the observer responds that matters.
    Thanks again Sidereal for maintaining this blog, I appreciate the effort.

  20. HJ Says:

    Da fragt man sich beim lesen ja schon, ob man nicht irgendwie auf den Kopf gefallen ist.

  21. Beautiful, and we can use the telescope vision of the true stars-solar system-Galactic culture and get the masses, ie us, away from the tele-scoped-vision of the mass media lowest common denominator thinking. Our true television of our minds is beautiful. Realign in Nature’s time, follow the Galactic clock — which is congruent with bio-rhythms that are as unique as fingerprints yet collectively orbit this planet at 66,666 miles per hour. Hold on to the Moon’s orbit — 13 times every year, 13x 28 days every year.

    Calendar reform Aotearoa, New Zealand

  22. siderealview Says:

    ‘Nobody understands Euler’s formula’
    Pondrthis says he laughed out loud at that one.

    Fortunately he understands what Euler’s Identity means. “Complex exponentials are periodic functions, and it helps in the 2D representation of complex numbers.” (Or, more importantly to engineering, the complex representation of the second dimension!)

    He kindly explains:
    On Euler’s Identity: perhaps everyone can appreciate its mathematical beauty. It contains one of each of the most important numbers in math: 0, the additive identity; 1, the multiplicative identity; pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter; i, the imaginary unit=+sqrt(-1). It also has one each of the first few important operations: addition, multiplication (repeated addition), exponentiation (repeated multiplication).

    Math trivia for the day.
    Thanks to Pondrthis

  23. منتدى Says:

    Beautiful, and we can use the telescope vision of the true stars-solar system-Galactic culture and get the masses, ie us, away from the tele-scoped-vision of the mass media lowest common denominator thinking. Our true television of our minds is beautiful. Realign in Nature’s time, follow the Galactic clock — which is congruent with bio-rhythms that are as unique as fingerprints yet collectively orbit this planet at 66,666 miles per hour. Hold on to the Moon’s orbit — 13 times every year, 13x 28 days every year.

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