Keyhole Crop Formation: third on Stonehenge ‘line’

Yarnbury keyhole formation appeared May 16th in yellow rape

Crop Circle Update: brief blog to update crop formations since the May 5th appearance: more as they come in.

A third crop formation has appeared near the Stonehenge energy line: this one (Masonic undertones) looks like a keyhole – an allusion perhaps meant to suggest we find the ‘key’. It appeared May 16th in canola, a bendy crop, tall stalks prone to damage, but this crop is once again undamaged, stalks ‘bent with heat nodes visible’, according to eye-witnesses shortly after dawn.

I will add the following information on the number nine, as the formation seems to allude to numbers three, seven and nine (three times three, the Cosmic number, Trinity).

In Hebrew – The number 9 is the symbol of immutable truth.

The 9-pointed star symbolizes the fruits of the spirit.

The number 9 is the number of the mythic Lords of Time.

There are 99 Islamic Holy Names of God.

In Arabic the number 9 represents secret knowledge.

The number 9 is an incorruptible number. 

To the Buddhist, the number 9 is the supreme spiritual power and a celestial number.

It is stated that the time in between heartbeats in a day represents 9 hours.
In Numerology, the average number of breaths a person takes in an hour is 1080 = 9. 

Esoterically, the number 9 signifies heavenly power and is represented by the angelic realm.

Our two stalwart sacred geometry addicts, Michael Glickman & Gary King have set up a blog for themselves on WordPress where you may see a video of their most recent air hop round the ‘crop circle circuit’. It gives a geometrician’s eye view of the predominant circular ‘belt’ where formations seem to occur. Be prepared for some distinctly mathematical theorizing! They are **stars**.

Stonehenge formation on the N-S energy line, 9th May 2010

The Yarnbury castle design is an interesting new formation. It lies just off the A303 between Stonehenge and Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire. Its siting forms the third point in a triangle with the other two formations (Old Sarum May 5th and Stonehenge May 9th), both on the Old Sarum-Stonehenge ‘ley’ or energy line. All three are in yellow flowering oil seed rape, but other crops are not yet at full mature height. Rape is a favorite for May circles. This appearance is in exactly the same field as the early formation of 1991 (‘dumbell’).

Perhaps we are being asked to find the key to this phenomenon; to elevate our consciousness in a new season to accept and allow new information into our human circuitry and new vision into our lives.

All comments and suggestions welcome. More as they appear. Enjoy.

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5 Comments on “Keyhole Crop Formation: third on Stonehenge ‘line’”

  1. Patrice Says:

    Enjoy your site! I’m following the circles too on my site.

    • siderealview Says:

      Thank you Patrice – I checked your own CreateYourLife blog and like it too. I guess we’re in this together, finding our own paths through the Forest of Consciousness grateful for the cosmic clues we’re being given.

      You said your favorite quote is: “Once you convince yourself to believe in the impossible, anything’s possible.”

      Great attitude. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  2. Dave P Says:

    If you turn the Yarnbury photo upside down, it looks like a thistle or a bishop.

  3. Michele Says:

    A few friends and I are working with the “nine” phenomena and are hearing a high pitched whining sound that is almost annoying. Has anyone else dealt with this recently? Thank you.

    • siderealview Says:

      it sounds exciting, Michele – when you say ‘working with’, are you working with sound systems or as a group, intuitively?

      A friend of mine joined an impromptu ‘meditation’ group of CC believers in the evening before 08/08 at the Barge Inn, Stanton Bridge, in the hopes of influencing the next appearance. When the Stanton ‘fractal’ CC appeared the next morning they were overjoyed. She said, however, that walking through the formation really early in the a.m. she couldn’t rid her ears of a massive tingling tone akin to tinnitus (she doesn’t have tinnitus; I have – we talked about it) and she described what you are describing.
      crop circle,fractal,Stanton Bridge,Wiltshire 2010

      It seems to come when we place any intense focus on the sacred, (electromagnetically, anything in the alphawave band or deeper), so meditation, group work centered on altered states, paranormal activity and, of course, physically inside crop circles.

      Do you all hear this sound? Is it recordable?

      Paul Vigay and Gerald Hawkins were masters at this, but then they both worked individually with sound: Vigay with software, Hawkins with the diatonic scale (on the theoretical side). We miss them, since they died. We who are experiencing the 2010 version are working away on our own!

      I’d love to hear more. Pioneers in the new medium, Michele! Thanks for writing in.

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