I am a writer.  I am able to say that because I write.  Always did. Always will.  Can’t stay away from the printed word.

What isn’t quite so clear is that my current WIP is in super-stall because my immediately prior MO (Magnum Opus, no, not modus operandi, but they do tie together hehe) is still in limbo: the limbo of the mind or the limbo of the agent/editor/publisher’s desk, so my writer’s block really isn’t; it’s just imaginary.

More ‘crystallized’ version available on my LinkedIn page, but if you are put off by past achievements and would prefer to stay in the ‘NOW’ which I do, then don’t look there:



look here:
and, naturally, here:

and also, if historical and prehistoric interests are a draw, then here:
and at Early Christian Crosses
and Nechtan’s Pictish Nation


2 Comments on “About”

  1. Michael Youngblood Says:

    Just starting to catch up, so I’ll cruise all varieties of NOW. My NOW is still a bit tentative, as I’m off in a few hours to tend to Kork, who is having cataract surgery on the morrow.

  2. siderealview Says:

    so sorry to her about Korky: pls wish her well for me.
    I am mystified how you managed to unearth a blog (‘About’) that I forgot I’d written, when I sent you a link for my latest ‘spritiual’ blog… but all mean to be. Thank you for keeping me posted on you NOW – you always were good at it. Angels go with you.

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