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Galactic Underworld and Venus Rising

August 14, 2015

LAMMAS tide Perseid meteors from Cassiopeia—planet Venus’ August 2015 Inferior Conjunction w/us this weekend : when planet Venus turns sliver-thin, a mini crescent, as it moves directly between Earth and the Sun
—more exciting than Hurricane Hilda for the Hawaiians…

Siderealview's Blog

Something in between dreaming and doing
Something arching down from there to here
We are the arching
We are neither here nor there
We are the hope that lives between
The continual blooming outward and upward
of something we want
but cannot see

– Author unknown

On winter solstice this year, December 21st, the longest night in the northern hemisphere will be graced not only by a full moon but a total lunar eclipse at 8:14am GMT — 00:14am Pacific time.

It is a cosmic sign, a prelude to our annual rendezvous with Galactic Center — that dark patch in the Milky Way — when the Sun, including us, microscopic specks of energy clinging on to the plane of the ecliptic, all nine planets of our system as one, align with our Motherboard, the Creator-black-hole, call it what you will, in the middle of our Galaxy. Then, spiralling away one…

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