2011 Crop Circles: Timetravel in Miniature

2011 Crop Circle Season began with an unprecedented dual appearance last January (in Yogyakarta, Java), just when the Crop Circle Community (in Britain and the N.American continent) were beginning to despair of ever seeing an end to winter.

...crop circles... stone circles...similar vibration, sometimes difficult to tell them apart

In spite of this tropical/volcanic teaser — Yogyakarta is within lava-reaching distance of ever-active Mount Merapi — the British crop circle season did not begin until Beltane … ancestral Picto-Celtic May Day, the ‘traditional’ festival celebrating a strategic week in the northern calendar when Britain wakes up. As if emphasizing the crop/stone circle connection, it was in the spirit of the ancient Britons (aided and abetted by Royal Wedding fever for Prince William of Wales) that the first British crop circle of the 2011 season occurred in Gwent, South Wales on Good Friday 2011.

December 2011 'set-aside' crop circles at Roundway, in a line towards mystical Silbury Hill

The 2011 series ended with a December picto-gram — also an unprecedented extension of the season — in the Wiltshire homeland at Roundway, Megalith-Central, stone circle heartland: a simple line of gently-laid circles in seed-grasses (‘beetle-banks’) leading the eye to the mystical Neolithic mound of Silbury Hill.

May 28th addition to the Sanctuary formation near Avebury the night before

Within the Croppie following there is a distinct belief that the circles are created via a Group Field of Consciousness, with greatest accuracy or frequency dependent on the focus of the group’s wish/prayer/expectation. In former years people like Paul Vigay, Gerald Hawkins and John Michell had an influence on the public’s view of their origins. Hawkins, the original Stonehenge lunar-solar calendar man, corresponded with Vigay in their (combined)latter years. They agreed that likening crop circles to musical frequencies, sound wave ‘extensions’ into the physical from the other/higher frequencies: they developed a shorthand form of Tesla’s work, to understanding how it was theoretically possible to manifest matter from the electromagnetic field.

Hackpen 'wormhole' cropcircle May 30th, 2011, had an overnight clandestine embellishment a month later while public attention was focused on other 'dimensional' CCs

2011 brought some new frequencies as well as some old familiar symbolism. Despite a late start, an April heatwave and May selectivity, the main season went into overdrive at summer solstice.

Dimensional crop circles were springing up everywhere — Stonehenge itself signaled by an early morning appearance at dawn on summer solstice, just when the modern-pagans were allowed access to the monument to conduct their sun ceremonies.

Stonehenge (2) WestWoods, Winterbourne Stoke, solstice morning June 21st, 2011, courtesy Olivier Morel

In total, after a halting start, crop circle appearances came down with a splash over the ancient calendrical 3-day solstice: seven crop designs manifested in 72 hours in the Avebury-Alton Barnes-Stanton St.Bernard-Kennet triangle, to rebound farther south at Stonehenge (Winterbourne Stoke 1 & 2) in the same time window. The Kennet connection was to resurface one month later to the day, when one of July’s most complex Maya-inspired designs appeared next to June’s simple rings.

The 2011 season highlights included multiple simultaneous appearances, as at East and West Kennet and especially at CC-Central, Milk Hill, Wiltshire’s highest landmass, where gestation of the Celtic connection forged at Beltane, above, happened here over two successive nights –Celtic knot phase-One July 6th, phase-Two July 7/8; field cut July 12th. The season will be remembered for its amazing contrasts: some farmers actively involved in organic culture of their crops were granting public access to gratuitously embellished fields while also donating all visitor contributions to charity. Others were threatening to spray insecticides if the same peaceable visitors step a foot inside their perimeter fence. Tempers ran high, with some remarkable formations cut before photographers were able to take off in planes or even microlites. Yet, 2011 photo-documentation quality and positive support remained high.

During August the electromagnetic frequencies/currents so treasured by stone circle, crop circle and dowsing adepts rendered spirals, specific astronomical solar system maps and further dimensional clues. They came cascading through the wormholes of Time, to play out a myriad themes in the Wiltshire fields.

Temple Farm, Rockley, Marlborough Downs, August 7th, 2011: while likened to the Large Hadron Collider, 2010 Wilton Windmill code and other ASCII coded CCs, codebreakers have yet found no 'solution' to this CC's code of disparate segments

After the Temple Farm appearance August 7th, right, three designs materialized at Beckhampton on the same day, August 13th, culminating in the superlative dimensional masterpiece at Jubilee Plantation two days later.

This design which superimposed its ‘Theory of Everything/ToE’ design in a field adjacent to the ‘smoking alien’ pictoglyph of two weeks earlier, was ingeniously signed by its creator with a device known to meteorologists as a weather feather. Other theories abound.

Two more synchronous appearances at Knoll Down, Wiltshire, August 13th to N and S of the busy A4 at Beckhampton

There came a mini-rash of crop circles in outlying counties, like Warwickshire, Lincolnshire and Northumberland — satisfying a patient posse of us ‘provincials’ who gather annually hoping for a token pattern in our ripening fields. Northumberland and Warwickshire (Birmingham-Coventry) had not experienced the April heat of Wiltshire and as the last fields of the heartland were being harvested, the North came into its own.

Temple Balsall, Warwickshire July 2011, image courtesy Steve Alexander

Dyed-in-the-wool Croppies may have felt let down that there was no 08/08 CC in 2011, and even fewer circles in August, but the Wiltshire season was coming to an end, the agriculture system so advanced by accelerated weather conditions, that some farmers were — in CC-friendly style — keeping only that portion of their field open and un-combine-harvested, to allow visitors to experience the few remaining gems.

There seemed to be no clearcut finale, like August 2010, but that was perhaps because the Season wasn’t over with its surprises yet. Crop circles went into shadow mode in September, while interplanted wildlife-friendly grasses grew along the ghost outlines of previous season’s designs. October brought a couple of tail-enders, or perhaps we thought they were appetite-whetters… for 2012… December, top, came as a complete surprise.

During the winter the crop-circle-believer following has increased (mostly via social media, but CC/Consciousness blogs like this have experienced increased traffic). Worldwide awareness of the phenomenon — while not expressed in mainstream media, but rather via the internet/YouTube/alternate media — is also gaining momentum.

Let the 2012 festivities begin.

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