11:II:11 Navigating the Vortex: our Quantum Leap

Vortex, maelström, whirlpool: Nature's basic mechanism for transporting mass and energy effectively

“Nature seems to be a Book written in the Language of Mathematics” Galileo (1564-1642)

As communicators, we bloggers may sometimes feel we have been speaking but the words are not coming from inside our bodies. The words have been coming from somewhere else…

“For several months, we have been moving forward and are being released in small increments. We are in the birth canal –the tunnel– and in that space it is near impossible to ‘see’ anything. We feel we are not connected to anything. Alone in the tunnel, we have been traveling on a raft with no wind behind us, no oars and in still waters, with no-one to left or right. But now we are moving forward and this new movement is creating the strange feeling of being in two places at once.” Karen Bishop Emerging Earth Angels

Lightworker Karen Bishop suggests that the sensation of being lost, disconnected and alone will pass as humanity moves through this intermediary stage and into the great mass awakening to follow. This new sensation of bliss and purpose comes as soon as we “are enmeshed in our new spaces in a higher dimension.”

Schrödinger's Cat: quantum uncertainty principle (1935) reduced to the absurd

Higher dimensions, Alternate Reality, parallel Universes; the quantum paradox of ‘many worlds’: an unending conundrum of being in two places at the same time. Particle physicists pursuing the ‘God’ particle, Higgs-Boson, endlessly around circular underground tunnels on two continents. What do these concepts have in common?

Uncertainty principle: math simplifies quantum reality

Higher dimensions –or alternate ones– are presently the preoccupation of particle physicists, quantum cosmologists and proponents of the holographic universe in our search for the meaning of Reality. Physics, cosmology and mathematics are crossing the boundaries between science and philosophy.

New Age lightworkers are becoming more assured and vocal in their prediction of a mass awakening in human consciousness. And it looks as if science is beginning to agree.

Max Tegmark, astrophysicist, cosmologist and professor in the physics faculty at MIT in Cambridge, Mass likes the idea of parallel universes: the quantum mechanics (QM) paradox of a particle’s ability to be in two places at the same time. He sees mathematics as our ultimate connection to reality. “Math is not something we invented, but something we are continually rediscovering.”

“We now have equations that describe how light behaves, how gravity behaves, how atoms behave. We can express the speed of light in mathematical terms. It is beautiful. In math we capture the essence of a very complicated Universe out there.”

What if we were to see the Universe not as an entity that exists inside space and time, but that space and time exist inside it?Max Tegmark, Prof. of Physics, MIT

Anton Zeilinger, author of Dance of the Photons 2005, translated into German as Einsteins Spuk, ‘Einstein’s Spook’ or ‘Ghost’, has a different view. He currently heads a team at the University of Vienna who have ‘teleported’ light photons 600 meters under the river Danube. He and his Austrian team of photon-busters have proved (in their ‘double-slit’ particle experiment) a basic quantum theory that we change the nature of reality simply by observing it.

“(Quantum Theory of Reality) is exciting, it is extremely precise, it is mathematically beautiful; and it describes everything. It just doesn’t make sense.” Anton Zeilinger

Quantum cosmologist, Leonard Susskind, professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University since 1979, says the beauty of math’s connection to reality is its simplicity. It becomes easier to describe reality with mathematics. “As you probe deeper, mathematics becomes the ONLY reality.”

But in sounding the depths of the cosmos, he uncovered many unanswered questions, e.g., the popular assignment of black holes as the bad guys of the Universe. He and Stephen Hawking discussed the black hole theory in 1988 when Hawking first published his Brief History of Time. “It changed my life.”

” I believed he was wrong. I spent the next 20 years working through the evidence to prove lt.”

Hawking suggested black holes were places in the cosmos which swallowed everything. Nothing escapes after it has breached the rim — event horizon — of a black hole. All light, matter, energy, information is sucked in by its (theoretical) huge gravitational pull and is lost. Nothing comes back out.

“Hawking had to be wrong. I refused to believe everything could disappear. We can’t allow information to be ‘lost’. Instead, how about if the horizon of a back hole is 3D like a hologram capturing 3D reality of everything that falls into it?”

In 1993 he and his graduate students announced their holographic principle of the Universe: that if all reality were indeed a hologram — a 3D model of everything captured as an image of our reality — maybe black holes were images of events taking place very far away: back in time; that our reality is a projection of a holographic record stored at the outer reaches of the Universe. The team became bold. They called a consortium of the world’s top physicists to a conference at Stanford in November 2009 and Susskind invited Stephen Hawking to speak. By then, Hawking was talking about ‘sideways’ or lateral time. But he was interested in Susskind’s holographic theory. And Susskind’s team was about to put it to the test.

“He didn’t get it. You don’t get it. Nobody gets it. But we may be about to prove that the whole of creation is a hologram.”

If the Stanford team is right, their model brings quantum cosmology, the ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation and New Age spiritualism into the same arena: We are what we believe, what we think and how we see our own Reality.

Or even more spiritual in concept, that Susskind’s ‘something stored at the outer reaches of the Universe’ might be the Intelligent Being/Source from whom mystics and devotees seek enlightenment.

Does this mean that the Cosmos is coming full circle?

We are having an intelligent conversation with the Universe.

The Universe may be providing its own answer to the question.

The Sun and solar system gravitate each year to and from Galactic center (of the Milky Way), coming closest in mid-December. It is a point on the ecliptic roughly in the constellation of Sagittarius from which (in the view of many esoteric disciplines and world religions) we emerged in the dark recesses at the beginning of time. In the view of some (physicists, cosmologists) Galactic Center is a black hole. To others (esoteric/New Age science), it is the source of a massive emission of photons, beaming information towards us, a ‘photon belt’ affecting Earth and human DNA. And we are circling in an irrevocable spiral back towards the point where on December 21, 2012 Earth’s orbit in the Solar System, the Sun’s position on the ecliptic and the center of our Galaxy will line up as one.

We may reach this galactic vortex unscathed. In the mythology of the Maya, this is Hunab Ku, our galactic heart; a sign that the Mayan Long Count Calendar is complete and that Mankind will start a new Count of Time.

In world mythology, earth was ground out from the mill of the Vortex, the great Maelström, the cosmic whirlpool. And so, in the eyes of the Maya at least, we are returning to that vortex, that pool of creation.

According to some Mayan scholars, we entered the last Underworld (phase of human evolutionary Consciousness), the Universal Underworld yesterday.

In the eyes of Karen Bishop and other New Age lightworkers who have been working tirelessly to prepare for the ‘Shift’ (in human consciousness), the runup to our rendezvous with the heart of our Galaxy is a sign of our Ascension, ‘coming home’, maturing as a species. To the fearful, solstice 2012 could mean chaos, collapse of Earth systems, erratic solar and stellar behavior; even a physical shift in earth’s poles.

The Sun, our partner up there in the immediate galactic neighborhood, has indeed been leading us a dance lately. Solar activity is on the increase.

Tiny solar burst crop circle in rice at Magelang, Java January 29th, 2011

We are currently headed for solar maximum, but it’s not sunspots –traditionally seen as the barometer for solar minima and maxima— that have featured, but strong warnings of solar flares disturbing our geomagnetic field.

NOAA’s solar X-ray alert system [view sidebar at right] has been signaling ‘major storm’, ‘active’. Twin crop circles* in Java in late January were followed by a third small design reminiscent of last season’s Wiltshire solar flare warnings.

Spaceweather alert.

And last weekend the Sun itself joined the 3D holographic universe.

Last Sunday, dubbed Superbowl SUNday by NASA and the media, February 6th 2011 marked the day when the space agency’s twin STEREO satellites locked into orbit round the sun and started projecting 3D pictures of both sides of the sun back to Earth.

Affectionately known as STEREOAhead and STEREOBehind, the craft were launched in 2006 on a mission to study solar flares [coronal mass ejections, CMEs] to predict solar storms headed towards earth. The two craft reached their final position [in ‘opposition’ to each other, 180ºdegrees apart] so NASA, SOHO, and SDA are now combined to beam a wholistic continuous view of the sun back to earthbound systems.

“We expect great advances in theoretical solar physics and space weather forecasting.”

Heliophiles are jumping for joy. The 3D stereo images arrived just in time to document new coronal holes forming on the sun’s far side, which are heading to face towards us.

STEREO went into orbit round the SUN last Superbowl SUNday

STEREO is an acronym for Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory. The two satellites now join forces with SOHO [NASA’s Solar & Heliospheric Observatory] which has carried the load of solar projections to date.

“In the past an active sunspot could emerge on the far side of the sun completely hidden from Earth. Then, the sun’s rotation would turn that region towards our planet, spitting flares and clouds of plasma, with little warning.”

Now, in the runup to solar maximum, 2012, these first 3D stereo images bring into focus our need to prepare for possible solar disruption to the geomagnetic field and earth’s electromagnetically-powered systems.

Coronal Holes, imaged from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory

Coronal holes on the sun’s surface are the source of open magnetic field lines from which high-speed solar wind particles stream out into space. This fast solar wind travels at approximately 800 km/s [about 1.8 million mph].

When this surge reaches Earth’s magnetosphere, predictably three or four days later, some spectacular fireworks can occur. Usually the spaceweather team tries not to alarm earth populations more than they really have to. So electromagnetic disruptions to power supplies and weather systems are downplayed. Aurora borealis –northern lights– are emphasized instead.

UV image of same solar holes: coronal flares heading earthwards

“After traveling through space for a few days the particles will impact the Earth and may spark the formation of some auroral activity for lucky spectators” NASA

In NASA’s study ‘of the nature of coronal mass ejections’ the agency is not responsible for reporting on physical repercussions strong emissions [M-class flares] may have on communications, logistical and transportation systems. There are three categories of flares, X-class, M-class and C-class. C-class flares are small, with few noticeable consequences in the geomagnetic field. M-class flares are medium-sized, capable of causing brief radio blackouts, affecting Earth’s polar regions. Minor radiation storms sometimes follow an M-class flare. The largest, X-class, flares are ‘Superstorms’, major events that can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms. Earth’s last major Superstorm blackout was the Carrington Event of 1859 when telegraph systems behaved erratically. But at the time the electric light had not yet been invented. **

150 years later our systems are massively dependent on NOT having magnetic surges play havoc with our electrical supply. Not to mention our telephone, television, cells, blackberries, macBooks, iPods, iPads… you get the picture.

So, is our Universe shaking its quantum hologram fist in our faces and saying ‘shape up or else…’? [In that context, we, reflections of the Intelligent Source, may be setting ourselves the test to see if we are ‘intelligent’/evolved enough to pass it].

Maelström, vortex of the Norwegian Sea

Or, is the vortex going to win? Is the black hole going to pull us in? Are we navigating the cosmic whirlpool alone with no-one to save us from drowning?

Mythology and spiritual belief predict Mankind has enough presence of mind to make a quantum leap in consciousness, to save itself. History says it’s never too late to start anew. Native American and Maya traditions say now is a good time.

I hope we’re listening.

©2011 Marian Youngblood

*more on the January Java crop circles here.
**Two days after this blog was posted, the Sun issued a “Valentine’s Day” X-class flare. There have been several large flares since then, along with some disturbing volcanic eruptions. Siderealview apologies for any suggestive content within this blog. No harm was intended.
MY 03/10/11

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8 Comments on “11:II:11 Navigating the Vortex: our Quantum Leap”

  1. […] Visionary futurist Ervin Laszlo postulates that the present world situation is leading us toward a critical tipping point, which he calls the chaos point. When we reach that point in time, world civilization will either go into a breakthrough and evolve to a safer, more sustainable world, or a breakdown of the social, economic, and ecological systems that frame our life will occur. Laszlo claims that this critical chaos point corresponds to the Mayan calendar’s 2012 date we are all so familiar with. New Age lightworkers are becoming more assured and vocal in their prediction of a mass awakening in human consciousness. And it looks as if science is beginning to agree.   —Sidereal’s Blog […]

  2. Fitzy Says:

    The Sun may have been Humanity’s first deity, and we can see its influence first hand, come spring, when the Earth begins its embrace with light, heat and renewal. Renewal is the Sun’s mighty gift to us, as with renewal comes the thaw of winter. In that shift, that which has perished in the cold and dark of winter, is revealed. The revelation of the demise, as the sun cuts a high arc overhead, can be shocking. In the light of day winter’s secrets fall away.

    The ancients saw the Sun as a lesser manifestation of a Superior Light, perfect, timeless and wholesome. So while they gave thanks to the physical sun for earthly vitality, it was the Superior Sun they sought to approach metaphysically.

    The STEREO satellites show us that while we tinker with metals and plastic, silicon and electrons, our best and brightest are still peering at the physical star we call SOL. (Fair enough, we’ve yet to Hubble the Infinite perfection of the spiritual sun — no kitset available, backyard tinkerers take heed.)

    Yet, here is our hingeing point: while we ponder the possible shift in consciousness, many of our current symbols remain quite antique. Many are valuable because they always will be, but I detect the edges of a new retinue of subtle energies. A new pantheon yet to be revealed entire, a new zodiac, a revivification of certain timeless morphic fields, a closer relationship with our potent energies.

    So we currently see with past eyes, BUT, we need our revitalised intuition, now, and turned way up to the highest setting.

    The contrast on this world is getting extreme. Those who have wandered down the road of feeble materialism are glowing as if radioactive. The media shows us those who would be gods –-deciding our fates, passing grotesque laws, feigning moral and spiritual superiority.

    How sorrowful a sight they are, endlessly manufacturing conflict, dividing us within and without, just so they can have trinkets, and to sit on the knee of a profane entity and get a pat on the head for all the Hell they’ve wrought in its name.

    Even that energy bows and crumbles, no matter how impervious its deluded followers believe it to be.

    So, perhaps the stereo Solar satellites may be construed as Twins, Gemini as duality, the Sun as provider of life or possible destroyer of Man’s technological society. My intuition is telling me, that when we get to the fork in the road, the left hand/right hand path won’t cut it. It’s a Möbius loop back to the past. My gut is saying, we lay a path through the wilderness, because whoever lays the road, determines the passage, and I think it’s high time we did that.
    One by one.
    As sovereign souls.
    Blessings All!

    • siderealview Says:

      You do your trick with mirrors superbly, Fitzy. Thank you for yet more reflections. I love that you believe a new pantheon is being revealed. We are indeed amateurs in our tinkering and have to rely more on intuition tuned up to max. You hit some great points — Gemini: I wanted to touch on too. The twins ARE manifesting (Java crop circles), your contrast of conflict/light; stereo satellites, physical winter constellation dying with the rising of the sun. And your suggestion of the vortex as a Möbius strip is just too tantalising… that and your summertime torus ideas: we’ll have to pursue in another blog yet to be intuited!! Thank you always for adding and not subtracting, giving and not taking back. Happy spring. Birdsong in the air.(Even tho you are headed the other way).

  3. Judy Beebe Says:

    Neither science nor spirituality can make any true leap in consciousness until we understand Hydrogen and begin to employ it in our world in a manner which brings the Sun truth together with the Earth truth.

    What this is really about is accepting or denying what is scientifically and spiritually evident. No leap is possible, no birthing is possible until that understanding is accepted on earth.

    Scientifically – 90% of all atoms are Hydrogen. No electron can move in a living system without the presence of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is so much more than a bombastic substance of annihilation. When science can join spirit and realize how the two must be merged, we will have come into the SPEED OF HYDROGEN generation and will be using GEM Energy.

    Spiritually – In the apocryphon of John we have the introduction of the EPINOIA, the PRONOIA, and the PLEROMA. It is said in this treatise that Jesus and Sophia came into the world to heal the PLEROMA, to join the two together.

    The EPINOIA is the womb or earth (oxygen).
    The PRONOIA is the matrix of ALL (hydrogen).
    The PLEROMA is the bridging of these two elements scientifically and spiritually.

    This is GEM Energy which will effectively provide our ENERGY NEEDS and feed us or SPIRITUAL NEEDS. This is the MANNA that the Bible talks about.

  4. boojum Says:

    from Robert Koch’s starcenter site http://starcenter.com/aboutast.htm

    You live on a planet orbiting a star. This is a real fact.

    The star that you orbit, the Sun, is the immediate origin of you, of your life, of your very being and destiny. Getting to know that star is getting to know your father. You find out that you are made of starlight and electricity, thought and creativity.

    When you know yourself to be the child of a blessed Star, and behave accordingly, you begin to live a gifted life far better than you ever dreamed.

    The original fatherhood of God extends itself through the intermediate fatherhood of the universal Soul, then through the fatherhood of the Sun, down to the lower fatherhood of your earthly father. Whether you consider the Sun to be an actual father or simply a symbol of the father, it remains that the Sun is an absolute necessity for life on earth to happen at all.

    Imagine yourself being the Sun, bursting with love-light in all directions in a continuous explosion of joy that goes on for billions of years.

    Poised in the middle of Infinity, you love the Universe, you cast forth your light-seed everywhere, eternally in love with beautiful Night, the vacuum void chamber who is mother of us all.

    A part of your light-seed strikes the planets, individual photons slam into waiting molecules of matter, causing them to gestate into life. In a little while a new creature is born, running around in the world and generally forgetting that individual photon at its center.

    But you should not forget. Therefore listen, O nobly born: you are the child of a Star, you are radiant with beauty. You are not this body of matter, you are made from intelligence, and goodness, and divine miracles wondrous to behold.

    Never mind what the earth tells you, never mind what the generations of men (taught by the earth) tell you. You are starlight, you are made from infinite power. You are life, divine and indestructible, existing in sheer Being, suspended in a mystery that goes on forever and ever, world without end. You are beautiful and good, you are decent and loving. This is your real and only self.

    Then what of that other self, the unhappy one, the one who blames, the one who hates and hurts and makes anger and war?

    That is no self of yours. That is merely the residue found here, the barely-conscious matter existing in a yawning stupidity, arrogant with the hidden power of incorrigible deception, inhabiting these material worlds and subsisting on higher beings, that is, living on you!

    That lower self exists as a personal version of an old program in the collective unconsciousness. Unaware that it is alien, we let it live on us and direct us, being guided by the fact that everyone else is doing the same. Until one day, punished with suffering for the results of wrong actions, we begin to wake up.

    Then we awaken from the dream of earth to the higher dream of the Sun. From wet matter, we emerge as a self-creative fire, child of the Stars, behaving like a Star in a constant creativity, projecting warmth, and light, and eternal reassurance that all is well.

    As this mental and spiritual shift takes place, we forget the old perspectives and adopt higher views. We stop being centered on the earth. The earth is merely the receptive satellite of a higher and better life, the Sun. Likewise, the ego is merely the satellite of the soul, who sits quietly at the center, beaming forth love-light forever.

    True astrology is a holy science, dealing with man’s speculation about his life and destiny, his attempt to refer his experience to the universe which he perceives. Such a science deserves respect by all who view it without prejudice. More here.


    Sign off this Solar Year consciously. While the Sun, Atma Karaka is in the sign of compassion, give up the old and be pardoned. Get the blessings to go forward revamped.

    Take the Best and Leave the Rest
    Maintain the energy of Compassionate Purification all through the Sun’s transit into Pisces. First drop what didn’t serve you in the period that the Sun made its way around the zodiac, and keep what did work for you to carry forward with a revised and revamped model.

    Ending of the Solar Year
    The Sun entered Pisces on Feb 19th and left it on Equinox, March 20th. The ‘Solar Year’ is the time it takes for the Sun to travel around all of the houses. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the natural 12th House, and is the last house of the Solar Year. This combination helps us to review our thoughts, deeds and actions from this year and to revamp ourselves for an improved upcoming Solar Year.

    The Sun is Our Soul
    The Sun is the planet that represents spirit and the atma or soul. The Sun rules our consciousness and individuality. It offers real love towards everything and everybody when transiting Pisces, the house of Jupiter. Sun is magnanimous. It will pardon or punish the person depending upon its placement in a sign. Your confession will be heard now with compassion and the Sun will purify with its intense jyoti or light of compassion and grace.

    Pisces is Compassion
    Pisces is the sign of compassion and brings in the attitude of “I believe”. Pisces is generally a sign that puts you in a good mood so the Sun in this sign will be in a good mood to grant your wish, to throw off all that didn’t work, was a bad model, was unconscious, old baggage etc and will allow you to go forward on a revamped course with a lighter load in the new Solar Year.

    Atma Karaka, ‘Pardon me please’

    • siderealview Says:

      Thank you, Mehal: you always have a slightly more in-depth view of the situation. As you know, I posted this on FB 1 day after [Pisces] newmoon, 2 days later Hawaii volcanic eruption;one week later Sendai quake & tsunami. But your point is pure: Pisces pardon and punishment – in magnanimity. Thank you


      “Pisces: 9th House of Dreams March 5, 2011”

  6. […] Einstein’s “light quanta” are what we now call photons. They are a quintessential example of light’s wave–particle duality. […]

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