One Thousand Days from Equinox

Galactic Butterfly: Mayan symbol for all Consciousness that ever existed in our Galaxy

On 09:09:09, September 9th, 2009 our Gregorian calendar coincided with the ancient sacred Tzolkin Calendar of the Maya at the beginning of a new count cycle of 260 days which had the energy called Hun Imix or alternately, 1 Alligator. It was a prelude to our initiation into the last of Nine sacred Levels of Existence, according to their reckoning of Man’s evolution through time and space.

On November 7th, 2009 we entered the sixth Night of the Galactic Wave cycle of the Maya, from which we will emerge almost a year to the day on November 2, 2010 (Yellow Galactic Seed). We as a species are heading towards the last of Nine Underworlds which started with the Beginning of Creation and whose eighth phase, the Galactic Underworld in which we find ourselves now, began on January 5th, 1999.

Nine Underworlds of the Maya, superimposed on the Great Pyramid of Tikal

We shall enter the final Mayan Underworld, the Universal Underworld, on February 10th, 2011. It is the shortest in duration and lasts only 100 days. That cycle comes to an end on October 28th, 2011, by which time we shall all have reached our full spiritual capability as co-creators with the divine spark within us and, if we choose, start to manifest in our lives ‘one thousand years of peace and harmony’.

It is almost an afterthought that the Calendar of the Maya continues until its climax at the end of their 13 Baktun Great Cycle on December 21, 2012.

On that date of winter solstice our Milky Way galaxy, and we on Earth orbiting the Sun, will come into that rare alignment with the Galactic Equator that happens only once in 26,000 years.

Give or take a couple of days in our modern calendar count, as of this equinox weekend, we have one thousand days to go in the Time Spiral until winter solstice 2012.

It’s not the end of the World. It’s just the beginning.

Galactic Wave Cycles of Night and Day, courtesy Carl Johann Calleman, PhD

According to born-again Maya researcher and self-professed sacred geometer, Ian Xel Lungold, who died prematurely in November 2005, the calendar of the Maya is a ‘portal to intuition.’ And because their civilization valued for over 3000 years the natural cycles and worked with a sensitivity to organic relationship with the Earth, he is convinced their calendar was a kind of roadmap to Creation’s ‘intention’ for us, her children.

One day, in trying to figure the recurring pattern within the Calendar of numbers 13 and 20 – or Creation’s Fibonacci sequence of one third and two thirds – he made an intuitive connection. ‘There was no logical reason for me to make this intuitive leap, but when I did, a deep connection was made to something that I believe we are all attempting to understand: there is a pattern running through Creation—a hologram—and understanding how we each create within this pattern from outside it, is our key to ultimate freedom.’

Recently, Gregg Braden discovered within ancient (Old World) texts a ‘code’ replicated inside our own DNA. Dr Johann Calleman has studied texts from (New World) Tikal and Tortuguero which announce the appearance of nine deities or divine ‘energies’ who will come at the End of Time. Robert Sitler, a lifetime student of Maya mythology and culture believes the end of time – according to Maya texts – will manifest ‘the quetzal (green bird) comes; He of the Yellow Tree comes; blood-vomit comes.’

Lungold believes it’s not going to be as bad as it’s painted. That we are given through number and ‘cosmic forces’ a blueprint for our own ascension – which might happen well before that end-date.

He describes each of us as a ‘shaman’ who, as we develop our own intuitive capabilities, shall ‘feel and understand the field of Creation and be able to alter the mechanics of it using our heart and inner guidance.’

He was never one to see the ‘doom and gloom’ of 2012, as have, for example, media, threatened businesses and bureaucracies, politicians with a vested interest in dumbing down rather than allowing others to reach for their dreams.

Lungold studied other societies, gathered wisdom as he went and shared his blessings.

He liked the advice the Hopi give:

[1] know where your food and water comes from; and
[2] know all your relatives.

He did advise having caution in the last wave of ‘Nights’ before the ending of a Cycle, because Fifth and Sixth Nights of previous Cycles have been fraught with wars and cultural clashes. WWI and WWII and the Dark Ages occurred during such Nights.

His focus, however, is on the Light: that in this last and briefest of all worldly Ages, ‘the coming trial for humanity will be less severe’, because overall we’re beginning to learn new ways and he sees things getting better.

Paying attention and having intention will be key factors. If you can’t imagine a dream, envisage a future for yourself, then you have no future. When you’re centered in your intuition and following your guidance, Lungold suggests, you’re actuallly creating your own future.

We all know how, when we are absorbed, lost, in doing something we love – a walk in the spring sunshine, creating a painting or tapestry, planting a shrub in a new position, playing make-believe with a beloved child – that magical things happen. With mental censor diverted, our inner child, our Creator, has free rein. ‘Instant manifestation’ is the New Age term for being so much in the ‘Now’ that there is no space to think; kindness to strangers, treating others as we ourselves wish to be treated, going with the flow will, according to Lungold, become the norm.

And, because everybody’s doing it, and Unity Consciousness increases and proliferates, there manifests a transformation of consciousness in humanity and in all our lives.

Medical science confirms the whole brain lights up and every cell is activated when we reach this point of bliss. Athletes and sportsmen call it ‘the Zone’, musicians the ‘spook’, the beingness or ‘no-mind’ found during meditation. It’s set to become an everyday occurrence for all of us – or, for those few who remain in denial or cannot face the concept of a world without anger, frustration, money-worries, debt or intrigue – translation to another plane of existence. It’s rather like the idea in our grandparents’ heyday when a child was taught to be good so he could ‘go to heaven’.

Now we don’t have to wait: heaven’s gate is on our doorstep.

Following December's Light Spiral over Norway, a spiral Aurora in March 2010

It’s not just a matter of belief for a few inspired Maya experts. The signs are in crop circles, they appear in the heavens: exactly as foretold in all the ancient texts.

Civilization has always used a calendar as its kingpin: time and consciousness revolve around it: The Tzolkin Calendar of the Maya was based on the same six-Nights-seven-Days cycle of wisdom which the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia imparted to the Judaic creators of Genesis. It is the same Arc of Evolution which began in this Galaxy 16.4 billion years ago.

It seems a fitting calculation, a comforting closure, in our world of chaos – in these present End Times – that that incredible arc will reach its zenith in one thousand days.

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16 Comments on “One Thousand Days from Equinox”

  1. Pete Madstone Says:

    Great entry. I have great respect for Ian’s work – there’s some great vids on youtube. Whay awesome times we have chosen to experience.

    Thanks again, Marian

    • siderealview Says:

      thank you for stopping by, Madstone – your own site says much – and I agree we chose a pretty marvellous time. Who would have thought the speed with which life is now evolving – daily increasing momentum – that we’ve arrived semi-intact (I am grateful for my continuing bodily health & existence) – with such a short time to go. I found a Maya Great Cycle Close countdown counter for my desktop, but maybe I should get your tech expertise & put one on this blog!!!

      • pete madstone Says:


        I was just looking through some old notes, and if they are correct, Ian has us rntering the first day of the last age on Feb 10 2011. Then each day and night of the thirteen will only be 20 days long. Talk about accelaration!

        I’ll google the countdown thing – you got me curious. Have you been to Lungolds website?

      • Pete Madstone Says:

        Yeah, we’ll se how it all pans out. I suspect, as most prophesies go, that as things do unfold, that they will always do so in a way that is far from any way that that our interpretations of that prophesy would indicate> No matter, I feel we are in for some surprises.

        Thanks for the patience on the expertise thing. I’m travelliing right now, but will be back on ‘normal’ rhythm’ soon.

  2. siderealview Says:

    Like you, Madstone, I found Ian Lungold’s site an enormous resource – glad someone is keeping it going, even after his death (I’ve linked it above thru the Tikal pyramid graphic). He is so matter-of-fact in a spiritual kind of way that his information is highly charged and yet easy to absorb. And yes, Feb. 10, 2011 – less than a year from now.

    Thanks for any help on the techhie side – Cathy says you’re a wiz!! 🙂

  3. thevoicecontinues Says:

    Hi Marian,

    I took a look at quite a few counters, and could not get them to work on my blog, so did some research. I found that blogs are not compatible with what is called scripted HTML (javascript code) and each of the counters I found were javascript. So, I decided to find an “ordinary” counter, and found there is no such a thing. Being the counter’s image must change every second, normal code is not sufficient for that function.

    I hope this is not too complicated, and maybe someone else could figure it out, but I doubt it. The only solution is to have your own domain name at 15 £ a year (+ or -) without the wordpress.COM extension, and have you own website host/provider at 15 £ a year (+ or -), then download software (free) from wordpress.ORG and have a completely autonomous blog. wordpress.ORG DOES work with scripted code, so go figure…

    Sorry to disappoint you, and maybe someone will see this and know something I can’t figure out.

    All things aside, I have started a guest column called “Authors Speak” on my Madstone Mystery Labs blog, and would like to invite you, if you are interested, to write a peice about yourself. It would be 750 to 1500 words regarding how you were led to what you are doing now, why your interests are yours, a singular and fascinating experience you have had, or anything else that might interest Madstone readers in your work and perspective on life. It does not have to be the trditional Biography kind of thing. MML is pretty bold, so you can go where you want – even “where no man has gone before.”

    Anyway, this is if you are interested. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
    Pete Madstone

    • siderealview Says:

      Madstone – you are a treasure – Am I disapointed? no. I figured in my own non-techy way if the counter worked on my desktop, that would be reminder enough of solstice 2012. Just after I posted this Thousand Days post, it started counting!!!! but it plays havoc with some of my other gizmos – so it’s not surprising doesn’t encourage such things. Also not surprising you can do what you like on the paid-up version of the site! Way of the (biz) world.

      Thank you so much for going into the ins and outs of all this – I know how time-consuming it is, especially when you have so many other interests and a very clever site to run. I am honored to be invited and shall be happy to put together a piece on how I came to be here in the NOW doing this. How we all came to be here in the NOW doing what we’re doing is a miracle in itself.

      Hope spring has hit you in France. Scotland just had its ‘final’ (?) snowstorm, power cut, the works, so today’s sunlight is all the more welcome.

      Congratulations on the new guest-blog tentacle. The multiple arms you reach out into the Universe continue to amaze me.

  4. The wonders of our hitech world – successes and otherwise, but it’s still great to have these machines. They make our world a little more accessible, and smaller.

    Yeah, we are having the typical spring transition, but trees are starting to bloom with the bulbs. Birds singing and frogs croaking, all gearing up for their fertility rites. I didn’t know you were in the frozen northlands, but nothing (yet) will stop the seasons coming and going, so spring will certainly arrive for you, too.

  5. kether1985 Says:

    You know what really amazes me about this post is I use to play an Indiana Jones puzzle action game called Indiana Jones & The Lost City of Atlantis and inside it, it has mentioned certain things inside this post specially about the Mayan Pyramid .

    Good old’ Lucas Arts!

    Thanks for post!


    • siderealview Says:

      thanks for your visit Simranjeet – I’ve always had a healthy respect for George Lucas and his inspiration – he employed the most visionary to help him create his work – as you say, even in his video games. He, like Spielberg IMHO, were not only entertainers but role models for a generation. Excellence is, after all, not something unattainable, but worth aspiring to. As Madstone says, not only are we living in exciting times, but we’re being asked to *shine*.

  6. Regarding the proposed 2012 End Date!

    New evidence presented by Carl de Borhegyi, son of Maya archaeologist Stephan F. de Borhegyi, provides strong support for the Spinden correlation based on evidence found in a letter (April 1954)to Robert Wauchope in response to Wauchope’s publication ( An Approach to the Maya Correlation Problem through Guatemala Highland Archaeology and Native Annals.1947) A number of researchers, notably E. Wyllys Andrews (1960, 1965, 1965c, 1968, 1973) have presented convincing archaeological evidence favoring the Spinden correlation.

    Also two articles by Mexican archaeologists (Manzanilla López, Rubén; Arturo Talavera González. LAS MANIFESTACIONES GRÁFICO RUPESTRES EN LOS SITIOS AR-

    The two Mexican archaeologists report a petroglyph on a hillside in the state of Guerrero, Mexico bearing a Long Count date of The date is shown between the left shoulder and the tail of a monkey (see below) holding a five-pointed star and jumping off a mushroom. Researcher Pedro de Eguiluz Selvas ( “Origins of the Long Count,”) reports that this date by the Spinden correlation, ie: 2168 the contemporary Western calendar, corresponds in the Unified Count of Anawak correlation (CRAN) to the year 3 Monday in the Maya/Olmec Calendar. There is no corresponding association using the more often cited Thompson-Goodman-Martinez correlation. If this interpretation is correct, as I believe may be, it establishes the beginning of the world at 3374 B.C. That, in turn, places the “so-called” end of the Mayan Calendar at 1756 rather than 2012. In other words, contrary to much contemporary hype, the end of the “fifth world” may very likely have already ended. If so, there was no Armageddon and the Mayan Calendar simply began another cycle.

    The Goodman-Martinez-Thompson (GMT) correlation has been the basis for the belief that the world would end in the year 2012. This correlation fits much of the chronological evidence from archaeological and historical sources. However,the correlation developed by Herbert Spinden fits even better than the GMT correlation with archaeological evidence from both the Maya lowlands and southern Highland regions. According to this correlation, all Maya dates fall 256 years (one Short Count cycle) earlier than the GMT correlation, meaning that the prophesied end of the world occurred in the year 1756.

    For more on this research visit

    • siderealview Says:

      Thank you for your visit Carl – your site at is truly inspiring and I love the historical precision you present. If we consider that the cycle ended on 1756, it is comforting to know the world is in its newest cycle – and that the visions the Maya shamans acquired thru psychogenic trance will bring this new energy full circle.

  7. […] Butterfly of Transformation, Mayan symbol of humankind's evolution Dr Carl Johan Calleman, in his deep researches into the Maya numeral system, believes we are going to reach spiritual self-realization, communion with Spirit, by November 2nd this year – on a date fixed by the ancient Maya called ‘Yellow Galactic Seed’. […]

  8. Dave P Says:

    Let’s remind ourselves what the Mayan calendar is about, it’s a period of time. NOT the end of time as is often quoted. It’s like a new year or a new season, a period of rebirth and excitement.

  9. siderealview Says:

    I believe, with Johan Calleman, Ian Xel Lungold and others, that it’s a numeral system for measuring evolution of the earth, earth’s species through a series of doorways

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