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The Crop Circle Connection

August 9, 2009


Crop circle formed overnight

Crop circle formed overnight

Every summer in southern Britain there is a flurry of festivals – Glastonbury and Glyndebourne do music; Westonbirt and Highgrove flowers and trees; Avebury, Windmill and Sillbury Hill antiquity and sacred sites; and what’s been boosting the numbers in recent years in the sleepy fields of Wiltshire?

Crop Circles.        

Over the last five years, literally hundreds of them.

At first, in the late ’90s, these phenomena attracted the attention of a few ‘croppies’, varying from hyper ‘alien-message’ advocates, through middle-of-the-road rock bands and film-makers to environmentalists worried about the plight of farmers or the threat to the countryside.  A few stalwarts tried the worn-out suggestion of a Victorian lawn-roller led by a man on a string. These overnight appearances usually inspired genuine awe in the passer-by, but remained ‘fringe’ in the eye of the news-creating media.

As the early millennium years passed, crop circle designs appeared on an incremental level of sophistication – always at the height of the English summer, to be chopped at harvest time (poor maligned farmer has to eat), and often repeating site locations – but there was something more happening…

Light planes were chartered, aerial maps plotted, photo-libraries appeared, and theories were advanced.  A growing number of people began noticing there seemed more to this crop circle thing than met the eye.  Sorry.

Quantum physicists stepped in to suggest that the energy level of the Wiltshire-Oxfordshire plain, hemmed in by the Cotswolds, was highly magnetic; others that the Marlborough basin held an impression in wheat and barley stalks akin to iron filings on paper with a magnet held underneath.  Seared stems sizzled at the touch of laser beams directed by an unknown source.  Croppies from Netherlands and  Germany, Scotland and Serbia contributed knowledge from their native soil.  Spiritual groups and earth-science majors compared notes and ideas. Suddenly everyone was trying to make sense of the signs in the fields.

Then, in the summers of 2008 and 2009, the tune changed.  Focus began to center on meaning in the signs. True: in a random sample of beautiful flower patterns, flying swallows, leaping dolphins and variegated insect shapes, there emerged underlying natural symbolism.

In mid-June 2008 a crop circle impressed on a Wiltshire meadow displayed a fractal image of the first ten digits of mathematical symbol Pi, with the tenth digit accurately rounded off. Astrophysicists got interested.



Pi Crop Circle


Fractal image of Pi in Wiltshire crop circle in June 2008 had astrophysicists interested.  By summer of 2009 the Avebury-Oxon corridor was swarming with theorists.  Not least of these the spiritual activists.  They were aided by 5,000-year-old information contained in the Calendar of the Maya which predicted the end of an Aeon, the total human cycle, and the start of a new (Aquarian) Age.  It reflected many ancient traditions and world religions suggesting signs from the heavens.  

Crop circles in 2009 echoed these: videos were filmed of designs created at night by encircling light. Maya and Inca symbols were thick on the ground.  In the spiritual camp, attention was focused on an electromagnetic gateway or energy window predicted for August 8.  Heralded by a prelude of eclipses, it would jump-start a large section of humanity into fifth-dimensional reality, or so-called NOW-awareness. BE  HERE  NOW is guru Ram Dass’ favorite expression.  His followers and those of other world spiritual leaders now number one percent of the human population;  and rising.  August 8th on many spiritual social-networks is being called the Infinity Gate.

In the week leading up to GateEight,  the energy window of August 8, 2009, with its final eclipse two nights earlier, public attention on crop circles and speculation on what might appear reached an all-time high.  And the Wiltshire farmland responded.  A bee (BE) design came first; then a sun-and-moon orbit, the symbol of an eclipse and a complex pattern of intricate woven pictures seen to predict a date for Man’s ascension according to the Maya calendar of 8Kan, Yellow Galactic Seed, or (Gregorian) November 8th, 2010.

Then during the galactic ‘window’ – six days either side of the stargate when the energy door is open to the stars – a series of eights, or infinity if you prefer to see it as eight on its side, embedded themselves in the southern countryside.

We are still in the window.  

The stargate is open and light is streaming through.  Last night another rendition of eight or infinity was stamped in a field of wheat.  Whether by the consciousness of the stars or, as seen by some, by human consciousness reflecting its own sacred potential, we are surely being given what we asked for.

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